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AnimeCon Dhaka is a festival to promote Japanese anime/manga culture in Bangladesh. The event bears some similarities with the ‘Summer Matsuri’ festivals that take place in Japanese cities and towns every year. AnimeCon Dhaka, similar to these festivals, hosts several merchandise and food stalls where attendees can purchase anime-related goods and enjoy Japanese food. The difference here from the festivals in Japan is that ACD only focuses on anime/manga-based stuff.

As we know, the ‘Summer Matsuri’ festivals have performances as unique attractions. Fireworks and Traditional dance are the two most notable ones. As for AnimeCon, things are a bit different. The performances focus on promoting the anime culture while catering to the taste of the native people. Also, this year Jetro is partnering with the event alongside Star Cineplex.

Now let’s take a look at the seven reasons you should go to AnimeCon Dhaka 2023: Sakura if you are an anime fan!

AnimeCon Dhaka The Premium Anime Festival in Bangladesh

AnimeCon Dhaka prides itself on being the biggest and most popular anime carnival in Bangladesh. Since its inception back in 2016, the pop-culture event has snowballed. It is regarded as one of the ‘Big 3.’ Pop-culture events in the country, along with Dhaka Comic-Con and K-Meet. Many anime fans and enthusiasts visit the carnival every year. So, it is essentially a meeting place for all otakus and weeaboos crazy about anime.

Many attractions, competitions, and performances related to anime are held. Fans participate according to their exceptional talents and show their dedication to anime culture. You should also visit the Con if you are an anime fan!

AnimeCon Dhaka 2023 – Sakura


Pop culture events in Bangladesh are synonymous with the art of Cosplay. Every such festival features Cosplay as one of the main attractions. AnimeCon Dhaka is no exception to this beautiful phenomenon. All the anime fans already know what Cosplay is, so I do not need to go into details. Just let me mention that many professional and amateur Cosplayers will attend AnimeCon Dhaka 2023: Sakura cosplaying as your favorite anime characters. That should give you a serious excuse to go to the Con. Am I right, or am I right?!

Many talented Cosplayers from the Bangladesh Association of Cosplayers (BAC) will participate in the ever-popular Cosplay competition of AnimeCon Dhaka. You will get to witness their flawless recreation of famous anime characters. It will surely be a breathtaking experience.

Interactive Games

Another popular segment of AnimeCon Dhaka is Goldfish Scooping. It was adopted by the organizers as a reference to the ‘Summer Matsuri’ attraction famous in Japan and also highlighted in many anime. This year there will definitely be Goldfish Scooping. Organizers have assured us that they are determined to continue the popular attraction. The thought of scooping out a Goldfish as we see in anime does pique one’s interest, doesn’t it?

AnimeCon Dhaka 2023: Sakura is introducing a new fun game called ‘Guess the Pokemon’. This definitely will be a much-desired attraction for the fans of the timeless anime Pokemon. Guessing your favorite Pokemon and winning prizes, what more could you ask for?!

Another unique yet most interesting game that is being introduced this year is the ‘Way of the Wind’. Apparently, participants will be given a katana and then blindfolded; they will have to hit and ring the hanging bells with the katana. This is definitely something unheard of and the innovation on the part of the AnimeCon team is praiseworthy.

AnimeCon Dhaka - Interactive Games
AnimeCon Dhaka 2023 – Sakura


The traditional Japanese Dance performance is another segment that is worth looking forward to. This has been an integral part of almost every AnimeCon. The elegant and graceful moves of Japanese Culture are soothing to the eyes.

Band performance has always been a significant attraction of AnimeCon, and it will be no different this year. The bands will perform some popular anime tracks and some famous Bangla songs. This will surely prove to be a concert vibe.

You don’t wanna miss the performances, do you?!


AnimeCon Dhaka 2022: Mirai will hold several competitions throughout the course of the day. I have already mentioned the Cosplay competition. Let’s see what other competitions there are.

Karaoke Competition

Anime Art Competition

Anime Quiz Competition

Anime Gaming Competition

Anime Review Writing Competition

Apart from the mentioned ones, there is a special competition going on this year. The ‘Mirai Art Competition’, where artists are to draw Mirai the mascot of AnimeCon Dhaka. The winners of the competitions will receive prizes. And their performances and works are amazing to experience. So, if you want to participate or just watch, it is a fantastic opportunity.

Japanese Thematic Decorations

Every AnimeCon event in the past has showcased some form of Japanese thematic decorations. Some anime decorations as well. But they fell fairly short of expectations. The scale and execution were mediocre at best.

Organizers have told us there will be decorations this year as well. Let’s hope it is something worthwhile this time around. The decorations will be a feast for your eyes to you if they are able to pull it off right.

From our sources, we have got wind of a Sakura Tree, a Wishing Well, and Traditional Japanese Lanterns to be included in the decorations this year. This is not much but if pulled off correctly it will be a sight to behold. So, cross your fingers and wish that we get to witness something amazing.  

AnimeCon Dhaka Stalls
AnimeCon Dhaka 2023 – Sakura

Food & Merchandise Stalls

There will be many stalls selling anime merchandise. Every anime-related stuff you can think of will be there for the taking. Action Figures, T-Shirts, Posters, Manga, and many more. Just the thought of these makes one greedy.

Many well-known and new brands will be present. Qrio the Qurious Shop, Spotlight Attires, Aoi Sakura, Source, and Orient Shop are only a few of them. If you want to take your coveted anime stuff home, you should visit the Con.

Then there will be food stalls to cater specifically to the attendees. This year Orient Kitchen and Coffee World have been confirmed so far.  

That is everything to know about AnimeCon Dhaka 2023: Sakura. But if you want to know more do read another one of our articles named Sakura Blooms This Year. To purchase tickets for the festival, check out the ticket link provided by Protefalan. Also, for the premium ticket here is the link.



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