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‘Spiderman: Beyond The Spider-Verse’ is slated to release in 2024 and has a lot of explaining to do that was left behind in ‘Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse’.  Ending a movie so good on a cliffhanger, after 5 years of waiting from the first film that pretty much resolved its story, or so we thought at the time. Having the temerity to keep their audience anticipating the final film, and conclusion to Miles Morales’s new storyline is a big ask right now, especially during one of the most turbulent times of our lives.

Screenwriters protesting, the Hollywood workforce is at odds with the producers, and things are looking ugly. Indefinitely delayed was the result for ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse’, and the time was plenty to put our thinking caps on, and get ahead ourselves with some theories to get some ideas. Like just how deep does Mile’s existence go as an anomaly causing a ripple in the Multiverse? How much of the MCU will we be seeing in the film since confirmed that the world is connected to this trilogy? Is Spider-Ham coming back as well as the others?

Will Hobbie be coming back? Is Earth-42 Miles going to finish business with our Miles? More questions, and things to figure out by finding even more easter eggs. Heck let’s talk about the leak that came out not too long ago. There’s a lot we’re going to start unpacking regarding ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse’. Because the final film of the Spider-Verse trilogy by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation in association with Marvel Entertainment has an awful lot to explain. Spoiler warning!


The Story So Far

At the beginning of Into the Spider-Verse, we see Miles grieving over Peter’s death after witnessing him being killed by Kingpin. This happens after the collider is created to access other parallel worlds, and Miles gets bitten by the radioactive spider. He meets another Peter from another dimension and forms a friend/mentor relationship before meeting the other Spidermen including Gwen.

Even with these events, we get the first idea that this is an anomaly story and doesn’t properly follow a set of canon events in the order it should have. As further explained by Miguel O’Hara, introduced in the post-credit scene. Fast forward to this year, when we finally watched Across the Spider-Verse, and it confirms a lot.

Including the part where Mile’s story wasn’t supposed to go the way it did. The spider that bit him wasn’t from his universe, and Peter was never supposed to die either. Though, that blame goes to Kingpin, not Miles. He is, after all, just the cause of the multiverse anomaly by creating a rift within. Creating a domino effect that can have scary consequences on the multiverse as we know it.  

Spiderman - Beyond The Spider-Verse - Miles - Deshi Geek
Spiderman – Beyond The Spider-Verse – Miles – Deshi Geek

Beyond The Spider-Verse: Higher Stakes

Now, I get that rooting for Miles is the easiest thing to do. But the issue is far bigger in the grand scheme of things. In fact, in a way, if things keep going as badly as they do, it could even end up destroying the entire Marvel universe as we know it in ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse’. Miguel has revealed that he tried replacing his dead counterpart, but what ended up happening was that the universe he was in later started to disappear and eventually fade out of existence. This was also showcased in one episode of the What If episode about a Dr. Strange from another Earth.

Because of this trauma, he vowed to never let it happen again. Now he sees Miles as a potential threat, and with the Spider society created to avert this disaster, Miles has no choice but to leave through his canon event in Beyond The Spider-Verse. Which is his dad sacrificing himself to save someone. Miles had already lost his uncle and his Earth’s Peter Parker, he wasn’t willing to go down easily.

There’s irrefutable evidence that if one universe’s counterpart stays longer in another one’s, it creates incursion. As demonstrated in Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness, this basically warps and slowly destroys that universe entirely, leaving nothing but decay and the absence of life. Even if it seems complicated, it’s relatively simple enough to get because it perfectly explains the cause and effect. This was a year before Across the Spider-Verse came out. Again, where does that put Miles in Beyond The Spider-Verse?


Beyond The Spider-Verse: New Resolve

With Miguel’s flawed perception of the canon events, and how they need to be enforced to every Spiderman character as a way that things work in the world, Miles has already established that he is too many cuts above that rule. And I guess we’ll get to see that in Beyond The Spider-Verse when he faces off with the prowler again. This time, the other him and his uncle from Earth-42.

There was a leak of a test shot of both escaping a bank heist, smoothly pulling some moves while working as a fine dynamic. Their relationship as uncle and nephew strengthened after this earth Miles went through his “canon event” which was the death of the chief of police. Tragically enough, the same kind of connection can be made in Amazing Spiderman, where in both films, the chief of police dies, and the love of his life. That Peter’s story was left unresolved.

I’d say this multiverse was seemingly left in limbo, kind of like this one, and even if the other Miles is the new prowler, there comes to mind that he isn’t exactly the villain of the story and that he would get some resolution now that the anomaly Miles is there. I have a feeling that they’ll both work together to take down Spots in Beyond The Spider-Verse. Would this change anything regarding the multiverse schism for good though?

I guess we’ll have to find that out since Sony, Lord & Miller along with the writers figure out how to pull an ending that brings a new resolve to Mile’s continuity in the foreseeable future.  Honestly, this whole thing is headache-inducing, even if there’s fun to be had. Way too many connections to make, and things to tie over, but in the end, Spiderman finds a way to prevail over it all. I anticipate only the best from them in Beyond The Spider-Verse, considering how high the bar they’ve raised from the two films already.


Video games aficionado, movie geek, and a bit of fictional reading at times keeps me quite distracted, not even if the end of the world is near will I stop.

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