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Horimiya 2023 aka Horimiya: The Missing Pieces is the nostalgic and heartfelt return to arguably the most popular romance anime ever made. Produced by Aniplex and Square Enix, the 13-episode series is a bright spark in the world of Horimiya. It is surprisingly not the second season of the main show rather Horimiya 2023 has adapted stories that were not featured in the original anime.

Horimiya 2023 is airing at present and with 4 episodes released as of yesterday the anime is already the talk of the town. When season 1 of Horimiya ended, manga readers were fairly disappointed with the fact that many heartwarming, bubbly, and cutesy romantic moments were omitted along with some classic comical sequences. The showrunners must have felt the sadness of the audience and thus decided to go with The Missing Pieces.

CloverWorks have done an amazing job with the animation of Horimiya 2023. It is no wonder the studio is a rising star in the anime industry. Another fantastic factor is the direction. As the name suggests it is about the missing pieces that were omitted, but in the storytelling, everything seems so well-woven that the story feels like a complete journey of new experiences. With that let’s dive into this review of The Missing Pieces.

Horimiya 2023 The Missing Pieces Official Trailer

Origins Of Horimiya 2023 

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun originally started out as a manga grabbing a lot of attention of the readers when it was complete. Hiroki Adachi under the pen name ‘Hero’ published it on her own website. What started out as an ordinary webcomic back in 2007 reached quite a height by the time it finished in 2011.

Slowly but officially we not only had the printed copy of Horimiya [Hori + Miyamura], but we also received a live-action, drama adaptation and finally, the TV series or anime that we were hyped about. The old version or the initial makings of Horimiya can be seen even today with the title “Horimiya OVA” consisting of 4 episodes where episode 5 & 6 remains rare finds even to this day.

However, anyone looking for the refined good-looking version can easily check out the released Horimiya 2023 animated by CloverWorks. Fans of Honeyworks will surely like it as it remains similar. Now, the latest addition to all these is the new season of Horimiya which is ongoing this year [2023] with the title ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’.

Horimiya 2023 is an adaptation of their exciting journeys in the manga that got left behind in the first season as the creators wanted to complete the story in a simple yet fast manner, keeping only what was necessary to show good progress in the story of the anime. Although manga fans were angry at the fast-paced narration during the anime adaptation, I think this running season will cover the damage.

Horimiya 2023 The Missing Pieces
Horimiya 2023 The Missing Pieces

Plot Of Glittering Bright Romance

It’s very obvious that Hori and Miyamura are lovers but despite being a simple rom-com Horimiya 2023 shows the points of view of both the main characters in their stream of thoughts. We learn about their personalities changing slowly taking their best shapes and how with honesty they clear up any misunderstandings that might be standing in their way.

Since the story in season 1 gave us an idea of who the characters were, whom they liked and what are their goals and targets for the future, Horimiya 2023 aka The Missing Pieces is the season that lets us explore their past sweet and memorable days in ease because of knowing the outcomes. We also get to learn a bit more about their habits and the families that brought them up.

This season contains more comedy and sweet romance but also bold scenes that we previously had not imagined, making it suddenly popular with remarks that the ship had sailed. For most anime, we do find the end gives us the hint of the ship being official but never an extra idea of how that relationship is hanging on. Thus, the concept where we see the couple slowly developing mutual understanding after their ship has already sailed is something new and fun.

The Missing Pieces

From school trips, and sports days to cooking classes and relaxing home time, this new season shows Hori-san and Miyamura-kun acting up and playing their roles both as friends and lovers. We also understand how natural and confident they feel around each other’s company and that even their friends support them.

It is very nice to explore some toxicity-free, sweet, simple and funny anime to keep our moods balanced and Horimiya 2023 aka The Missing Pieces is exactly like that, just short fun days, worth remembering. One has to read the manga or watch the anime beforehand to know the characters but other than that, there is no string and any episode of The Missing Pieces can be enjoyed in any order.

Horimiya 2023 The Missing Pieces Trailer 2

Character Chronicles

What is interesting about the characters you may ask! I found that each one has a feminine and a masculine side to them that gives them their true personality. Every character also has a good sense of humor and no one overpowers the other. Even though Hori is considered ruthless, Miyamura is not weak either. They also have their unique qualifications and when they show up as a team it is just wholesome.

Why Watch Horimiya 2023?

Well, being a funny anime, this show can easily put a smile on our faces. If the puns don’t do the trick, the expressions of the characters definitely will. Who doesn’t like a good laugh when packed with interesting stories and depression or not, but this anime will surely cure boredom that’s for sure. Hence keeping this on your watchlist should be a must!

With all that writing on Horimiya 2023 aka The Missing Pieces, I have definitely surpassed my previous article on ‘How Do You Live?’ or maybe not! Just being the cheeky me that I am. So, readers do stay with Deshi Geek for more pop-culture reviews, news, and features. Well, as you may have heard the tagline, “If Pop-culture You Seek, Stay With Deshi Geek!”!!!


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