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About AniManga Festival

AniManga Festival is an upcoming pop-culture event featuring Anime and Manga culture. Japanese anime/manga has the biggest following among pop-culture enthusiasts in Bangladesh. Banking on that popularity Qrio is going to hold this event in hopes of a day full of festivities to be enjoyed by the fandom.

In 2017 Qrio the Curious Shop went to Mazecon 4 as a vendor and by doing so they had their very first experience with an anime event. The members of Qrio always had a fascination for anime conventions. After coming back from Chittagong Comic Con 2019, the members made a decision. And that is to hold an anime convention. The plan was to launch the event in 2020 when their group reached 4000 members. However, the Covid-19 pandemic made everything impossible at that time. Finally, after the longest wait, the planned anime convention is going to be held on the 21st of October at Tokyo Square Convention Center.

The festival will promote anime/manga culture through various fun and interesting segments. International pop-culture conventions will inspire the event conduction. There will be performances, competitions, and all-around cosplaying!

The Community Involved with AniManga Festival

AniManga Festival boasts a significant and diverse community involvement. Let’s take a look at all the partners of the event.


Qrio the Curious Shop – Title Sponsor and Organizer

Game Spot Bangladesh – Gaming Tournament Sponsor

Event Partners

সবই মাদারার গেঞ্জুতসু (SMG) – Promotional Partner

Anime Quest – Promotional Partner

2GO – Ticketing Partner

Deshi Geek – Magazine Partner

Community Partners

BOXMIC – Worldwide Comic Network

Bangladesh Association of Cosplayers – BAC

BD Cosplayers

Anime Carnival BD

One Piece Fans Bangladesh

PlayStation Network Bangladesh – PSNBD

PS4™ Gamers of Bangladesh (PSNBD)

PS5™ Gamers of Bangladesh (PSNBD)

Fighting Games Community Bangladesh – FGCB

Ani FighterZ

Event Attractions

Let’s take a look at the attractions of the event!


There will be several competitions at AniManga Festival. Some of them are already underway. The main attraction is the Cosplay competition and performance. This is the highlight of any pop-culture event in Bangladesh. Popular Cosplayers will compete portraying famous anime characters. They will perform on stage which garners much interest from the fandom.

Traditional and Digital Art Competition is another part of any anime convention and AniManga Festival is no different to this popular trend.

Meme and AMV competitions are also being held online as we speak.

There is going to be a Gaming competition and it is promising to be a massive one.


The performers’ list is impressive, to say the least. Stage performances by talented people are always a segment to look forward to in pop-culture conventions.

Fairuz Saiyara, Karaoke Competition Champion of Animecon 2021 and a performer from Anime Carnival 2022 will perform at the event.

MelophilePRITHA A.K.A Shahinur Yeasmin Pritha is another esteemed performer who’s going to mesmerize with her song.

Soulmate Shall Die, a regular band in such conventions is coming to rock the venue.

As for DJ, DJ Rids will be performing DJ Anime Mix!


One of the renowned artists in Bangladesh who works in the anime art sector – The Shinigami Artist is coming to the event as a guest.

Another artist duo Shantona Shantuma sisters are coming to the event on behalf of Manga Stage, a Bangladeshi manga platform.

An admin from the Bangladeshi arts platform Boxmic is also coming hopefully.

There will be a panel discussion on anime arts, comics and manga among these individuals.

The co-founder of AnimeCon and Bangladesh Association of Cosplayers, Oly Shahriar Hasan is attending the event as one of the cosplay judges.

One of the founders of BD Cosplayers, Kazi M Noor has also promised to attend the event as a guest.

Kaisar Kabir from Anime Quest is expected to attend the event for a panel discussion on anime as well.

Merchandise Stalls

Pop-culture merchandise stalls are definitely an integral part of conventions and rightly so the popular names are coming to AniManga Festival.

Qrio the Curious Shop is going to be present for sure. Some other well-known vendors are coming as well.

ONE STOP Merchandise, Auctor, Bookland, Spotlight Attires, Aoi Sakura Mart, Glyphs BD, Water Bee, Boku No Shop, and Espy for Men will be present.

There will also be a stall from the gaming tournament sponsor Game Spot – Bangladesh and they’ll display some high-end gaming devices and consoles.

Anime Themed Decorations

The organizers have promised to make the event a colorful one. There will be banners, cut-outs, and much more anime/manga-themed decorations.

An Event to be Enjoyed

A clean and friendly convention for the anime/manga fandom. A day full of festivities for like-minded people with shared interests. What more can the enthusiasts ask for?!

Well, according to the organizers it is going to be a blast and the fans will enjoy every bit of the whole day of segments. They can expect Multi Anime Community Madness from this event!



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