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The Boys Season 4 is coming in 2023?! Although nothing has been officially announced yet, we don’t have to wait for that now, do we? #HomeFree is trending on the Vought International page, and that’s everything you need to know: The Boys Season 4 is coming.

While making it as subtle yet obvious as possible, the first “unannounced” teaser for The Boys Season 4 was released just a few weeks ago on Amazon Prime pages.

Why Did I Do It? Because It’s The Right Thing To Do!

We’re not unfamiliar with Homelander standing before his reflection and unknowingly regretting his existence, but there was something new this time. In the Amazon Prime clip, a distressed Homelander is shown before a mirror, giving himself some pep talk while preparing to address the public.

Addressing what exactly? Yup, you guessed it, for laser-blasting a Starlight supporter’s head on the spot after he threw a can at Ryan, Homelander’s son. Apparently, “He’s standing trial for ‘murdering’ a man outside of Vought Tower” – in Vought News Network’s journalist Cameron Coleman’s own words.

Actions do come with their consequences it seems. After the season finale of The Boys season 3, many of us were so hung up on Butcher’s failure to have revenge, Black Noir’s tragic end and Maeve silently quitting the superhero life (more power to her), we completely forgot that the ‘big’ reaction Homelander had at the end of the finale, was quite ‘effed’ up.

It’s been proven to us audiences, again and again, throughout all previous seasons, that Homelander is a threat to humanity, as he doesn’t have any ethical parameter whatsoever; but the barrier of maintaining the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ image has always kept Homelander from unleashing his wrath many times.

But that image shattered with Starlight exposing him to her millions of followers, and Homelander not being able to keep his cool after his son got attacked. While we thought the extremity of the situation might die out with Homelander’s fans cheering him out, it looks like it didn’t. And it’s clear from the video teasers in the last couple of weeks, the new season is going to start terribly for Homelander.

The Boys Season 4 Teaser

Vought Believes In Their ‘Greatest Hero’

Vought International Page is always one step ahead when it comes to reminding the world how blessed our lives are for having their superheroes around. And they’re currently more active than ever. Two weeks ago, Amazon Prime gave us an insight into the emotional turmoil Homelander going through after getting into the legal mess. Shortly after, Vought International released two videos in support of the leader of The Seven.

Ashley Barrett, CEO of Vought International, spoke in the first video to showcase Vought’s full support to Homelander, while insisting that his heroic act was being branded as murder. “Make no mistake, Vought and its shareholders stand fully behind Homelander. And this will, in no way, impact his status as the captain of The Seven. We have complete faith in the American legal system to get things right like it always does.”

Then last week, another statement was released from VNN’s top journalist Cameron Coleman, where he expressed his contempt about the situation, and insisted that branding Homelander’s action for defending his son as ‘murder’ was “shamelessly fake”. Cameron also promised that “VNN will be following this story nonstop; with hard-hitting, totally unbiased coverage of this ridiculous witch hunt.”

With two ‘propaganda’ videos from Vought International page back to back in two weeks, you can guess how big of a plot device the trial is going to be in the next series.

#HomeFree Is Canonically Trending

In the diabolical universe of The Boys, Homelander is hated by the haters and cheered by the diehard supporters more than ever while waiting for the big trial. Ashley probably has no hair left on her scalp anymore. Vought is trying to save Homelander’s back with every bit of resource they have.

Social Media is definitely divided as it gets in every single issue, and in their last desperate attempts, Vought has created the #HomeFree hashtag to gain more support in defence of Homelander.

(Gotta love how The Boys always understand the assignment.)

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

The official release date hasn’t been announced yet. However, from their sudden teaser clips, it’s safe to guess that a trailer is being dropped pretty soon. However, with the upcoming release of Gen V in the fall, we don’t expect to see The Boys season 4 on Amazon Prime before winter hits.

But we’re optimistic that the boys are certainly coming back in 2023.

The Boys Season 4
The Boys Season 4

Possible Delay With Writer’s Strike

The only thing that might stop that from the 2023 release of The Boys season 4 happening is the ongoing writer’s strike in Hollywood.

WGA is not quitting before they get what they rightfully deserve, and in solidarity, there’s a possibility of the new season not hitting the screen right away. Although, they wrapped filming in April and May of 2023, this instalment is currently in post-production.

Is Soldier Boy Returning In The Boys Season 4?

Yes, our favorite hottie Jensen Ackles is returning as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 4. How he’ll make his comeback is still unknown, but we’re definitely eager to see Mr Ackles more in action.

Is The Boys Season 4 The Last Season?

Eric Kripke confirmed earlier this year that the show has a lot more to cover after The Boys season 4, so this is not the final season. So, while we don’t know how the season is going to turn out for the boys, Starlight, Victoria Neuman’s daughter, or Vought, we know for sure Homelander is not dying this season.

Is Black Noir alive?

He should be somehow if the creators of the show want to give Homelander a comic-accurate farewell. And after learning the backstory of our silent supe, we feel nothing but sorry for him and would love to see him making a comeback.

However, Homelander gut-punching Black Noir doesn’t leave much hope for a comeback. But we saw how Maeve miraculously survived Soldier Boy’s radiation blast, so we can hope for another miracle perhaps? He was a super, after all.


Since nothing has been officially confirmed yet, everything’s a wild speculation at the moment. We only know from one of Erin Moriarty’s recent interviews that our perspective might change on some of the characters, and from the teaser clips that Homelander has to stand trial for murdering a civilian. Let’s see what measures Vought takes to protect America’s greatest superhero. Relax, he’ll be fine! I mean, look at A-Train!

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