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Kaala Paani marks a new dawn?! Is the Netflix original truly deserving of this title? Yes, I believe so. India has always been known for its colorful movies with an abundance of music & dancing and not for genre-bending, visually arresting, and gripping web series. Kaala Paani has changed that dynamic and we have Netflix to thank for that. According to the press release by Netflix a few months ago, this is the very first survival series out of India. So, it is indeed the marking of a new dawn.

In this series you won’t see overpowering action like Jawan or mythical epic narrations like Adipurush (A Failure) rather you will see humans on the edge of death trying to survive with their all. Life-and-demise situations slam into death and sickness in the once-perfect Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the class twisting, outwardly capturing Kaala Paani. The Netflix series, made by Sameer Saxena, addresses a large number of earnest topics and dovetails them into an overall story of a general population in the grasp of a lethal pandemic.

The much talked about series is set in the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands, bringing out the authentic meaning of the scandalous cell prison in Port Blair, known as ‘Kaala Paani,’ from the British colonial period. The story spins around the episode of a strange and lethal bacterial epidemic on the islands, creating a climate of disorder and dread. Water is without a doubt the visual and topical leitmotif of Kaala Paani, barely astounding for a story that unfurls in a piece of India that is separated by the sea on all sides.

Kaala Paani | Official Trailer | Mona Singh, Ashutosh Gowariker, Amey Wagh

Kaala Paani Premise

Set in the timeline of a few years away from now it is a futuristic survival plot. However, spreading over numerous timelines of many years with flashbacks Kaala Paani sets the specific circumstance and grabs of exchange implying aged times. The series has large amounts of rushes, unfortunate developments and people burdened by the past. Then follows the ethical conundrums that the medical and administrative authorities face related to the squeezing need to save the tainted populace, keep the infection from spreading, and embrace measures to limit the effect of frenzied responses.

It is 2027. The Coronavirus pandemic is still lingering in the back of everyone’s minds. Jumps out LHF27, the new soul reaper who takes lives through bacterial infection carried by water. However, the plot is not only about this new menace. The Kaala Paani storyline looks past illness and demolition and mixes fiction and truth to dig into the purposes for the general well-being emergency – deforestation, dangers presented to a jeopardized native local area, industry-government nexus and defilement at different levels of the nearby organizations.

Residents and clinical experts are facing a foe that is undetectable, Nature, which has borne the brunt of humanity’s insatiability for a long time and is currently striking back. The seven-episode series gets strength from the moral, mental and ecological inquiries that it raises. A Panchatantra tale about a frog and a scorpion is utilized to underline the idea of goodness and untruthfulness in present times. The ‘Trolley Problem’ psychological test suggests what is going on the ground – the administration is in a dilemma regarding the deciding moment moral bind. Is it fine to forfeit a few individuals to save thousands? Well, Kaala Paani has it all!

Kaala Paani - Main Cast - Deshi Geek
Kaala Paani – Main Cast – Deshi Geek

Strengths Of Kaala Paani

The cast’s striking presentation in Kaala Paani is one of the show’s most redeeming assets. Mona Singh is splendid as the solitary officer keeping watch. Sukant Goel gets everyone’s attention as the taxi driver with an injured heart, while Amey Wagh is simply powerful as the furious cop with a hint of risk. The characters of the excess cast individuals are similarly very much drawn and convey solid exhibitions. Vikas Kumar, specifically, appears to have displayed a great many feelings successfully, which is a demonstration of his acting abilities.

Arushi Sharma’s depiction of Jyotsna likewise gives off an impression of being charming, and she altogether affects the show. Radhika Mehrotra and Chinmay Mandlekar, assuming the parts of Dr. Ritu and Dr. Shashi Mahajan, separately, additionally appear to have contributed decidedly to the account with their exhibitions. The show’s cinematography (by Ewan Mulligan, Barnaby Crocker and Dhananjay Navagrah) is so eye-catching, visually relatable, and well-executed that it causes everything around you to appear to be genuine.

The effort to go this way and that in time when the Japanese had shown up on the island right when The Second World War was going to end, coincidentally finding an old mystery known exclusively to the first occupants, wavers time and again, yet it is appreciable that the depiction of the ancestral local area is finished with sympathy and regard. That additional layer provides the series with a feeling of immortality, where they over a wide span of time are introduced as a continuum.

Kaala Paani | Season 2 | Announcement

Flaw Of Kaala Paani

‘Kaala Paani’ is damaged by its imagined parts, where characters are taken to leap toward ends in light of the fact that the plot thinks that it is practical. They container significantly more in a series which has taken such a lot of care to keep things trustworthy. Quite possibly the most jostling one where an up to that point questionable person changes from a ‘speculation’ — a word we hear a few times- to finish feeling about how a fix can be found, which prompts a lot of babble about the ethical quality of forfeiting a couple of lives to save hoards.

The ravenous corporate managers have, in their utilize, a huge guardian, who merrily approaches pounding individuals on their heads, a very Bollywood angle. Two or three eccentricities in-characters, intended to be silly, stay too long. Followed by the dragging on of some much important plot points that would have elevated the show to a height that could have set standards for future such undertakings, instead, they ended up becoming the ‘Achilles Heel’ of the much talked about and mostly well-liked series, Kaala Paani. Hopefully, there will be a Season 2 to correct the wrongs that were made here.

I was praising the performances of the cast in the previous section and illustrated how the characters positively impacted the show to be one of the best web series of the year. However, there is a major character flaw that was the bane of the show during the entire season. And, that is the lack of a main lead. The absence of a clear protagonist makes Kaala Paani feel more like a documentary narrative with a variety of intriguing characters encountering a common extraordinary excursion. This approach may not measure up to the assumptions of those looking for a customary story structure.

Kaala Paani - Scene - Deshi Geek
Kaala Paani – Scene – Deshi Geek

Stream Or Skip?!!

Kaala Paani has obvious defects, including its fairly dissipated story, which it remunerates with sagacious perceptions and a striking depiction of a world in emergency, at last keeping the watchers drawn in and charmed. This is a handsomely created series, which is designed as a useful example. It very well might be set a few years away from now, yet it is sufficiently close to remind us about the years in which humanity was almost obliterated by an infection, and an admonition to not recurrent our mistakes.

Kaala Paani is a very well-acted, magnificently created and reliably watchable show that skirts around the entanglements of a multi-pronged story. It devises ways not to allow one topical plan to impede another. Every one of the strands meets up perfectly and with uncommon clearness. The wake-up call does the tightrope stroll between the portrayal of pestilence and its aftermath and the situation in a bigger environmental setting with expertise and equilibrium. A series that has a lot to show for its endeavors.

So, my call is, “Definitely STREAM IT!!!”. Kaala Paani moves along pleasantly enough that it ought to keep watchers as eager and anxious as can be, yet the show should be mindful so as not to go off track by such a large number of story strings that can possibly go nowhere. Skipping that fact, the series is truly a no-brainer to stream and maybe even binge!!!



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