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‘How do you Live?’ is the upcoming Hayao Miyazaki film that’s coming this July 14th in Japan. Studio Ghibli has always been coming up with the most soothing, wonderful and wholesome movies which also have dark theories that are later revealed. Much like Disney movies, the studio produces family-friendly films that everyone can enjoy and rewatch.

The upcoming animated flick is touted as the final film by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. This news alone can be the reason for crowded theaters with audiences pouring in to get a glimpse of the last masterpiece. Yes, that is the impact Hayao Miyazaki has globally and ‘How do you Live?’ is definitely going to benefit from this groundbreaking craze.

Distributed by Toho, ‘How do you Live?’ will premiere in Japan on the 14th of July. The production house is obviously Studio Ghibli and the film is both written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. ‘How do you Live?’ is reportedly produced by Toshio Suzuki who is a long-time colleague of Miyazaki. Also, the movie has a runtime of 125 minutes.

How Do You Live?

The Final Tale Or Another Continuation?

Miyazaki has been an iconic animator for many, even Makato Shinkai takes inspiration from him. So, it should be no surprise that his work will not disappoint. Although we are lucky that we will get another exquisite work of art from him in the form of ‘How do you Live?’, we ask ourselves if it’s honestly the last one!

We already knew that Miyazaki had indeed retired in 2013 after he created the much-appreciated historical epic ‘The Wind Rises’. Then he returned for a short animated film named, ‘Boro The Caterpillar’ which was supposedly made for the Ghibli Museum. We can pass it off as a short film dedicated to the museum but he came out of retirement again to make one final film and Studio Ghibli executive Toshio Suzuki confirmed that Miyazaki commenced animation work for ‘How do you live?’ in July 2016.

To anyone who keeps Studio Ghibli updates this statement seems sort of humorous as they keep hearing this and have been treating the movies they watched as the last only to find out there’s more coming. However, what makes this news believable as his last is sadly his age being 82 which was a reason for him to retire early during his 60s as he felt he could not work hard like before. But his passion is what keeps bringing him back and we can tell how he genuinely enjoys making Anime movies with the latest one being, ‘How do you Live?’.

How Do You Live?
How Do You Live?

Legacy Of Miyazaki

This obsession of Hayao to create the best drastically falls heavily on his son Goro Miyazaki. Ambitious like his father Goro Miyazaki created the “Tales From Earth Sea” but despite all his efforts it seemed his father was not pleased with him to the point that he left the theatre before the movie even finished. His father was already against his son making a career out of animation not by the sense of rivalry but because he knew the struggles and risks. Despite that, I think he is trying to leave a lesson for his son through, ‘How do you Live?’.

Nonetheless, Goro still pursued it and it resulted in him and his father being not on talking terms anymore. Worst of all just for the name of Miyazaki in the films, he got included in offers he did not need to take on and got used in this way. He did not become successful and this can also bring a sense of guilt in Miyazaki who wants to finally retire because with him out of the picture maybe his son can focus on his movie without extra stress. Of course, it remains debatable as one says, “None are rougher than legends, they may be a Legend in their field but not as a parent”.

How Do You Live?

What ‘How Do You Live?’ Is About?!!

An old novel from 1937 of the same name written by Genzaburo Yoshino is the inspiration for ‘How do you Live?’ as it sparked passion and interest in Miyazaki. The novel is a coming-of-age classic revolving around the character Copper or Koperu, a 15-year-old boy who narrates the hardships of his life as he deals with his father’s sudden death and school bullying while another viewpoint is presented where his uncle described his experiences as he took Koperu under his wing while he was growing up. 

The character name in the novel was actually inspired by the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. As Miyazaki explains that his animation will not be an exact copy, thus, we can expect that hints of the astronomer might be present as well in the form of an easter egg. Miyazaki mentions that he is making ‘How do You Live?’ inspired by the question itself as he yet does not understand how one should live.

As this novel is Miyazaki’s childhood favorite, it will undoubtedly have deeper philosophical themes along with his emotional connections to them. It is revealed that although the novel works as the motivation for the film, it will also work as the story that changes the character himself. So far it is revealed that the movie will have fantasy elements in them and an artwork of a bird which may be significant for the story is published under the movie’s name.

Studio Ghibli Fest 2023 – Announcement Trailer

What To Expect?!!

‘How do you Live?’ is taking longer due to being hand illustrated frame by frame and Miyazaki once said that he now creates a minute of animation in a month hinting at the crazy attention to detail going into it for flawless work. We know how picky Miyazaki is but this trait in him has made us accessible to his many masterpieces that we just don’t watch but experience and feel a deep connection to remember for life.

Since he started very early on, we can be assured despite the hidden news that the 125mins long film will, in fact, launch this July 14th in Japan and if it’s really the last like we are expecting we all should watch it at theaters to get the full experience of his final creation. This is also why I would like to host a petition that we want it at our cinema halls and I really wish that Star Cineplex can make it possible. On another note, do check out my news article on Harry Potter Series!


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