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News Flash! I STILL FEEL STUFF! And It’s Loke Bole!!!

Before blabbering about the show, I want to ask you, how do you feel when your mom gets upset and expects something ominous after breaking a glass, or your cousin urges you to slap him again because apparently he won’t get married if slapped only once? Seems pointless, doesn’t it?

These are just superstitions, am I right?

What if they’re not just superstitions and might have some *gulps* background to them? You might think that’s got to be stupid, superstitions aren’t real, but the episode “Loke Bole” says otherwise.

Loke Bole Knowhow

“Loke Bole” is directed by Nuhash Humayun, and produced by Redoan Rony. The story is by Nuhash Humayun, with association from Aftab Ahmad in writing. It is part of the Chorki Original Series ‘Pett Kata Shaw’.

Morshed Mishu, Syeda Taslima Hossain Nodi, and Pronoy Deb Ucchas starred as the main characters in the story, along with Geetasree Choudhury and Toufikul Emon.

So this casting was a bit unique to me because while I’ve seen Geetasree Choudhury and Toufikul Emon on screen before, this is my first introduction to the main characters.

However, Morshed Mishu and Taslima Hossain Nodi aren’t entirely new faces in the media. Many of you already know Morshed Mishu as this amazing cartoonist and illustrator he is, and Taslima Hossain Nodi has done a significant amount of voice work and acting for various channels.

Before jumping to the review, if you want to explore the reviews for the previous episodes, check out the articles on the first episode and the second episode.

Loke Bole Teaser

Loke Ki Bole? What Are They Saying?

So the story of Loke Bole starts with two young people, a couple, exploring a field on a foggy morning, hinting toward them being on an excursion in a rural area. They be exploring the natural surrounding and the habitat. Meanwhile, a text notification changes the whole vibe of their trip, making the girl (Taslima Hossain Nodi) furious at her partner (Morshed Mishu) for allegedly cheating on her.

And our main story starts from there. While crossing a river (Or a canal?) on foot, they see a trail of smoke in the distance.

My Take On The Characters

I liked our main characters, especially Nodi. She has this charm about her that I, as an audience, couldn’t resist, and she speaks beautifully with a pleasant articulation of words. I could watch her speak and frown or smile all day.

And as a debut actor, Mishu did splendidly as well. Although his contribution to the plot was very brief, still his style seemed genuine, which is what I liked about the characters. They felt like a breath of fresh air and carried the story beautifully.

Geetasree’s character is supposed to be a tad bit creepy, and I did feel uncomfortable. So that’s a thumbs up from me. Toufikul Emon’s presence is too brief to have an impact.

The young boy, the third main character, was a decent casting choice for the part he played in the story.

Ami Boli – My Take On The Episode

With this episode named Loke Bole, Nuhash finally succeeded in tickling our chilly bones. The setup was fantastic, the story was engaging, and nothing to say about the background score; Nuhash knows his sounds.

It was the same amount of intriguing and thrilling. While I was curious to know where this was going, I had no idea what to expect, and what I got at the end was something I’d have never assumed. That felt great, a new story with all new, unexpected materials.

The plot twists were actually twisted. I didn’t see any of them coming.

This time, the myth that was on focus was the superstitions we regularly hear in our lives. As a person who doesn’t believe every superstition they hear and sometimes finds them utterly ridiculous, yet still does wonder if there’s some truth to it (I’m a believer, sorry), “Loke Bole” really hit close to home for me horror-wise.

With this episode, Nuhash went a bit controversial and dark. A Bangladeshi story that’s thrilling and suitably dark without cliche failed tropes? SIGN ME UP!

And although the genre on Chorki says ‘Psychological Horror’ now, this episode explored a lot more than just that. This is an episode that you can show someone and may successfully blackmail them for life with the fear of superstitions; although that’s STRONGLY NOT SUGGESTED, NEITHER RECOMMENDED, I’M JUST TRYING TO MAKE A POINT!

On the surface, this eerie story has these unnatural spooky elements. Still, as it goes deep, it’s actually a graphic depiction of human cruelty and our nature as social creatures. Yes, while it’s scary, it’s even sadder, more tragic, and accurate, unlike superstitions.

Loke Bole
Loke Bole


I shrieked, squeaked, jumped at some points, and literally freaked out in the end, something that I can’t say about my experiences with the previous two episodes. So, hands down, “Loke Bole” is the best episode for me so far.

The location was really lovely (I have to go there someday after finding the name), and so was the story. The tension between the characters was relatable, and their dialogues again proved Nuhash knows his audiences. He delivered creepiness where required, and the visuals were commendable; they will definitely make you feel the way you should. I want to thank the editor for the proper use of jumpcuts.

Overall, I enjoyed the ‘journey’ with this episode, and unlike Morshed Mishu’s character, in the end, I actually……. Not going to tell you; watch and decode the rest of my unfinished sentence.

I will rate this 8.5 out of 10.


Nafisa Maliyat loves writing and everything unpleasant, ranging from horror movies to Dhaka on a busy day. The plot twist is, she's not from Dhaka. And young Noam Chomsky is the reason she still feels motivated to study Linguistics, the discipline she's majoring in.

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