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Attack on Titan: The 10-year-long epic and emotional roller-coaster ride reaches its stop on November 4, 2023.

The Finale followed the original manga story ending by Hajime Isayama but with additional changes that made the story more meaningful.

Mixed reactions from fans but much appreciated because the slight minor changes that boosted the ending. Hajime Isayama is also getting praised for completing his masterpiece superbly, Attack on Titan.

The time has come to say last goodbye to one of the most popular anime, Attack on Titan. Yes, the anime has ended by delivering its super hyped finale on November 4, 2023, and it’s now the talk of the town news for anime enthusiasts. There are going to be major spoilers, so a big SPOILER WARNING for the readers.


Attack On Titan: Free Will Vs Fate

Attack on Titan reflects the outcome of the long-oppression of innocent lives which could backfire with a bigger force, that is Eren Yeager in this anime. The man who started his journey as the hero nobody imagined he would be and met his fate as a villain that no one can ever forget.

All of the things that happened with the Eldians, with Eren, pushed him to be evil, Attack on Titan is the perfect example of how righteousness can also give birth to wrong. In the middle of this, Eren was unable to live a normal life which he always wanted to have, but failed to fulfill his goals.

Attack on Titan is the perfect example of what a human can turn into in its darkest. There was no other way for him to change things. According to Eren, he tried to change things with a better ending for all but failed every single time and was forced to opt for the destiny waiting for him and paid the price.

Attack On Titan Final Episode - Eren Titan - Deshi Geek
Attack On Titan Final Episode – Eren Titan – Deshi Geek

Rumbling And The Final Battle

The finale episode begins absolutely from where it left off in ‘The Special 2’ episode. The unstoppable rumbling was seen crushing and moving forward and thousands of lives were meeting their ends under the feet of massive colossal titans. To stop this rumbling only way was to kill Eren and his friends were forced to get ready for it. Mikasa, Levi, Armin and the squad jumped to the massive skeleton titan but faced hundreds of resisting ‘Nine Titans’ from the past who were getting revived by the power of Ymir.

Later on, Jean alongside the team with the helping titans of their comrades finally managed to severe Eren’s massive head but the creature called ‘Life’ got out and headed towards Eren’s head which was the main reason for the existence of titans from the beginning. Armin successfully managed to make a huge blast onsite with his colossal titan, but still, the creature survived.

The scenes move further where we see Eren blasting to reform as a colossal titan and Armin’s colossal titan and Eren’s colossal titan clashed in their final fight which was ended by Eren’s beloved Mikasa Ackerman. The scene was so heartbreaking for everyone who watched this anime and yet the boy who sought freedom meets his end by the hand of his love of life.

Attack on Titan | Shinzou wo Sasageyo

Attack On Titan: Manga Vs Anime

The anime accurately followed its original storyline and Hajime Isayama was brave enough to stand to his original ending which he always intended to write. But he added some minor changes to the conversation between Eren and Armin which took place in the paths.

The manga portrayed Eren as someone who believed that the only solution to Eldia’s problems was genocide. However, in anime, he later realizes his mistake and calls himself an idiot for his previous actions. This change in the script made a significant change as Hajime Isayama was getting massive backlash and was getting Armin, Eren’s best friend, not approve of his actions and instead criticized his immaturity and narrow-mindedness.

Although Armin empathized with Eren’s motivations, he believed that Eren had gone too far and couldn’t be redeemed. Nevertheless, Armin was grateful to Eren for inspiring him and the Eldians to dream of a world beyond the walls. Before waking up, Armin promised to support Eren and help him deal with his guilt, pain, and responsibility. He also vowed to be reunited with Eren in the afterlife.

In the anime, the survivors contributed to relief efforts. Levi entertained the kids, Gabi and Falco planted trees, and Yelena assisted in delivering aid. Interestingly, in the manga, Levi, Gabi, Falco, and Onyakopon go on a world tour as tourists, but Yelena’s ultimate fate remains unknown after her last appearance aboard Kiyomi Azumabito’s lifeboat.

Attack On Titan Final Episode - Eren & Mikasa - Deshi Geek
Attack On Titan Final Episode – Eren & Mikasa – Deshi Geek

Mikasa The Chosen One?

Eren told in a conversation with Armin that Ymir chose Mikasa to end her suffering, she was the only way but Eren didn’t know how she was. Fans are assuming that Mikasa and Ymir both had unrequited love for their partners. Ymir always wanted to preach freedom and she sought it; it could easily be realized by the scene when she freed the pigs. But King Fritz stopped her yearning for freedom and she always wanted to be free from suffering. In a scene, it could also be seen that King was killed, and she sided with her kids and got the freedom she wanted, but she failed to get that.

That’s why the whole point of rumbling which was initiated by her was to get to the end where Eren would meet his end at the hands of his love. Ymir wanted to do so herself but wasn’t strong like Mikasa who killed Eren, even so, it was so difficult for her too. And Ymir was free from the curse once and for all after all these years. But the main difference between Ymir and Mikasa, even though they had connections was that Ymir sacrificed the world for her love but Mikasa sacrificed her love for the world.

Ending and Epilogue | Attack On Titan

End Of Attack On Titan

And this includes the end of our beloved show, Attack on Titan. It’s been a wonderful journey through all these years for us. There isn’t going to be any Season 5, Attack on Titan saga ends with the sad feeling in our hearts but full of good and painful memories that were gained through this series when we were also growing old with this fantastic anime. Let’s take a moment to thank Hajime Isayama for his masterpiece and MAPPA for making it into a reality where we were able to see the end of this saga with a mind-blowing animation work with details.

And to all of you, this marks the end of this amazing emotional rollercoaster ride guys. Though the series has come to an end, the characters will live on in our hearts always. Thank you, scouts. Shinzou wo Sasageyo!


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