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Afran Nisho, more commonly known as Nisho, has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks for all the right reasons and wrong. The talented model-turned-actor has been the face of the Bangladeshi ‘Natok’ (TV Drama) industry for quite a few years with fans not only from his home country but also from the neighboring Indian state of West Bengal.

With the release of his first feature-length film ‘Surongo’, Afran Nisho is gaining fame and popularity at an unimaginable pace. Although the glittering positives could not bury the controversial negatives Afran Nisho is undoubtedly a most talented actor with considerable fan following.

The journey from the small screen to the big screen has not been a quick one. Afran Nisho has had to prove himself for over a decade to get where he is now. Apart from his countless Natoks, Nisho has been working on some high-profile web series recently. Years of acting experience and his in-born qualities as an actor have made him one of the shining stars of the Bangladeshi Entertainment Industry.

Afran Nisho - Works - Deshi Geek
Afran Nisho – Works – Deshi Geek

Afran Nisho The Actor

Afran Nisho is most definitely a gifted actor. The way he portrayed each character in his recent projects has made the audience gasp in awe. However, a vast majority of his contents are rather subpar with many flimsy depthless Natoks, but to be honest, it’s how the TV Drama Industry is in Bangladesh. Romantic and comedy genres are the base of this so-called modern Natok wave. As a result, Nisho has worked on numerous half-assed projects like this.

Well, I am not going to elaborate on the flimsy nature of Bangla Natoks anymore and shed some light on the 5 most appreciated projects Afran Nisho has worked on,


Surongo Foretaste

Surongo is the debut work of Afran Nisho for the silver screen and what a film it is. I had the fortune of watching it a few days back and the movie made me enjoy a fabulous ride of romance, emotions, thrill, betrayal, and tragedy. The performance of Nisho as the MC has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike. His flawless acting has made us feel a connection to the character as if we are the ones walking in his shoes. My personal opinion on his portrayal is, “No other actor in the world could have done a better job, period!”

Afran Nisho - Surongo - Deshi Geek
Afran Nisho – Surongo – Deshi Geek

The thrilling and engaging plot introduces us to Masud, an electrician from a small village who falls head over heels for Moyna at first sight. They get married and start a beautiful little family but the happiness doesn’t last long. Moyna slowly turns out to be your typical gold-digger and eventually forces Masud to go abroad for work. Then in his absence, Moyna engages in adultery and eventually elopes. A simple and common story so far but what unfolds after that is like a rollercoaster ride. And to get a glimpse of that exciting ride read my review of Surongo.


Afran Nisho - Punorjonmo - Deshi Geek
Afran Nisho – Punorjonmo – Deshi Geek

Now what can I say about this masterpiece?!! A plot of thrill, murder, mystery, action, and emotions is what Punorjonmo is. Rafsan Haque, a renowned chef is seen devastated by the disappearance of his wife Nila Haque. Suddenly one day his chauffeur Nuru brings back Nila with him citing he has found her after much searching. Although Rafsan is delighted with the return of his wife Nila seems like a completely different person and causes the suspicion of Borsha.

Punorjonmo Trailer

Afran Nisho portrayed the character of Rafsan Haque with seamless perfection. His expressions, dialogue delivery, and body acting in different transitions can be best described as a sharp katana effortlessly gliding through a bar of butter. The psychotic nature and evil aura demanded by the character were flawlessly pictured by Nisho. His performance has boosted the appeal of an already good story and in turn, made Punorjonmo a superhit Bangla Natok.


Kaiser Trailer

Kaiser is one of the better works of Afran Nisho even though the series itself is not that great, to be honest. Plot holes, average storytelling, subpar BGM, the usual boring cinematography, and lack of impactful twists have made this supposed thrilling crime drama into the everyday Bangla Natok experience we are normally used to. However, Kaiser is not a bad series per se.

Afran Nisho - Kaiser - Deshi Geek
Afran Nisho – Kaiser – Deshi Geek

In my honest opinion, the role of ADC Kaiser Chowdhury is not the best performance of Afran Nisho. However, he did portray the character with the weight needed and proved his innate acting talents. His acting is one of the very few redeeming factors of Kaiser.


Syndicate is a crime thriller murder mystery. Bangladeshi web series makers have made this genre their go-to project recently. However, the works are average at best as it is not a genre that has been in practice in the entertainment industry for long. Syndicate is also an average one.

Syndicate Trailer

Afran Nisho has put on a decent performance and I repeat a decent one, not a stellar one. Even then his portrayal of Adnan an IT officer with Asperger syndrome is praiseworthy. He acted with passion and zeal succeeding in picturing the character properly.

Sharey Showlo

Now this one is a mutant at the moment as it has not been released yet but the trailer is out. And what a trailer it was by Hoichoi! After watching it I was like ‘Nisho Ebar Fatiye Dibe’ and believe me the performance I saw by Afran Nisho in the trailer gave me goosebumps. The glimpses are hinting towards a stellar performance by Nisho and another project worth crazing n’ clamoring over.

Sharey Showlo Trailer

It is a murder mystery surrounding a few interconnected characters. The story takes place on floor 16.5 a day before the hearing of a sensitive case in court. Afran Nisho plays the character of Ashfaque Reza, a lawyer by trade who has a soft corner for beautiful women. However, he can’t forgive the betrayers, beautiful or not.

A Celebrity In The Making

Afran Nisho is the new shining celebrity of the Bangladeshi Entertainment Industry. His films, web series, and dramas are all superhits or blockbusters in recent years. There is no denying he has established himself as a Super Star of Bangla Cinema with only one film in his debut. His influence is far-reaching across the country and the fan following is growing day by day.

Not only in Bangladesh, Afran Nisho has a considerable number of fans in Kolkata and in some other countries as well. His performance in Surongo has garnered praise from global critics and audiences as the cinema has been released in India, Australia, and the USA. There are talks of the movie being released in other countries as well including the Middle East. This just shows how impactful it will be for Bangla Cinema and Afran Nisho as well.

From ‘Rafsan Haque er ranna ki kokhono kharap hote pare?!!’ to ‘Kha, Taka kha!’ to ‘Shundori meyeder shob kichu amr pochondo, bisshashghatokota chara!’, Afran Nisho has delivered timeless dialogues and made a mark on the art of acting with his portrayals. An acclaimed actor and director from Taliganj (Kolkata) said, “I have never seen a more organic actor than Afran Nisho!”. He has also expressed his interest in working with the Tangail-born actor.

With all that, it is a given that Afran Nisho has the Super Star tag. So, readers if you want to read more features like this and get updates on news n’ reviews of the pop culture world, stay with Deshi Geek. And, on that note read my previous feature on football icon Zlatan Ibrahimovic!      



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