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In the landscape of 2023’s Korean dramas, “My Demon” emerges as a noteworthy contender, eliciting both commendation and critique, it’s the yin and yang of K-dramas, where every rose has its thorn. This narrative unfolds as a nuanced amalgamation of supernatural elements and a romantic saga, wherein Demon Jeong Gu-Won, on the precipice of relinquishing his formidable demonic prowess, intertwines fates with Do Do-Hee, a chaebol heiress ensnared in the labyrinth of a murder allegation.

Premiering on November 24, 2023, My Demon has secured its primetime residence on SBS TV, broadcasting every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 (KST). For those embracing the digital realm, the series is accessible via streaming platforms such as Wavve in South Korea and Netflix in select regions. This cultural phenomenon is not devoid of critical discourse; akin to a dual-edged sword, My Demon navigates both accolades and reservations. Its reception mirrors a Pandora’s box, encapsulating a spectrum of emotions, akin to navigating uncharted waters.

In the realm of character dynamics, Demon Jeong Gu-Won assumes a pivotal role as a supernatural entity grappling with the imminent forfeiture of his metaphysical capabilities, akin to a mythical figure facing the loss of their defining attribute. Conversely, Do Do-Hee’s character, a chaebol heiress embroiled in a murder accusation, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, reminiscent of classical tragedies where divergent worlds collide.

2023 has been a year of a mixed conundrum as few K-dramas shined – Glory to name one – and many anticipated ones failing to radiate – Sweet Home 2 & Strong Girl Nam Soon to note. But the latest Song Kang drama may be the savior of the year along with GyeongSeong Creature. As connoisseurs of Korean drama, whether seasoned or novice, embark on this televised odyssey cognizant of its thematic intricacies and embrace the narrative kaleidoscope that My Demon unfurls.

My Demon | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love In Limbo

In the captivating world of “My Demon,” Kim Yoo-Jung takes the reins as the industrious Do Do-Hee, CEO of Mirae F&B, navigating the corporate realm with steely grace. A twist of fate unfolds when a blind date introduces her to Song Kang’s Jeong Gu-won, a 200-year-old demon with a refreshing and humorous demeanor. The narrative takes a compelling turn as Do-hee inherits the Mirae empire amidst a power struggle with her scheming adoptive siblings following the passing of her guardian, Ju Cheon-Sook. This familial clash propels the plot into a riveting exploration of resilience and ambition.

Song Kang’s portrayal of Gu-won defies convention, offering a demon characterized by mischief and chaos. Far from the typical brooding figure, he grapples with the very human fears of ageing and mortality. His on-screen dynamic with Kim Yoo-Jung injects vitality into the storyline, revealing unexpected layers in their characters.

Kim Yoo-Jung embodies Do Do-hee with an industrious and straightforward demeanor, seamlessly navigating the complexities of family dynamics. Beyond the refined masks they present to the world, the personal interactions between Gu-won and Do-hee unveil a vibrant and expressive dimension to their characters.

My Demon emerges not only as a supernatural tale but as a platform for the impactful performances of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung. Their on-screen synergy transforms each episode into a journey through the unexpected, infusing the drama with a perfect blend of humor, depth, and relatability to the human experience.

My Demon - Poster - Deshi Geek
My Demon – Poster – Deshi Geek

My Demon Power Players

In the star-studded cast of My Demon, enter Song Kang, the charismatic “Son of Netflix,” ruling the screens as the demon lead. His popularity on the platform precedes him, making every series he graces a binge-worthy phenomenon. The much-anticipated drama, “Sweet Home 2,” finally graced our screens just a few days ago, marking the latest chapter in Song Kang’s illustrious career.

Alongside him, the ever-talented Kim Yoo-Jung steps into the spotlight, a seasoned actress with a sweet beginning as a confectionery brand model at the tender age of four. In the cinematic poetry of “20th Century Girl,” released last year, she wove a portrayal that whispered the universal ache of lost love to every soul in the audience

Cue the entrance of the renowned second lead maestro, Lee Sang-Yi—known for being the perpetual shoulder to lean on but never the one to hold the girl. A familiar face in the K-drama landscape, he’s mastered the art of breaking hearts in roles like ‘Youth of May’ and ‘My Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’. And introducing Jo Hye-Joo, another second lead in this vibrant drama. She’s been by Jeong Gu-Won’s side since childhood, a loyal companion with a heart full of unreciprocated feelings.

My Demon | Official Clip | Netflix

My Demon Twists & Turns

My Demon” attempts to break free from the conventional K-drama molds, but even the enchantment of its unique premise cannot mask the evident flaws, leaving avid viewers, including myself, with a taste of disappointment. The endeavor to give Song Kang’s demon a mischievous edge falls flat, opting for a forced portrayal of rudeness and meanness. A missed opportunity to infuse an antagonistic aura or a psychotic attitude, lacking the depth found in more compelling characters like Vincenzo, results in a character that feels artificially evil.

The narrative also grapples with the recurring issue of stereotypical characterizations, particularly evident in the portrayal of Jin Ga-Young as the second female lead. Despite the potential for brilliance, succumbs to the tired cliché of the annoying, one-sided second female lead with no depth beyond a fleeting glimpse into her past. The lack of exploration into the second male lead’s character and past underscores a broader issue of inconsistent writing.

While My Demon manages to captivate audiences with its stellar cast, the initial enrapturing story of the demon’s power transfer stagnates into a predictable narrative of sacrificial love. The marriage plot, intertwined with the need for the demon to reclaim his powers, follows a tired trajectory seen in countless K-dramas. The intriguing concept of a killer using masks to assume different identities adds a thrilling layer to the plot, but the resolution of this storyline feels abrupt and somewhat inconsequential after the demise of the antagonist.

The sartorial choices for the male lead raise eyebrows, as the ill-fitting outfits contribute to a perception misaligned with the character’s role. The consensus veered toward cringe-worthy territory, primarily due to his somewhat unpolished romantic skills. The earnest attempts to engage in typical couple activities initially charmed with their cuteness but eventually took an unintended detour. I think the show should have portrayed him as more experienced in romance, considering he has lived for 200 years.

Controversies in the review section surrounding the depiction of demons and devils expose a significant flaw in the narrative’s theological understanding. Criticisms from Christian followers point to triggering inaccuracies, suggesting a lack of research or consideration in presenting religious elements. In the realm of fantasy dramas attempting to create immortal characters, the blurred lines between demon and devil bring forth debates, while the portrayal of God and the incapacity to return powers elicit concerns from those who find discrepancies with biblical narratives.

My Demon - Scene - Deshi Geek
My Demon – Scene – Deshi Geek

Charm Is Chaos

As the intricate tapestry of the past unravels, the hidden details surrounding Do-Hee’s role in Gu-Won’s demonic transformation 200 years ago come to light. Glimpses of this enigmatic backstory surface through Gu-Won’s haunting dreams, each slumber unveiling visions of Do-Hee, sparking unease and confusion. Could her involvement have been instrumental in shaping the demon he became? The audience is left in suspense, speculating on the complex and intertwined bond between them.

The writing and direction of My Demon shine as humor weaves seamlessly into the narrative. The Tango scene, a gem in the fourth and fifth episodes, unfolds with electrifying chemistry and gang expressions that add a layer of comedy, evoking genuine laughter. The drama’s ability to balance seriousness with unexpected humor, especially in the couple’s bickering, adds a refreshing dimension to the storyline.

My Demon surprisingly defies the typical slow build, grabbing attention from the very start. An outstanding cast effortlessly brings their characters to life, striking a perfect balance between comedy and seriousness. The compelling story, tinged with mystery, keeps viewers eagerly awaiting each Friday and Saturday, fueling anticipation and wonder.

Contrary to the notion that My Demon relies solely on the leads’ looks, the chemistry between Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung is a highlight. The extraordinary chemistry and acting prowess of the leads are complemented by breathtaking cinematography, especially notable in mesmerizing beach scenes. The storytelling unfolds like a magical experience and the OSTs, including Winter from Aespa and NewJeans, add a melodious layer.

With 10 episodes of My Demon aired the recent twist of Gu-Won regaining his powers without the girl’s demise introduces an intriguing suspense. What consequences will this twist bring? Will it alter the course of events? With six episodes remaining, the audience is left on the edge, eagerly anticipating the unfolding mysteries in this captivating drama.


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