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Kimi ni Todoke, otherwise called ‘From Me to You’ is a most touching anime that has prevailed upon individuals everywhere. This transitioning story, composed and drawn by Karuho Shiina, narrates the excursion of Sawako Kuronuma, a calm and misjudged secondary school understudy who yearns to make significant associations with her companions. Kimi ni Todoke has turned into a darling series that interfaces with devotees of any age thanks to its engaging characters, close-to-home story, and subjects of affection, companionship, and self-revelation.

Following 12 years of stalling, the world is going to rejoin with Kimi ni Todoke. The hit sentiment anime is set to get back with another season one year from now, and Netflix just dropped the news. The update comes directly from Netflix as it affirmed Production I.G. is dealing with season 3. The series will get back in the saddle in 2024 just on Netflix, and it will do so with some natural ability. All things considered, the first cast from Kimi ni Todoke is returning for season three including Mamiko Noto and Daisuke Namikawa.

It is without a doubt the year for anime. From One Piece to Bleach to Jujutsu Kaisen, each delivery has been a bankable choice for the decorations. What’s more, no streaming monster is passing on any potential chance to get however many shows on their rundown as could be expected under the circumstances. Furthermore, presently, with Kimi ni Todoke Season 3, the streaming goliath Netflix is preparing for additional benefits after the resounding success with Demon Slayer and Bleach.

Kimi ni Todoke – From Me to You – Vol 1 & 2 – Official Trailer

Kimi Ni Todoke Anime Premise

I never thought I would witness another season of our favorite cute Sadako from the ring. Don’t be confused, Kimi ni Todoke shows just exactly how the girl from the ring can be as cute and gentle as one wishes to be. She’s humble with good ethics and various skills. Like us, she overthinks and keeps away from bothering others, causing a heavy heart that only she can bear.

Still not ringing a bell? Actually, Sadako was the name given to Sawako Kuronuma because of her appearance slender, thin, and very pale with long jet-black hair covering her face most of the time. But the anime is not all about the girl because despite having our main leads Sawako and Kazehaya the side characters Ryu, Chizuru and Yano too had their own stories and developments. What I love about previous anime is their story build-up because you will definitely feel the characters are someone you came to know from your life.

We dive into their past, present thoughts and behaviors and also future development and their learnings. We learn not every bold-looking person is actually rude. Not every cold-behaving person becomes distant, not every popular guy feels welcomed and that can feel terrible but lonely. Not every shy girl keeps suffering but instead stands up for themselves. It is something we all should realize in our lives and eventually, it does make a huge impact as we become accepting of others engaging in proper communication and mutual respect.

It really felt like Kimi ni Todoke ended as Sawako could finally confront her fears and Kazehaya his habit of miscommunication often developed from misconception. The situation wasn’t all that helpful because people were always interfering. It was nice to see them take action and the anime most certainly ended in a good feeling. It was a coming-of-age anime and it most definitely delivered the theme.

Kimi ni Todoke - Season 3 Visual - Deshi Geek
Kimi ni Todoke – Season 3 Visual – Deshi Geek

Kimi Ni Todoke Season 3

The manga of Kimi ni Todoke ran for so long, from 2005 to 2017 and released 30 volumes. The anime is an old one too as it started its journey in 2009 and has two seasons with a total of 38 episodes. And finally, now it’s coming back with a new season that no one expected. After a long 12 years hiatus Netflix has announced the arrival of Kimi ni Todoke season 3 in the year 2024.

It is said that since the old seasons covered volumes 1-3, we can assume that there are plenty of stories to showcase but the anime did get its closure before with an assurance of a good ending. Even their friends had happy endings. We can assume that it might be something like Horimiya: Missing Pieces, but also a new development tale for Sawako as she chases the career she had in mind.

The most exciting part is however the confirmation that the original cast is set to reprise their iconic roles in the anime series. Mamiko Noto will once again lend her voice to Sawako Kuronuma and Daisuke Namikawa will be back to portray Shota Kazehaya. Even the production house remains the same – Production IG. As we slowly hope that every single scene from then on will also feel like a nostalgic walk down the memory lane.

Kimi ni Todoke – From Me to You – Vol 3 – Official Trailer

The Increasing Hype

It’s a “feel good” type of anime that teaches us many things along the way being a slice of life. Henceforth it’s not something the old Anime watchers can only enjoy but also something for the younger audience. They will also feel interested to check out the story if it remains capable of keeping the quality intact. And, since the manga and previous anime seasons garnered immense popularity, the hype for Kimi ni Todoke Season 3 is catching the wind.

It’s really a sudden surprise no one expected but now that it is affirmed to come, we have nothing but good thoughts circulating in our minds. Horror fans might want to check out our cute Sadako and say, “I love you!”. Fans will have their new favorite with a complete, longer and wholesome story. I expect nothing less from the Anime to blow me away with the very emotions and sentiments that made me a fan in the first place.

As of the hour of composing, the last delivery date of the new anime is yet to be declared. Netflix has just offered the provisional delivery timetable of the show. In this way, the third season is set to show up in 2024. The most noteworthy wagers are on the Spring 2024 record. We will make certain to refresh this part with significant data. Along these lines, watch out for Deshi Geek for more.


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