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Dead Boy Detectives - Cover - Deshi Geek

Dead Boy Detectives 2024 The Brills Series Netflix Mustn’t Cancel

When Netflix first announced that they were going to make a series about Dead Boy Detectives and then released the

Jenna Ortega - Cover - Deshi Geek

New Battle Of Jenna Ortega Films

Two Jenna Ortega projects are gaining traction and causing some much-needed drama recently. Now that SAG-AFTRA and WGA have reached

Barbie 2023 - Deshi Geek

Barbie 2023 The Pink Epic That Flicked Off All The Wrong People

Don’t worry, this review doesn’t contain any spoilers! So, you can go watch the Barbie film in theaters after reading

The Boys Season 4 - Deshi Geek

The Boys Season 4, Radiant Return  

The Boys Season 4 is coming in 2023?! Although nothing has been officially announced yet, we don’t have to wait

Loke Bole - Deshi Geek

Loke Bole! Goosebumping New Episode

News Flash! I STILL FEEL STUFF! And It’s Loke Bole!!! Before blabbering about the show, I want to ask you,

Mishti Kichu - Deshi Geek

Mishti Kichu: Sweet Horror Episode 2

Have you ever wondered, what if you met a jinn? How’d that be? Read more about this series Pett Kata

Pet Kata Shaw - Deshi Geek

Pet Kata Shaw: Not An Expected Horror

Pet Kata Shaw… BRUH…!! That is it. After watching the first episode of the new Chorki show “Pet Kata Shaw”,