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AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri is the second AnimeCon Event of the year. It is targeting the winter season as many fans are unable to go to the summer edition due to various reasons. As this is an entirely new project, so it gets kind of a paradigm shift. It should be a great bit of news for pop-culture enthusiasts and fans. However, we still do not know the full details of the changes to be able to judge properly.

“It’s high time I step down,” announced Mr Oly Shahriar Hasan on the 12th of November, 2022 after serving 7 years as the project director of AnimeCon Dhaka, introducing Mr Ariful Haque as his successor to the position with the promise of “going to the next level” come December 2nd which will see the commencement of AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri presented by the banner to be held at Tokyo Square Convention Center in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Matsuri, meaning ‘festival’ in Japanese, is generally celebrated during the summer in Japan and AnimeCon Dhaka has, thus far, been adherent to the tradition. Therefore, the inauguration of the event itself is another evidence of impending changes, the ‘Yuki’ in its name translating to ‘snow’, denoting its observance in winter, hence notching the calendar at two major turns of the seasons to give the people more. However, what was the trigger for this evolution and how long has it been since AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri was in the works?

AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri
AnimeCon Dhaka presents Yuki Matsuri 2022

AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri

“Since last year,” answers Oly Shahriar as the question is posed. “I have already mentioned that according to my viewpoint regarding the organization of an event, if a single visitor is not happy, then it is unsuccessful.” We are often our harshest critics and this is definitely, I believe, such a case inside AnimeCon Dhaka’s brass as a whole.

Co-founder Wakil Ahmed Shabi echoed his sentiments – “We do what we do to satisfy our audience and if Oly thinks he has failed to achieve that goal, he is well within his rights to make amends via whatever means he believes is necessary for the task. And the task ahead that is AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri will be our redeeming occasion.”

Yet, his criticisms bear harsher still when he recalls the happenings of AnimeCon Dhaka 2021: Tokyo Skyline. “Shahriar Ahmed Shafin, our social media chief, was there in person and came out of that one with a busted laptop because somebody stepped on it.” Unsurprising, I am obliged to add as an unwilling participant of the mob responsible for the disaster, having attended the convention – my very first! – and witnessed the mayhem live: a stampede of stomps and shoulder tackles cramped amid four walls, the air thick with perspiration.

A stifling environment suffocated all pouring into the community hall until the liberty to move and breathe freely became forgotten. What has not been forgotten even today, though, is Oly Shahriar’s memory of the ordeal. “I have had the blessing of conducting one of the best conventions in our pop culture scene’s history in 2017 as well as the misfortune of conducting the absolute worst last year.” He hopes to host another amazing event through AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri.

AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri
AnimeCon Dhaka

Ariful sees the fiasco as an opportunity. “We can either choose to ignore our mistakes and pretend we never made them or address why we did so to guarantee they will not be repeated.” “Then the rumors are true?” I ask in response. “Yes,” he replies. As he promised a much better and smoother visitor experience to the attendees by giving the following information to Deshi Geek.

“This year, AnimeCon Dhaka will be limiting its number of available tickets for AnimeCon Dhaka 2022 Yuki Matsuri to 1,000, ensuring every visitor is able to enjoy all the activities at the event without encountering any inconvenience.” Among the variety of activities mentioned are karaoke, anime gaming and goldfish scooping along with the chance to behold the glamorous artistry of Japanese traditional dance routines and cosplay performances.

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