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Blue Lock, the not-so-typical sports anime thrilled us as much as FIFA World Cup 2022 if not more. From starting just before the World Cup to episodes being released even after the World Cup, this anime remained the most hyped sports anime which both millennials and Gen Z equally enjoyed.

However, it is not the same wholesome sports anime plot that we find in popular shows like Haikyuu or Kuroko no Basket. The characters are being trained to be egoists and ruthlessly selfish when it comes to kicking their powerful shots. The breathtaking moments we find are purely their passion for being the best version of themselves individually while pulling their partner’s leg in the process.

Blue Lock also shows every possible way a human can react if dragged to their last straw with their backs against the wall. The sandbox-type cushioned support is definitely absent. The players try new ways constantly, learn, adapt or even copy and surpass both their enemy and their own teammates.

You might be wondering why these characters are struggling so as if their lives are on the line. Because from what we can find, not only do their careers as footballers especially strikers on the line but good food is too. Yes, they get served according to their performance, a very capitalistic story like the society we are living in.

Blue Lock - Isagi Yoichi
Blue Lock – Isagi Yoichi

Blue Lock Knowhow

Blue Lock is a Japanese manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, the same person behind the famous movie and live-action As the Gods Will. It was illustrated by Yusuke Nomura who was also behind the ending illustrations in Attack on Titan. Blue Lock has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since August 2018, with 23 volumes released as of March 2023.

An anime adaptation produced by Eight Bit aired from October 2022 to March 2023 with a second season and an anime film adaptation has already been announced. Shockingly, by March 2023, the manga had over 24 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. In 2021, Blue Lock won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category.

Simple Yet Catchy Like Reality Show

The plot does not only revolve around Yoichi Isagi. Thus, we get good screen time for all characters present in the show. This strategic narration style makes the anime more like a reality show where we root for our favorites to be selected till the final showdown.

Why did it start off with a competition? Well, it seems they have no time to waste because the Japanese national team just finished 16th in the FIFA World Cup and the Japan Football Association hired the football enigma Ego Jinpachi to guide players to victory. His master plan to lead Japan to stardom is the Blue Lock training regimen, designed to create the world’s greatest egotist striker.

Those who fail Blue Lock will never be permitted to represent any Japanese team or play in official tournaments. Yoichi Isagi is a high school football player who was invited to the regimen like others but he seems to be facing conflicts about his playing style and abilities. He decides to join the program in order to become the best egotistical striker in the world.

Blue Lock Trailer

Attractions Of Blue Lock

Blue Lock has fantastic character development and storytelling. While watching the anime we feel like we know the characters so well that the intensity rises when we see them pitted against each other in fierce contests. It’s just like watching any football game where the players are very close to our hearts and known to the core, enhancing our thrill and joy in their victory and grieving in their loss.

Blue Lock is also very unpredictable in certain cases, making our interest in the anime still fresh with excitement. The diversity in the characters brings out fan favorites and keeps us engaged in a competitive mood. The funny part is how the protagonist becomes the last person to be popular because of the existence of characters like Rin Itoshi the ace and the adorably crazy Meguru Bachira with their talents in spatial area knowledge and dribbling respectively.

The story also develops quite rapidly which makes it an anime with no waiting time or delay to get into. There aren’t even filler episodes but rather very tiny flashbacks showing just the important parts of the character’s life that highlights the players’ background and will to play.

The anime introduces living and breathing international football legends where players like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar Jr were featured in the opening song and a few players with similar recognizable names in the U20[Under 20] match against World Five in Blue Lock.

Blue Lock has two sick openings that almost give us the same energy as Noragami’s catchy and dope openings which were everyone’s cup of tea followed by soft melodious endings to meet those fans’ demand who are into subtle music with soothing lyrics that bring mental harmony.

There is comedy, there is rivalry turning into friendship, there is despair and there is anticipation. All of which we find in our lives making Blue Lock very close to our mentality and understanding. Therefore, this is how Blue Lock is wholesome and a great ride to be on.

Blue Lock - Team Z
Blue Lock – Team Z

Some Cons You Need To Know

Blue Lock did not limit itself to simple football like other sports anime but rather it had a mix of supernatural elements like that of Beyblade. In the episodes, we find them suddenly being powered up by the thought of scoring but also claiming to have a monster that we visually see as the audience that guides them to score their goal. We cannot fully tell if we expect to also see them in the next releases however, it was the only thing anime fans were bumped about.

The manga readers of Blue Lock share another issue where the players seem to be becoming overpowered in a short time, but so far, the anime has had no such issue since the counter players or the opponents were equally powerful if not better as per their levels and position as players of different national teams.

My Remarks On The Anime

Blue Lock is a rather addictive anime where every single contest mattered because of the playing style and strategies. It showed both the sweet and ugly side of a team game which not many of us think about or consider. It doesn’t have to be necessarily an anime only for football lovers but an anime to be enjoyed regardless of the interest in sports because it has a good story and wonderful characters to look at while learning what they preach.

A rival or enemy doesn’t feel like an opponent until they set foot on the pitch while peers are seen to backstab, very realistic situations based on the fact they are taught to be egoists creating a space to understand both sides before any sort of judgement.

As the saying goes darkness is necessary to understand the importance of light, I feel like this anime does teach how to deal with life and is quite necessary to create a tolerance in ourselves to understand the depth of all trivial issues we may face. That being said it is just an amazing anime to enjoy!

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