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Oh my, you must be living under a rock if you don’t know about Oshi no Ko yet. An idol anime like no other, if you think that it’s the same as ‘Love Live!’, then you will be sorely mistaken. Oshi no Ko is the Oyasumi pun of the idol industry. Because with fame comes immense pain and suffering that the idols face with the constraints from the company they work for.

Produced by Aka Akasaka, the creator of the famous Kaguya-sama: Love is War and Shueisha, the anime series got famous enough to make a name like the popular star GD. We know the author shows all types of love and its meaning to each individual in a comedic and in-depth scenario in Kaguya-sama which makes us understand how the thoughts of the author will get great details and care put into it when this gets released.

This anime is like the BTS of the anime world as it climbed up to the top trending number 1 anime in My Anime List. Why wouldn’t it? As Oshi no Ko is an anime that discovers what the idol goes through in his/her day-to-day life. Not all the sweet sides but also people’s dark desires, their selfish nature to not care about others’ reputations, their struggles, and their intense daily activities with a tight schedule that they maintain but also make enough time for their family.

It also showcases the care everyone has for their own family. The mutual respect and kindness towards each other only develop in the workplace when people start understanding one another through shared experiences and emotions. The level of human emotions and desires felt in Oshi no Ko are no less than our normal day-to-day lives.

About Oshi No Ko

Oshi no Ko is about a doctor who shows great affection and love for this one teen idol Ai Hoshino who is 16 and now pregnant with her twins. As if being shocked upon just seeing his idol in person wasn’t enough, now he is responsible for delivering the kids. Little did he know he would die and so would his idol.

Next, we explore how he was reborn as one of the twins named Aquamarine the child his favorite idol, a kid with all his memories of the past and can talk like an adult similar to the characters we see in Boss Baby.  Here the way of the Isekai gets real. We witness his journey as he understands how grim life actually is and starts to hunt his and Ai’s true murderer.

Oshi no Ko Trailer

A Masterpiece?!!

Oshi no Ko has taken the anime world by storm since its television debut as the series has become a must-watch anime for 2023. It’s like the death note of 2023. If you think of the pictures of Oshi no Ko being overly sweet pop idol slice-of-life anime, you would be so wrong! This anime makes you think twice about the rough sides of reality we live in, including the harsh competition and injustice in the idol industry.

The secrets are spilled in such detail that it makes the anime appear something of our own world, the one we’re familiar with and not just another Isekai that only serves us entertainment. Slight details of the eyes are a fascinating representation of dramatic irony as we the audience can tell corruption, fame, and death just by observing the eye. The eyes are not just a genetic thing but something that represents the position and power of people shifting.

Oshi no Ko also has fantastic visuals that will captivate anyone and voices for the different stages of life are impactful to the point of absolute belief when they become a new person which I believe represents how much thought and care is given to the show. At the same time, it got adapted from the manga with virtually no changes made at all. Ones who read manga always can tell which is better, but this is the only anime that did justice to its manga.

The Unique Myriad

Then there is the fact that Oshi no Ko included all brand names in it like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Google etc. that normally get swapped with other made-up names being yet another reason to call this anime unique. Another special announcement is that Oshi no Ko and Kaguya-sama are supposed to be in the same universe and the characters in Kaguya-sama are in their young adult stage in Oshi no Ko.

Both the opening and ending of Oshi no Ko made a statement as well as covers, AMVs even lyrical videos are being made in tons. Karaoke is also there for people who want to sing this semi-rock yet cheerfully composed pop songs filled with lyrics from the famous Yoasobi who we know comes up with songs that are worthy of dancing with cruel dark words. Her unique songs are always the best J-pop people love to listen to any day any time.

Lastly, the fact that the anime had an opening episode covering the length of a movie really makes you interested in it and dive into the depths of the story like no other. You don’t need to watch 5-6 episodes to get the gist of what is happening but only 1 and the first episode is enough!

Oshi no Ko
Oshi no Ko

Immerse Yourself In The Temptation

Oshi no Ko is an enchanting seductress and you’re bound to give in to its temptation. Whether you’re an Isekai geek or a Slice of Life dabbler or even a simp for original human emotions personified on screen by animation, this is the anime for you. Make no mistake as it will take you on a rollercoaster ride of ingenuity mixed with relatable afflictions.

Then again, the glittering lives of idol stars surrounded by betrayals, heartbreaks, and shattered hopes presented as anime is something as alluring as a serving of the most expensive caviar. Oshi no Ko is the dish you will definitely order when you visit the Michelin Star restaurant of your choice. The analogy might seem absurd to many but it is what it is. Grab a pack of chips accompanied by a cold glass of cola and start watching Oshi no Ko now, as this anime is definitely worth your valuable time.

That is enough of my babbling and fangirling over Oshi no Ko. Now, if you’re an avid anime fan and are interested in starting to watch sports titles then definitely check out my review on Blue Lock. You will definitely enjoy it!   


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