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Swordsmith Village Arc of Demon Slayer is out in theatres and it is already causing sparks to fly. The feature-length screenplay is sweeping the globe announcing its popularity. So, to be precise, Ufotable delivers yet another visual masterpiece since Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba: Entertainment District Arc.

About Swordsmith Village Arc

Now, I’m gonna be absolutely honest. It’s not my first time, watching Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba: Swordsmith Village Arc. I have watched it before in Star Cineplex, and back then, I was disappointed because I had to rewatch the final battle in the first half of the screening, and they didn’t even bother to edit out the end credits either. Like, it was made by someone who just began to learn video editing and all he did was stitch all the episodes together.

That shock of not properly extinguishing my thirst for expectations slightly ruined my experience of viewing the anime when it finally was shown on-screen. I was so disappointed that I went on to tell people I know, ‘You’re better off waiting for the series itself to be aired and watching it from there on!’.

Suddenly the thought of giving it another shot enveloped me as I am a fan of the franchise. I re-watched it, got a better understanding and came to this conclusion, ‘Swordsmith Village Arc will blow out any competition into SMITHEREENS!’.

I have another thing to confess! I have read the manga previously. And in my opinion, the Swordsmith Village in the Manga was one of the most confusing arcs I had read ever as the fight sequences were so conflictingly complicated, that I not only forgot the names of the Demons that were presented as Antagonists but also forgot their abilities as I just skimmed through the chapters.

But that’s where Ufotable comes in. They take the most complex part of the arc, decipher it and spectacularly present it to us in such a visually enchanting way that we can’t help but prefer the Anime over the Manga. But I still stand by my statement that Kimetsu no Yaiba by Koyoharu Gotoge is a Masterpiece as it mastered the art of “Beauty in Simplicity.” But we’re not here to talk about the Manga, we’re here to talk about the Anime.

Demon Slayer - Swordsmith Village Arc
Demon Slayer – Swordsmith Village Arc

What Swordsmith Village Arc Did Better

Although it’s the first episode and of only 49 and half minutes (not one hour, but I’ll forgive that), the episode itself delivered more than what it initially promised with more yet to come. Ufotable never disappoints with their animation. They make background sceneries look like Oil Paintings, and they have outdone themselves with the animation for sword-making crafts displayed in the Swordsmith Village Arc. The uniquely attractive way they present the hot iron that is being struck with a hammer to give shape to the swords used by the Demon Slayer Corps, gives the term, “Strike while the Iron is Hot,” a new meaning.

One of the pet peeves I had regarding the Manga was that I did not find Muzan that much intimidating. And I stood by that fact till Entertainment District Arc. But the first episode managed to make me fear Muzan a little bit and made me more aware of the Upper Moon threat. Douma was funny, Akaza deserves better and I hate Kokushibo. Then there is Gyokko and Hantegu who have yet to display their prowess in the Swordsmith Village Arc. And let’s move on to the main characters.

Demon Slayer – Swordsmith Village Arc

The Old and New Casts

Despite what other online news portals said, Inosuke and Zenitsu got enough screen time to better explain why they will be absent throughout the entire arc. Heck, Inosuke got more screen time than Zenitsu and he deserved it. As always, Tanjiro is a sweetheart, and Kodomo-Nezuko is always Kawaii. And yes, judging from the opening, we may get to see Full-Demon Nezuko with her “Bombs” on display. And speaking of the opening, it’s such a Banger that I will not skip it throughout the arc. And that’s a FACT!

Now, let’s get back to the topic, other than the original and recurring casts; we get to see some new characters on-screen. First and foremost, we have the Voluptuous Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji who at first glance, may seem like an overly-optimistic Glutton with a 4-dimensional Body, but let me tell you this, you are in for a treat, and I don’t just mean the animation of the final panel of Demon Slayer Chapter 100 animated in the show.

Next is the mysterious and weird Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito. Trust me when I say this, you’ll come to love this guy, even if he is a bit weird. And finally, we have Genya Sinazugawa. Love him or hate him, trust me don’t misjudge him. He is a sweetheart and you’ll come to know that soon. (And if you haven’t seen the opening yet) He will bring something new to the world of Demon Slayer as we get to see him in action.

My Personal Opinion

The only disappointment I have with the first episode is that I just wish there was more to see. I mean, it left me wanting more. But I guess I have to wait for the next episode to air, which is to be released on April 16, 2023, as I write this review.

Many people call this show overrated, some call it Mid. But for me, Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba, is a Masterpiece of Anime that outshines itself with each entry. From the first season to Mugen Train Arc to Entertainment District Arc to the now, newly released Swordsmith Village Arc.

And yes, it may be too soon to judge as only one episode got released, but I believe this season of Demon Slayer will shatter many records, claim many awards and will be the top contender for Anime of the Year Awards 2023. Mark my words, as that’s a fact and you know it too! For more news and reviews visit Deshi Geek!



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