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The Flash 2023, starring Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton is set to arrive on June 16, 2023. It is the most hyped DC title of the year. Let us see what the film has to offer and how it may be a turning point in the DCEU.

Who Is The Flash?

The Flash is an iconic superhero of DC comics and a founding member of the Justice Society and Justice League. He is a speedster, with his abilities ranging from super-speed, creating clones of himself by using the after-images of his speed, traveling through time by running faster than the speed of light and more. Apart from the league, he has his own team of speedsters known as the Flash family, consisting of his children, nephew and many other speedsters including Avery Ho (The Flash of China) and Max Mercury. So far, 4 characters have taken over the mantle of the Flash.

They are Jay Garrick (Original Flash and Founding Member of Justice Society of America), Barry Allen (the most iconic Flash and founding member of Justice League of America), Wally West (Nephew of Barry Allen, formerly known as Kid Flash; succeeded his predecessor in terms of speed) and Bart Allen (Grandson of Barry Allen from 30th Century; Traveled back in time to seek his grandfather’s help with his condition; took on the mantle of Impulse, then Kid Flash and later as the Flash for a short tenure).

Apart from that, the Flash has a colorful set of Rogues Gallery consisting of Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang, Trickster etc. Apart from them, each of the Flash versions has its own sets of Reverse Flash: The Rival (Jay Garrick), Professor Zoom (Barry Allen), Zoom (Wally West) and Inertia (Bart Allen); with each of them having a sort of personal connection with each incarnation of the Flash.

The Flash 2023 Trailer

About The Flash Movie

The Flash (2023), starring Ezra Miller will adapt the Flashpoint storyline by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. The plot follows Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) who decides to travel back in time to change a crucial point in his life. That is the death of his mother and his father being convicted for the said crime. Little did he know, his one small action would send a ripple effect throughout the timeline.

According to the Flashpoint Comic, after Barry saves his mother from her unexpected demise, he ends up creating a timeline where he never became the Flash. However, his new timeline didn’t just affect him but also the entire members of the League. Superman crash landed in Metropolis instead of the Kent Farm, leading to him being incarcerated and locked up by the Government. Bruce Wayne dies instead of his parents, leading to his father and mother becoming Batman and Joker respectively. And if that was not enough, Wonder Woman and Aquaman start World War III.

I know, it gets crazy but it gets crazier. The Reverse Flash, Professor Zoom, the person responsible for the murder of Barry’s mom somehow ends up staying existent despite the fact that the sole reason for his existence is dependent on the existence of the Flash. Now he stands between The Flash and his attempts to rectify the timeline.

So far, the role of Barry Allen has been played in Live Action up to 3 times by 3 different actors including Ezra Miller. They are Grant Gustin in the CW The Flash TV-series, which is also a part of the Arrowverse; and by John Wesley Shipp in CBS’s The Flash (1990), who also portrayed the roles of Henry Allen (Barry Allen’s father) and Jay Garrick (Earth-3) in the CW Series. Other than that, the Flashpoint storyline had been adapted twice, in the form of an Animated Movie (Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox) and a TV episode in the Arrowverse show.

Fans are hyped up for The Flash (2023) as it will be the last appearance of Batfleck (Ben Affleck as Batman), and the return of Michael Keaton as Batman since 1992’s Batman Returns. And as much as fans are eager to see Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen alongside Miller once again since their last meeting on Crisis on Infinite Earth (Arrowverse). The former confirmed that he won’t be in the film. The film is slated for release on June 16, 2023. 10 days since I wrote this article.

The Flash 2023
The Flash 2023

My Expectations And Fears

As mentioned, The Flash (2023) will adapt the Flashpoint storyline. Therefore, several changes can be expected. However, the trailer suggests that the changes made to the timeline will be very different compared to what was shown in the comics.

According to the trailer, after Barry changes the timeline, he not only ends up creating a new timeline but also a doppelganger of himself who doesn’t possess any powers. If that was not enough, Ben Affleck’s Batman is replaced with Michael Keaton’s 1989 version of Batman. And it gets crazier as the events of Man of Steel (2013) get retconned with (*wait for it*) Supergirl, (or Woman, IDK). Hopefully, The Flash may end up creating a timeline where BvS does not suck or Snyder was never replaced by Whedon.

All jokes aside, The Flash can be considered a turning point in the DCEU as it involves time travel, something that was introduced in the Snyder Cut version of the Justice League. And we all know something is bound to go wrong when time travel is involved. However, Warner Bros. can prevent that by directing this very event into the right direction, as drama is involved with the DCEU, both on and off-screen.

Wonder Woman, Shazam and Aquaman have been considered the best outings from DCEU after the release of Whedon’s rendition of the Justice League. However, their sequels were not that lucky as Wonder Woman 1984 and Shazam: Fury of The Gods failed to live up to the expectations, and Warner Bros. planned to end Aquaman after the release of its sequel and having Jason Mamoa re-casted as Lobo. Not to mention, DCEU’s other outings (Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey and Black Adam) failing to hold the franchise, it suffices to say that DCEU is in hot waters.

Then there’s the drama involving the lead, Ezra Miller. Since 2022, Miller has been accused of committing various crimes ranging from disorderly conduct, assault and burglary to grooming minors. The actor’s troubling behavior has both the netizens and the audience worried about Warner Bros.’s future and DCEU’s future.

This is where The Flash (2023) can save DCEU by serving as a soft reboot like Terminator: Dark Fate or Halloween (2018). With the inclusion of time travel, Warner Bros. could keep the franchise going while also explaining the recasting of several of the main casts including Batman, Superman and Aquaman and introducing new characters without any hitch. Thankfully, that’s what James Gunn plans to do after his involvement with “The Suicide Squad.” But with Warner Bros.’s track record, I’m still worried for the DCEU.

Before I End…

Whether Warner Bros. does what I have theorized or not, we can expect The Flash (2023) to be the last best outing from the DCEU since Wonder Woman, Shazam and Aquaman. As mentioned before, the movie will be the last entry in Ben Affleck’s resume as Batman since him leaving the franchise in 2017. Then there’s the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman, as it has many fans of his generation excited for his return. Sadly, all other projects involving him were canceled by Warner Bros. Therefore, we won’t see him anywhere in the DCEU after The Flash (2023).

Let us hope that even if The Flash (2023) may be the last film made by DCEU, it can still be a great one. And why wouldn’t it be? It has a great cast, a great storyline, and the potential to save the franchise as a whole. But what about you? What are your expectations for the film? Let me know in the comments below. Also, do check out my other recent news article on Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint!



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