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Witcher Season 3 marks the ending of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. How Netflix ended up creating this mess is beyond my understanding. Liam Hemsworth will be replacing Cavill as the iconic character and it is truly a shame. I’m not saying Hemsworth is a bad actor but the impact Cavill created with Geralt cannot be revived. Let’s not lose sleep over Netflix’s brazen goodbye but let’s focus on the ongoing Witcher Season 3 for now.

The tale sets in motion with Geralt of Rivia, a solitary who kills various monsters in exchange for money for humans and is a proficient monster hunter himself. As he progresses in his work, he encounters mysteries and countless bizarre occurrences. Where he uncovers that humans are more hostile than monsters. After two blood-soaked seasons of action, adventure, emotion, love, lust, corruption, and betrayal Witcher Season 3 is living up to expectations.

Back & Forth Of The Author

Andrzej Sapkowski began his writing career by writing the novel “The Witcher” in 1986. Later in 2019, it was released as a Netflix Original series. However, in a current interview, the author himself phrased that this series did not wreck him that deeply. What might be the cause of that we should all know already! The gripping plague of Identity Politics is rotting the entertainment industry. And for the author, it is saddening.   

Apparently, he isn’t satisfied with Witcher Season 3 fully. Why would he be?! The actor who popularized the MC Geralt globally with newfound energy and charm is to leave the project after this season and that inevitability has affected his portrayal as well. And, it is uncertain how the replacement of Cavill will fare. With all these the current season is impacted negatively. Though the directors are quite hopeful for the upcoming episodes of Witcher Season 3.

Witcher Season 3 Official Trailer

Season 1 & 2 Recap

The story takes place about twelve hundred years ago when two worlds collided to create a variety of wild beasts. Witchers arrived to eradicate those feral beasts and insulate humans from them. The first season begins with Geralt of Rivia who is one of the Witchers having an action-packed fight with a demon named Kikimora.

When the series, first aired or released in December 2019, the hype about it knew no bounds and everyone loved it so much that it was compared to Game of Thrones. The Witcher series is established on a novel that has been made into a number of movies and even games, but none of them have been as triumphant as this one.

But if someone starts watching this series without knowing anything at first, he/she can suffer a lot of confusion because there is nothing clear about who lives where and even there are many timelines inside it which makes it very difficult to understand. Although the purpose of the characters can be slowly understood.

The three main characters live in three different timelines in three different places and with three different objectives. At first, from the way it is shown in the series, it seems that these three timelines are running simultaneously. Only three distinct viewpoints. But actually, it’s not that, these three visions are running on three different timelines. It would come across that the sequence they are showing may be correct.

But that’s not true, it’s later alluded to with very few hints that the continuity that was being shown is actually wrong and the correct continuity is revealed later and there comes a time when all three timelines converge. Other than that, it was really good because everyone here tried to do something new and different even Henry Cavill changed his voice a bit here to make his personality look a little different.

 As the series progresses, its characters grow in personality, and more emphasis is placed on all the essential things. As new creatures are added and more concentrated on the origin of these esoteric powers. Little by little, it becomes more and more known in the future how who is involved with whom. And more characters get summed up. This series revolves around new tragic, emotional and political events. A bit of comedy is put in to make it more intriguing.

However, there is a slight departure from the original story in season 2, but it is also important because it will become a major factor in connecting all the stories later on. And, with that the doors to Witcher Season 3 were opened.

Witcher Season 3
Witcher Season 3

Witcher Season 3, A Hit Or Flop?

When the first five episodes came out, the viewers were very enthusiastic about Witcher Season 3, but later it was seen that they were split into two facets. According to some, there must be a reason behind what has been shown in these few episodes that will be revealed in future episodes and indisputably has a substantial rationale. Whereas the other group feels that everything that has been shown so far is futile and that it has not turned out the way they thought it would, which is why they have lost so much hope.

That’s a whole quantity of expending effort with no result, but all this can be taken as a standard strategy for a fiction show. The Witcher compensations lore-hardened watchers with Wiki-busting details and convoluted conspiracy, map plotting even if Netflix’s adaptation is still oddly short on showing magic or hungry creatures, it’s clear how often work is done around the budget and that point is fairly evident in Witcher Season 3.

For the more casual viewer, there are solid drama points loaded in Witcher Season 3. But The Witcher has developed a conspicuous rhythm to its storytelling – show something visually exciting, mysterious, or game-changing, only to spend the following four to five scenes with people who want nothing more than to yammer on about it. Its fussy assertion on base-covering, lore-elaborating storytelling juices precious energy, which remains a big reason why Witcher Season 3 couldn’t be as desired.

Witcher Season 3 Part 2 Official Trailer

Questions About Witcher Season 3 Remaining Episodes?!!

Is Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher season 3? Of course, he is! With Netflix being the brazen OTT platform promoting and criminalizing an ideology that is slowly infesting the entertainment industry, the departure of Cavill is a given!  

Who will be dying in Witcher Season 3? Well, there will be deaths and more. So, let’s wait for the remaining three episodes of which the first episode is set to release on July 27th. Then again, this might be the last season the show will be able to attract the audience through emotional gambit and shocking revelations, just my thought!

But even though the big players are safe, that doesn’t mean everyone makes it out of Witcher Season 3 Part 1 alive. There are still a few fatalities. Wanna know who they are?!! Not telling!!! Watch the show and learn. For more pop-culture news, reviews, and features stay with Deshi Geek. And on that note check out the review on Surongo!


If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die. - Mik Everet

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