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AnimeCon Dhaka 2022: Mirai to be held in JFP, not ICCB?! Let’s dive into AnimeCon and see what we can unearth. And, let’s discuss if the rumours flying around are indeed true!

AnimeCon Dhaka

AnimeCon Dhaka


AnimeCon Dhaka is a festival to promote Japanese anime/manga culture in Bangladesh. The event bears some similarities with the ‘Summer Matsuri’ festivals that take place in Japanese cities and towns every year. AnimeCon Dhaka, similar to these festivals, hosts several merchandise and food stalls where attendees can purchase anime-related goods and enjoy Japanese food. The difference here from the festivals in Japan is that ACD only focuses on anime/manga based stuff.

As we know, the ‘Summer Matsuri’ festivals have performances as unique attractions. Fireworks and Traditional dance are the two most notable ones. As for AnimeCon, things are a bit different. The performances focus on promoting the anime culture while catering to the taste of the native people. 


AnimeCon started as a small event with the goal of promoting Japanese anime culture in the country. Individual Facebook groups consisting of members with a shared love for anime and pop culture would often meet. The meets were mainly to socialize, share, and exchange their passion for pop culture and anime. As the groups grew in popularity, so did the size and frequency of the meets. One meeting every month turned into four meets a month. Around this time, popular culture conventions like JCC Comic-Con and Dhaka Comic-Con kicked off. And, people started wondering when an actual AnimeCon would be held in our city of Dhaka. So Oly and Wakil took up the mantle as they decided to host the first anime focused convention.

Groups responsible for these anime meets were popular, and both Oly and Wakil were admins of two individual groups. After consulting with the top 10 most popular groups for anime in Bangladesh, they decided to take to the field. This happening was back in 2014. Their first step in the plan was to host a more significant event in Banani at Shalimar Garden. An event with some cosplay, quizzes, and art competitions was held, and they could proudly say this was the first step to AnimeCon Dhaka.

Past Events

The first AnimeCon Dhaka took place in Al-Fuad Community Center in Mirpur, a one-day event, back in 2016, with a total attendance of 1500 people approximately. The event included cosplay, dance performances, quizzes, and a small booth with goldfish. People could participate in trying to fish out the goldfish, and if they could, they could keep the fish as a prize. This particular attraction was AnimeCon’s nod to the highly popular and globally recognised ‘Midsummer Festival’ or ‘Matsuri’ attraction. This happening is highlighted in most typical anime shows. And that is why Gold Fish Scooping became an integral part of AnimeCon.

One year later, in 2017, Mirpur Convention Center was the venue for the second event. This convention boasted a total of 3000 attendees. Similar segments like cosplay, dance performances, and quizzes were conducted. There was an art display only this time, and it was marvellous. A menu consisting of Japan’s most famous rice dish Omurice was introduced. Along with goldfish scooping, all these attractions made the event a big hit, and the name AnimeCon was lit. In 2019, the third convention, once again in Mirpur Convention Center, was held. This event reflected the love and support AnimeCon had gotten from the community. Similar attendance numbers were recorded with the second convention, and it became an unannounced declaration of AnimeCon’s overwhelming popularity.

Finally, in 2021 the fourth and most anticipated AnimeCon ever took place on the 19th of November, in Tokyo Square Convention Hall, in Mohammadpur. Named AnimeCon Dhaka 2021: Tokyo Skyline, the theme of this time was Tokyo Revengers. After a year of inevitable waiting, because of the COVID-19 situation, people were too excited about it. However, the event was an utter disappointment. It was simply a disaster. A small venue with low capacity resulted in an overcrowded and unenjoyable festival. Complaints were heard from every corner. Attractions such as goldfish scooping and Japanese food were missing altogether. The organisers have apologised since, but the negative branding could not be quashed. They have vowed to host a better event this year. We have to wait and see what AnimeCon Dhaka 2022: Mirai has in store for us. One small silver lining from the previous year’s event is that the Japanese Ambassador ‘Ito Naoki’ came to support the event and also the screening of ‘My Neighbour Totoro’.

Rumour Mill of AnimeCon Dhaka 2022: Mirai

The organizers have kept us guessing about the venue since the event was announced a couple of months ago. A shortlist was given with BICC, Radisson Blue, and BGB Banquet Hall venues. However, ICCB was announced as the potential venue almost a month ago. This news had the people buzzing.

We are now hearing conflicting reports from our sources. It is possible that the event will not take place at ICCB. We got the news from an insider that the venue is actually going to be JFP (Jamuna Future Park). We cannot confirm this as there is no official announcement from AnimeCon Dhaka yet. But, you can expect the venue to be JFP.


If the venue has actually been changed to JFP, we can expect major changes in the earlier plans provided on the AnimeCon Dhaka Facebook page. What could be the changes?

  • A smaller venue than ICCB but much bigger than the previous year’s Tokyo Square.
  • There is no chance of an expo like professional stalls, but rather standard stall settings like previous events.
  • There will be no Japanese Food as JFP does not allow outside food vendors.

There will be some pros of JFP being the venue actually.

  • Easier and Convenient Transportation for attendees.
  • At a prime location rather than the still backward place that ICCB is located in.
  • JFP has previous experiences of hosting successful pop culture events.

Despite the inevitable changes, this year’s AnimeCon is something definitely to look forward to. Although lack of Japanese Cuisine will surely disappoint the attendees, we hope the organizers can pull off the other attractions properly. Goldfish scooping and Japanese thematic decorations should be a must. Well, let’s see if they can deliver on this end or not; fingers crossed!

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