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There is a reason Berserk is R18 rated since the blood, gore, and intercourse sequences are ever more highlighted in the series. However, it is neither a senseless bashing and hacking piece nor a hentai. It is a story of real human emotions with backdrops of fictional history and tolerable fantasy.

The anime portrays the deepest and darkest of human desires. Pride, lust, jealousy, greed, and gluttony connect with traditions, customs, and cultures. Unfair societal rules and regulations are dormant, and religious superstitions are rampant. This anime bares the true human nature, society’s unfairness, and the illogicality of religions for us all to see. Berserk is undoubtedly a classic that is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring!

Berserk Top 10 Moments

You Should Know…

Berserk, the 1997 animated series, is based on the same name manga by award-winning mangaka Miura Kentaro. More specifically, an adaptation of the Black Swordsman arc and the Golden Age arc of Berserk manga was adapted into the show.

The series is licensed by Madman Entertainment, MVM Entertainment, AnimeWorks and is produced by OLM, Inc. It was first broadcasted on Nippon Television in October 1997. Even after shedding plot threads and key characters, the series turned out to be a critical and commercial success.

The manga plotline was mainly kept intact. However, many changes were made to the anime. Some characters were modified, and some characters were entirely eliminated. Even some of the manga’s most violent and brutal scenes and material were ignored, making the run-time relatively short. More emphasis was put on the themes of friendship and ambition rather than those of violence and the otherworldly hints. All these changes were made with the approval of series creator Miura Kentaro.


Pros and Cons of Berserk!

Let’s start with the con, shall we?!

Well, to be honest, back in 1997, the animation quality was not that refined. Graphical issues are easily found here and there as a result. But you see, I say it as a con while it’s actually not. Even though Animation might seem old-school, it is captivating. A 2D Retro style makes the anime all the more appealing. Far better than the newest 3D sequels of the series. Let’s face it, 3D just doesn’t cut it when it comes to anime. As for Berserk, it was given the best anime adaptation ever, which is agreed by many.

Now it’s time for the pros!

Fantastic music is essential for any anime to shine truly. And, Berserk delivers on this front amazingly. Arguably, the most influential music score in the history of anime. Hirasawa Susumu presented us with his best composition works. Every melody, every note, and every tone complemented the somber visuals perfectly. Tracks like Behelit, Guts, and Monster hypnotize the listeners the same as the mermaid singing does.

The biggest strength of the show is in its storytelling. You will be lost in a myriad of violence, emotions, and backdrops. I say lost, yes but lost with an invisible guide steering you through all those tales of the characters involved. Doesn’t make much sense if I describe it like this, does it?! Hahaha… I’m not pulling any legs here tho! Just watch the anime, and you will understand what I tried to say.

Berserk 1997 Trailer

What the Plot is About!

The story follows the life of Guts, a natural warrior who came to life by making his mother into a corpse. A ruthless young mercenary known only for his blood lust is the absolute dark protagonist. He takes on the battlefield as his only reason for living and means of survival. On a daily basis, he puts his life on the line just to make enough to get by. He roams from one blood-shed to the next with no signs of lasting peace.

After the fateful encounter with the Band of the Hawk, a formidable mercenary group, he finally finds a place to belong. Guts is recruited by the charismatic and handsome Griffith, aka the White Hawk. Confidently and quickly climbing the ranks, he eventually becomes the captain of the vanguard troops. Displaying incomparable prowess, he mightily reinforces Griffith’s army. They end up taking Midland by storm.

During the leaders’ thirst for power and the band’s quest for recognition, Guts slowly distances himself realizing that the world is not as simple as he once thought. Set in a fictional medieval era, Berserk is a somber, gruesome tale that reveals one man’s struggle to find the purpose in life while portraying the lust for power of another. It takes us on a ride of the unspeakable and unimaginable tragedy that begins to change the face of destiny.

My Remark on Berserk

Berserk is the darkest of dark fantasies. It is an anime, surely not for the faint-hearted. Even with all the controversial topics, scenes and sequences, it has accumulated numerous fans. And I am one of those who just couldn’t resist the lure of this seductress. Those who have watched it are still awe-struck, and those who haven’t are still ignorant of the thrilling taste of a sublime Dark Fantasy!!! Follow Deshi Geek to read more reviews.



Reading and writing are my muse. Expressing myself through my writing is the purpose of me being here. The hope is to satisfy the readers with my penned pieces!!!

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