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Each stretch of Ahsoka has been more confounding than the last, to a degree generally reliant upon your interest in Star Wars. In the event that you’re the sort that is somewhere down in it, knowledgeable in the animated series and its suggestions, Ahsoka — while not a decent show — can still feel a good watch. For those that aren’t state-of-the-art on profound Star Wars legend, Ahsoka has been a gradually gathering calamity, with its couple of brilliant spots overpowered by a series so uninterested in engaging the unconverted that it crushed my constant battle to appreciate it.

There have been many mediocre shows of prominent titles recently – The Witcher Season 3, Sex Education Season 4, and Velma to name a few – that it feels as if Ahsoka is a rather peak experience which it is most definitely not. I currently understand what it resembled for Obi-Wan in the pits of Mustafar. Ahsoka should have been the anointed one, the justification for me to tell others, See I wasn’t a dolt for observing every one of those Star Wars kid’s shows; you’d like them. All things considered, I feel like an idiot now.

Assuming that all you realize about the Star Wars establishment is its component films, you probably won’t know who Ahsoka Tano is. In any case, that by itself shouldn’t prevent you from examining her presentation as a main person in Disney+‘s new streaming series, Star Wars: Ahsoka. All you truly need to be aware to hop into the story is that Ahsoka is a strong hero – with TWO lightsabers – gifted enough with the Power to whip fight droids and grab a guide that could possibly prompt a significant antagonist.

Ahsoka | Official Trailer

Ahsoka Premise

The series starts when the Realm has fallen, the incredible Jedi Knights are dead or disbanded and Ahsoka herself is without the lesser accomplice/mentee most Jedi have, called a padawan. Rosario Dawson plays Ahsoka with a steely quiet which befits her status as an accomplished fighter and revolutionary legend – yet can likewise drain the energy from scenes when she’s not battling.

For instance, when she wants to reconnect with a gifted, obstinate warrior named Sabine Wren, who had been on target to turn into her padawan, Ahsoka is emotionless to such an extent that her face and voice are scarcely expressive — even as she concedes lament over the manner in which Wren’s preparation finished. ” In some cases, even the right reasons have some unacceptable results,” Ahsoka concedes toward the finish of one dry scene.

A great deal of backstory, and instances like that feature one major issue for Star Wars: Ahsoka: it attempts to pack the information gathered by many years of world-building books, movies and Network programs into two or three hours of television. Maker Dave Filoni — considered a protégé of Star Wars maker George Lucas and the foundation of the Network programs — can fall into Lucas’ persistent vice of getting too diverted by the world he’s structured to make the story reliably convincing.

Ahsoka - Poster - Deshi Geek
Ahsoka – Poster – Deshi Geek

Ahsoka Is Simply ‘Meh’

The latest space series has great potential with its all-female trio. However, some viewers feel that the show takes for granted the franchise’s interest. Additionally, some fans of the animated Filoni-verse may recognize a few familiar faces in the trailer, such as Sabine Wren, the fearless Mandalorian warrior from “Star Wars: Rebels,” voiced by Natasha Liu Bordizzo.

The opening double bill of the latest Star Wars series introduces us to the new adventures of Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), but unfortunately, the show falls short of expectations. While it tries to capture the same excitement as other successful Star Wars shows like Andor and the early Mandalorian, it falls into the same traps that make some Star Wars content less enjoyable. Instead of prioritizing engaging storytelling, it seems to be so focused on the franchise’s lore that it takes our interest for granted.

While fans of the animated Filoni-verse may appreciate the nods to familiar faces like Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), it’s important to remember that great storytelling should be the driving force behind any successful show. With better writing and a greater emphasis on character development, Ahsoka could still become a thrilling and captivating addition to the Star Wars universe.

Ahsoka | Teaser Trailer

The Scarce Bright Side

Despite the overwhelming disappointments, there are several positive aspects to this series that are worth noting. To begin with, it had a strong start that immediately grabbed my attention. Additionally, the series is designed in such a way that even if you have not followed other movies or series in the sequel, you can still follow along with the story. Moreover, the characters are relatable and easy to connect with, making it easy to keep track of the plot.

Furthermore, the series is not overly complex or challenging to understand, which makes it a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-watch series. Finally, the space shoots, VFX, CGI, and other technical elements were truly impressive and added to the overall viewing experience.  Also, Dawson’s presentation, which is genuinely muffled fully expecting a middle-of-the-season story advancement that sheds a portion of her emotionlessness can be forgiven owing to her commendable overall portrayal.

It’s great to see that Eman Esfandi playing the role of Ezra Bridger in the show. The mural featuring him and the crew of the Ghost was truly impressive and it’s exciting to see what the future holds for the Star Wars Rebels characters. With Ahsoka on the hunt for Thrawn, it’s possible that she’ll stumble upon one of the last Jedi, which could lead to some interesting developments in the show.

Ahsoka - Scene - Deshi Geek
Ahsoka – Scene – Deshi Geek

Bite The Bullet

The fundamental failings of Ahsoka cannot be ignored. They are the kind of flaws that would sink any show, regardless of how visually stunning it may be. Even if a show offers an entertaining fan service, it is not enough to build a successful series around. To expect viewers to return for more, a show must have more substance than flashy visuals.

It is not too much to ask for a show that makes sense. Basic questions like “Would Thrawn have escaped without Ahsoka and Sabine finding him?” should not be left unanswered. As an audience, we deserve better than that. We deserve a well-written, well-acted, and well-choreographed show that respects our intelligence. So let us not settle for mediocrity. Let us demand better because we deserve it.


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