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After hearing the name ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ many of you may remember ‘Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon’, a 2017 South Korean television sensation, boasts the charismatic Park Bo-young in the lead role as a woman endowed with superhuman strength. Alongside her, the talented Park Hyung-Sik and Ji Soo contribute to the stellar cast. Airing on JTBC from February 24 to April 15, 2017, the series not only captured hearts but also made its mark as a commercial triumph, ascending to the ranks of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history.

Strong Girl Do Bong Soon skillfully blends humor and romance while delving into underlying gender issues. This K-drama classic incorporates familiar elements like the wealthy and attractive chaebol heir, his icy and disapproving family dynamics, a spirited female lead, a captivating love triangle, and the quintessential journey of overcoming challenges for a heartwarming boy-gets-girl finale. However, what sets it apart can transcend the conventional, infusing a unique charm that elevates it beyond the typical rom-com fare.

For enthusiasts of Korean dramas, the endearing Strong Woman Do Bong Soon holds a special place in the heart, featuring the beloved duo of Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young as an exceptionally charming and pivotal couple. Since its inaugural release in 2017, fervent anticipation has surrounded the possibility of a second instalment. With the recent decline of K-Dramas, such follow-up initiatives can certainly increase the hype again for the industry. I say a decline in a sense that has seen many underperforming titles – Black Knight to name one.

Indeed, a follow-up has been released on Netflix, albeit with a distinct nomenclature and a fresh ensemble of characters. Titled Strong Girl Nam Soon, the sequel stars the accomplished Lee Yoo-mi of Squid Game fame, alongside Byeon Woo-Seok, Ong Seong-Wu, and Kim Hae-sook. While the upcoming season diverges from the original narrative, it introduces audiences to Nam Soon, Bong Soon’s distant cousin, endowed with the same extraordinary strength that enchanted viewers in the predecessor.

Strong Girl Nam Soon | Official Trailer | Netflix

Strong Girl Nam Soon Nostalgia Emphasis

[SPOILER WARNING] Fans of the hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” are in for a treat as the beloved couple, Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young, reunite for the spin-off series titled “Strong Girl Nam Soon.” Recent stills reveal a heartwarming moment between their characters, Ahn Min-hyuk and Do Bong-soon, leaving fans wondering what the future holds for the couple. Rumor has it that Min-Hyuk has traded in his briefcase for an apron. It looks like he’s a full-time house-husband now. Will their love story continue in this new series? Only time will tell.

Strong Gril Nam Soon Concatenation Components

Do Bong-Soon’s hereditary superhuman strength fuels her dream of creating a video game in which she is the hero! During an encounter with a group of thugs, her abilities grab the attention of a CEO of a gaming company who offers her an opportunity to work as a bodyguard, and even in the planning department of his company. Her incredible strength makes her a valuable asset, and she accepts the job with confidence.

There have been crimes against women happening in the neighborhood where Do Bong-Soon resides. Detective In Guk-Doo, who is also a resident of the area and has been friends with Do Bong-Soon since childhood, is tasked with solving the case. While Do Bong-Soon is in love with him, In Guk-Doo already has a girlfriend. As the investigation unfolds, Do Bong-Soon and Ahn Min-Hyuk are also pulled into the situation.

In the second instalment ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’, we’re seeing a similar trend that’s connected to crime and solving cases. The gist of the summary is that a young woman (Gang Nam-Soon), who has been gifted with superhuman strength, goes back to Korea in search of her biological family. However, things take a dramatic turn when she gets embroiled in a drug case that tests her extraordinary abilities.

Strong Girl Nam Soon - Poster - Deshi Geek
Strong Girl Nam Soon – Poster – Deshi Geek

Similar In Essence, Different In Depth

The new iteration of “Strong Girl Bong-soon” marks a significant departure from the original in terms of its charm and innocence. While the original show boasted an enchanting blend of comedy, romance, and action, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” appears to be grappling with a lack of direction. The characters in the new version lack the depth and relatability that rendered the original so endearing. As such, the show may struggle to win over audiences captivated by the original’s unique charm.

Since ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ is still ongoing, the overall verdict on the series is still pending. Still, let’s begin with the negative aspect first, the first-half finale of Strong Girl Nam-Soon failed to attain the viewership rating of its predecessor, Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon, by a margin of more than 1%. The romance in Strong Girl Do Bong Soon is complicated yet sweet, which makes it distinctive. However, the romance in Strong Girl Nam Soon was smoother and focused more on the well-being of society than on the couple themselves. Perhaps we can expect to see something more persuasive in the upcoming episodes.

But I have to tell you, the best part of this series so far for me was the cameo of the leads of the original! I literally jumped out of my seat, clapping and cheering when I saw Do Bong Soon sitting in the Police Station and Ahn Min Hyuk making an entrance onto the screen! It was an absolutely thrilling moment! Although Nam Soon is watchable, I still prefer Bong Soon. I didn’t feel as hooked on it as I did with the Bong Soon couple. The chemistry between Hyun Sik and Bo Young was endearing, while the Nam Soon leads are just cute.

Nevertheless, it’s a show that I can effortlessly pause and come back to if I choose to. Comparing the second leads in “Strong Girl Do Bong Soon” and “Strong Girl Namsoon” offers a fascinating contrast in romantic dynamics. In the former, Bong Soon’s affection for her childhood friend, In Guk Doo, hits a rough patch as he, despite mutual feelings, becomes distant and somewhat of a jerk. His protective instincts clash with his actions, leaving their connection strained. On the flip side, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” takes an intriguing twist by casting the antagonist as the second lead. While Nam-soon and the primary lead share a sweet attraction, the second lead adds a layer of mystery.

Remarkably, ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ distinguishes itself by delving into a multi-generational narrative tapestry. Unlike its predecessor, which merely alluded to the strength of Bong Soon’s maternal side, this new series meticulously unravels the intricate threads of their family history. The audience is not only introduced to Bong Soon’s inherent strength but is granted an illuminating glimpse into the formidable lineage that precedes her.

The series skillfully unveils the empowering matriarchy with a nuanced portrayal of Nam-Soon’s mother and grandmother. This narrative expansion not only lends depth to the characters but also introduces a compelling layer of mystery and discovery. The decision to explore and elucidate the strength across three generations enriches the storytelling, providing viewers with an engrossing and previously undisclosed dimension.

In essence, ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ elevates its narrative scope by seamlessly weaving familial legacies, injecting a fresh and unknown dynamic into the storyline, and transcending the boundaries set by its predecessor.

Bong Bong and Min Min make a cameo | Strong Girl Nam Soon Ep 3 | Netflix

Strong Girl Nam Soon Tittle-tattles

The drama ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ is constantly compared to its predecessor by the audience. Though the new drama has its own unique aspects, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the simplicity, storyline, acting, and humor of the old one. The viewers find the action scenes in the new drama to be overdone and the background music to be jarring.

Additionally, the dialogue is cringe-worthy and the female protagonist seems to lack depth. The forced romance between the lead characters is also a drawback. Despite all of this, solely due to the exceptional performances of Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in their cameo episode I am watching it. I hope that the show will overcome its current crisis and become a binge-worthy and repeat-worthy show in the future.


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