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Snow White 2024 the live-action remake of the famous children’s fairy tale is only a few months away from release. It’s supposed to be joyful news to many. But, apparently falling in love is not acceptable anymore!

This year is wild for Disney‘s live-action remakes. Just when the debate surrounding whether Halle Bailey’s Ariel did justice to the 1989 film started to die down a little, another live-action remake Snow White 2024 stirred up another fresh new controversy.

And to be frank, the live-action version of The Little Mermaid wasn’t even that bad if we don’t take the terrible composition of “Under the Sea”, that terrible song “The Scuttlebutt”, or the CGI at some places done by the underpaid and overworked artists into account. But the new Disney live-action movie set to release next year, the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” remake; now that’s a whole other story.

Oh, I forgot. Although it’s the title of the 1937 film, the iconic animated marvel that started the legendary universe of Disney princesses, that certainly can’t be and is not the title of the new film. It’s not “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” anymore, just “Snow White 2024”.

Which feels pathetic. Given what they have allegedly done to the story and the cast, still calling the movie “Snow White” is a bit too bold, and not in a good way. I feel like many big-name companies are like this nowadays. They think since they have bought the intellectual property copyright, they are entitled to destroy literature. Just look at what Jaaz Multimedia did with MR9 Do or Die.

Snow White 2024 Teaser Trailer

“Snow White 2024”! Really?

When Halle Bailey was revealed to star as live-action Ariel, a lot of people hated the idea because they wanted to see the 2D redhead in human flesh and skin. It’s true that some of the people were unhappy truly from a racist perspective and nothing more, but then again, you can’t actually blame many of the people who could see the blatant lie of the greedy corporate in disguise of inclusivity.

Still, it’s easier to let go of that issue if we focus on the fact that Ariel’s race or complexion has nothing to do with the story. Anybody can be a mermaid, there’s no racial or ethnic discrimination under the sea, and most precisely it’s all fictional.

But the same can’t be said about the “Snow White 2024” remake. Yes, it’s also based on a fairytale that’s completely fiction, but the discussion surrounding the complexion of the protagonist doesn’t come from a place of racial discrimination. It rather derives from the pragmatic accuracy of the source material itself.

The princess in the story is named “Snow White” because of her extremely pale complexion. In the original tale, she’s so pale that only snow seems comparable to the whiteness of the tone.  This comparison is pretty harmless, and it just sets the image for the person we’re reading about. It’s also kind of essential for the story, as a unique comparison like this is what drove the evil queen to be jealous of her in the first place.

But they got rid of that core element while casting for the Title character. “West Side Story” star Rachel Zegler is playing “Snow White” in the new movie, and she, quite doesn’t, look the part. While this statement sounds controversial and racially motivated, it’s not and doesn’t have to be. While Rachel is getting all the hate for not being as pale, it’s not a crime. Our world is diverse and that’s the beauty of it.

Rachel Zegler has beautiful olive skin, and she’s a pretty girl. But in this world full of billions of people, going with her for the character whose name is based on her unique complexion? It’d be a respectful move to cast someone who fits the description.

The tale of Snow White is originally from Germany. While the Grimm brothers added the story to their collection in the nineteenth century, the story is a lot older than the era. It’s thought to have originated somewhere between 1500s and 1600s. There’s also the speculation that the character and her story are inspired by the life of German Countess Margaretha von Waldeck.

Either way, it’s pretty evident that the teen girl reflects the women, the values, and the society of Germany back in that era, and this is how the comparison was influenced. Nothing beneath this was racially motivated or done to imply superiority of one complexion over all the others. On the quite contrary, this is what we’re doing now in the name of diversity. Even Rachel herself is a victim of this awful stunt, although she doesn’t seem or want to realize that.

However, since this simile of the girl being pale as snow is no longer a part of the new princess’s character arc, what even is the point of her name being “Snow White”? It’s pretty ironic that the people behind the remake find the trait of white-as-snow controversial, but they still decided to go with the decision of “remaking” the Disney version anyway.

So, they have strong principles, but just not strong enough to resist the popularity of the original movie and use people’s love for the movie to make some millions? Hence the remake Snow White 2024. Got it!

Snow White 2024 - Rachel Zegler - Deshi Geek
Snow White 2024 – Rachel Zegler – Deshi Geek

Snow White 2024 Loves Diversity Unless It’s A Dwarf

Okay, we believe you, Disney. You intentionally cast a half-Latina actor for ‘Snow White 2024’ (the white really is an eyesore at this point) to ensure diversity. But what about the dwarfs?

Even if we let go of the complexion thing because it’s silly, removing essential key characters of the story like the dwarfs in the name of diversity was an utterly crude thing to do. They claimed they made the choice of replacing the ‘seven dwarfs’ with ‘seven magical creatures’ to prevent harmful stereotypes against little people from surfacing.

This is so painfully pathetic that it’s amazing how blind these people can get sometimes by their own sheer stupidity. In the industry of Hollywood, there’s little to no scope even today for little people to get roles of their choice unless it’s Peter Dinklage. And with the mindless casting and modification of the seven “magical creatures”, they robbed the job of seven more little people who’re struggling in LA on a daily basis.

And what harmful stereotypes? The seven dwarfs in the 1937 version were hardworking individuals with distinctive personalities who were just like everybody else. And everybody loved them for who they were, and how they were around Snow White. Honestly, it seems like sometimes these people just love to create problems for the sake of creating them.

If they really cared for a change that’s not harmful, they could go with the names. Surely some of the dwarf nicknames didn’t stand the test of time. But how this issue was handled is just plain ridiculous. Whatever these magical people are, they’re not key characters in Snow White 2024’s story. And so, one more reason why there’s no point in calling it a “remake” of the 1937 version.

Jenna Ortega Bashes Rachel Zegler Over Snow White 2024 Comments

The Artist Who Doesn’t Respect The Art

Another awful thing about Snow White 2024 is the main lead herself. The way Rachel Zegler has been constantly badmouthing the animated film from 1937 is not a pretty sight. Every time we’ve seen her talking about the source material in any interview until now has been like watching a car crash.

She has claimed she got “scared” by the original movie when she was little and never felt like watching it ever again. And she has expressed how dated and weird the animated version is. She just seemed to never get tired of trashing it just because it doesn’t go with today’s views, which is quite unnecessary for the most part, and sometimes just plain disrespectful in regards to the artistic value of the animated film.

Rachel, sweetheart. Just because you were named after Rachel Green, doesn’t mean you have to act like a complete brat all the time. As an actor, you’re also an artist. So, learn to give respect where it’s due. Otherwise, don’t post enigmatic motivational quotes on social media when people show the same disrespect to you. You’re just getting the taste of the same attitude you showed while talking about the movie that inspired and entertained millions of people over the decades.

Snow White 2024 - Magical Creatures - Deshi Geek
Snow White 2024 – Magical Creatures – Deshi Geek

Romance Is Dead?

For the millionth time, people, love has nothing to do with your paychecks (except for ugly fights among couples about bills)!

Love is love, it’s an emotion that makes our life so beautiful and for many people, worth living. Every story of every age that stood the test of time, is about love one way or another. Romance is one of the most humane things about us. It’s not an issue if you’re ace or aromantic, but many people find happiness in romantic affairs.

For some reason, the modern political left has somehow succeeded in convincing many of us, that love is a weakness. Whether through mass media propaganda or through the entertainment industry. And, Snow White 2024 is a prime example of this so-called empowering movement.

As a woman, it hurts me, how we’re taught these days, that our only value lies in competing with men shoulder to shoulder for positions like assistant to regional manager or CEO to big companies. If not anything that big, something where attending meetings or being able to split the cheque to every last cent is the only way to prove we’re strong and capable of having independent thoughts. And in these indoctrinations, we often forget, every woman is a fighter in some way and there’s no specific scenario for that.

It might not seem like it, but the Snow White from the old Disney movie is just as strong a character as everybody else. She was left alone in the woods, managed to survive and found a shelter for herself. And she was not afraid of the seven pairs of curious eyes when the dwarfs first met her. How’s that not strong?

But in Zegler’s words, and Snow White 2024’s perspective, the animated bubbly Snow White was not capable of being a strong, independent leader. All she did was “fell in love”. And love is a sentiment. Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side. Get it?

Zegler claims that it’s not 1937 anymore, so she (Snow White) is not gonna be saved by the prince, and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love. She (The live-action Snow White) is dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.

Again, Rachel, darling, bless your heart. You have successfully demonized Snow White 2024 to the majority audience and the film is still months away from release.  

Who decided that dreaming about true love and dreaming about becoming a leader are totally exclusive? Girl, you know you can do both, right? Since you’re so uptight about women’s empowerment in today’s age, it’s pathetic that you’re oblivious to the fact that women today can do anything their heart pleases. Shaming girls for wanting to be loved is not very supportive of women.

Gal Gadot, mentor your colleague maybe, instead of feeding her ego with equally blindsided views.

Snow White 2024 – The Nasty Attitude Of Snow White

Baking The Cake, Hating The Recipe, Eating It Too, And Whining While Eating

People behind Snow White 2024 have suggested that they’re getting rid of all the ‘dated’ elements of the original film and creating something that’s on par with time. Hence, the controversial casting and everything else. And then Rachel Zegler says the most obnoxious stuff about the film and how she sees women’s empowerment.

My question is, why?

If you don’t like the original film, why did you need to ‘remake’ it? Nobody forced or asked you to. If it’s so ‘dated’ and you’re getting rid of almost everything from the animated film, why even keep anything at all or still call it a “live-action” remake of the animated film? Why is the lead wearing a costume similar to the animated film? Why did you need to work on this ‘dated’ story anyway?

If you hate so many things about it, why did you get associated with the film in the first place? Why are you piggybacking on the fame of the old film? Why are you still trying to attract audiences referring to the old film?

Snow White 2024 - Gal Gadot - Deshi Geek
Snow White 2024 – Gal Gadot – Deshi Geek

The Original Film’s Director’s Son Is Not Happy

Last week, the son of the original film’s (1937) director addressed the controversy surrounding the remake Snow White 2024. David Hand, 91, called the attempt to bring such radical changes to the story a ‘disgrace’. He doesn’t agree with the creative choices and believes his father or Walt Disney himself wouldn’t agree with those either.

“Quite frankly a bit insulting [what] they may have done with some of these classic films.” That’s what David had to say about what the people behind these remakes have been up to lately. “There’s no respect for what my dad did and what Disney (Walt himself) did. Their thoughts are just so radical now.”

Congrats, whoever is responsible for this mess called Snow White 2024. Looks like everyone is turning their backs on them, and they literally earned it by being this stupid, blind, tone-deaf, arrogant, and disrespectful. (Sorry, I ran out of adjectives)

Snow White 2024 Looks Hilariously Bad

No Respect

We know, that all this talk about diversity, empowerment, and ideology is just a sham. These people don’t care about the story or the storytelling. Heck, they don’t care about anything significant, but they like to preach and feel better about themselves after repeating the words that cater to only a tiny portion of the audience.

They want to make a bank. But they don’t give a flying eff about what most people want to see. It’s pretty stunning and brave of them to fiddle with people’s sentiments like that and then still expect them to buy tickets to watch that distasteful dumpster fire named Snow White 2024.

At least, Disney ain’t getting my money for this one.


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