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Island season 2 on the horizon
Island season 2 on the horizon

On the offset, Island Season 2 On The Horizon is the same age-old story where a few of the righteous fight evil. And, evil in literal meaning where demons and sinister spirits are rampant. So, a small number of specialists are there to stop them from their devilish plan of global destruction.

It does feel like a case of typical cliché, does it not?!! However, the six episodes of the first season have entertained viewers from across the globe. This is no surprise as simple common plots are highly enjoyable when executed right. With increasing popularity Island Season 2 is on the horizon and is to be released on the 24th of February.

Island Season 2

TVing will broadcast the second season to the Korean audience. The international audience will be streaming the show on Prime Video. And, the first episode of part 2 is set to premiere on 24 February 2023.

Season 2 is expected to have 6 episodes just like the first season. Also, the episodes will have a runtime of 45-50 minutes each. On Prime Video the episodes will drop with subtitles as expected for the global audience.

The main cast remains unchanged. So, Kim Nam-Gil plays Ban, the trained weapon to fight demons. Lee Da-Hee is Won Mi-Ho, the reincarnation of Wonjeong. And, Cha Eun-Woo portrays young Priest Johan from Italy.

Island Season 1

With Island Season 2 on the horizon, let’s take a look at how season 1 fared. It got healthy ratings in both MyDramaList (8.2/10) and IMDb (7.2/10). And, the show got wide popularity.

It was a chaotically humorous and intriguingly attractive short series. The season was a thrill ride, to be honest. Fateful and tragic connections between the characters were depicted with flawless storytelling and the acting chemistry of the cast was incredible. There is not much romance in this show which is unbecoming of K-Dramas in general. However, hot and sexy Priest Johan compensates for that with reference to sexual tension among the ladies. The most amazing part of the show is the mesmerizingly well-choreographed fight sequences that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

There are some downsides to the series as well. The episodes felt dragged out at times. CGI demons left a lot more to be desired. Finally, the horror aspect that was the necessity didn’t satisfy the thirst for scariness.

Improvements Needed

As mentioned above, some missing links for this K-Drama need to be sorted out. But all in all the webtoon adaptation is an enjoyable ride. Now, with Island Season 2 on the horizon, what shall be our expectations?!!

Firstly, improving the CGI and proper backstory arrangement is a must. Linking the events of the first season with the second and also the backstories will be the cherry on the top for this seemingly delicious delight.

Secondly, more scariness is needed along with the gorgeous fight sequences for the show to truly shine. Also, the antagonistic character of Goong-Tan needs more screen time.

I would definitely recommend this show to our Deshi Geek readers who are K-Drama fans and also tell them to eagerly wait for season 2!      



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