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If everything goes well and we don’t get any delayed messages from the studio, Eren Yeager’s epic journey is approaching the end as Attack on Titan Special 2 is set for Fall 2023.  After the epic and emotional hour-long special-1 episode won the hearts of thousands of followers of this anime, Fans are buckling up their belts as just a few chapters remain for the Attack on Titan anime to get covered.

Possible Release Date For Attack On Titan Special 2

We are still determining the actual release date for the last episode, but several rumors suggest that we can watch Attack on Titan Special 2 in late October or November. We received a new teaser shortly after the first episode of the final season, part 3, aired. It depicted a bizarre vision and featured Eren’s voice narrating. The preview concludes here, hyping fans for the show’s grand climax.

Is Attack On Titan Special 2 The End Of The Series?

Some ask if this is the end of AOT as we get closer to the release of Attack on Titan Special 2 or if they will release a new season soon after Special 2. However, we can state that this will be the end of AOT for all of them. Eren’s voyage will end because there aren’t enough manga source materials left to be animated.

People are heartbroken that the popular series is ending but excited knowing they’re about to finish something special; previously released Attack on Titan special 1 of the final season part 3 covered manga chapters 131-134. We have only five chapters away from the end, as the remaining content is going to be covered in Attack on Titan Special 2.

This implies that we’re going to get another hour-long episode. To put things in perspective, the first season of Attack on Titan Final Season covered the 91st to 116th chapters of the manga, requiring 16 episodes. Final Season Part 2 covered chapters 117–130 over the course of 12 episodes. Chapters 131–134 were modified for Final Chapters Special 1.

Attack On Titan Special 2
Attack On Titan Special 2

The Happenings Thus Far

Attack on Titan anime takes place when Eren Yaeger and his friends and family live on Paradis Island, surrounded by walls that protect them from man-eating Titans. They believe they are the only humans surviving. One day, unique intelligent Titans, identified as Colossal Titans and Armored Titans, manage to breach the walls. The sudden strike disturbs the security inside the walls as Titans attack humans, Eren’s mother is eaten, and his revenge-seeking story begins.

Fast forward to the latest episodes, Eren learns about many secrets that leave him in shock. He discovers that humanity lives outside the walls. They think the people of Paradis Island are their enemies and refer to them as the ‘Devils of Paradis’ and want them to be eradicated. To save his beloved people, Eren was forced to make a bold choice which was to take an aggressive role instead of defensive action.

Eren attacked the Marley land when they were gathered to declare war against the ‘Devils of Paradis’ and conquered War Hammer Titan. Zeke, Eren, and the Survey Corps take an airship back to Paradis, but on the route, Eren’s buddy Sasha is slain by Gabi Braun, Reiner’s cousin and a Warrior candidate who stowed away with Falco Grice.

After a long run of events, The Warriors and Marley’s troops ambush Eren and the Yeagerists while holding the soldiers in Shiganshina. Despite Marley’s efforts, Eren and Zeke connect and come face to face in a transcendental dimension controlled by Ymir Fritz. Zeke tries to convince Eren to sterilize the Eldian race as initially intended.

Still, Eren renounces his loyalty to Zeke and releases the wall Titans to wipe out all life outside of Paradis to safeguard it. This begins the Rumbling, which leads the story to Attack on Titan: Final Season Special 1.  You can take a quick look at the Special 1 review as a warm-up for the upcoming Attack on Titan Special 2 by going through the article.

Attack On Titan Special 2 Teaser

Attack on Titan Special 2 Expectations

Many fans were waiting for Attack on Titan Special 2 following the release of Special 1, actually, the remaining story to be precise. Many didn’t know that Part 3 was divided into two special episodes. Some rumors were also heard that it could premiere as a movie. But it is known to be released as an hour-long episode or could be longer. There could be more anime original scenes throughout the episode, giving extra meaningful depth to the series.

In the last part, we see that Commander Hange sacrificed herself for the corps, and now the responsibility is on Armin’s head. In the previous scene, it was clear that Armin was desperate to talk to Eren and have a peaceful negotiation in order to stop the rumbling, but he’s also aware that Eren is currently out of his mind. Now time will tell where the story will take us from this point on.

We could get a new opening theme song and a new ending song for the final episode. Attack on Titan always delivered quality music that went well with the dark somber theme. The previously released opening song from SiM, ‘The Rumbling,’ was an absolute masterpiece. SiM continued their quality and delivered another piece for the Attack on Titan Special 1 ending named ‘UNDER THE TREE,’ which made fans more excited for the upcoming ending.

Attack on Titan anime always followed its source material Hajime Isayama’s original Attack on Titan manga series. But the controversy after the completion of the manga created a demand to rewrite some points in the upcoming events. If that happens, we could get a new twist in the story and more Anime-Original new events, but nothing is sure for now. But chances are not high as there’s also strong support for the original ending of the manga.

The level of detail and flourish in studio MAPPA’s work is awe-inspiring. They’re taking the anime to new heights with their animation. It may take a while for them to finish everything, but I do not doubt that the final product will be stunning. So, Deshi Geek readers, get your hopes up for another breathtaking ride albeit the final one!


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