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Same with the other International Cosplayers featured in Deshi Geek, I met Lieh Shen in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the World Cosplay Summit Saudi Exhibition Event 2022. Having lived in China for four years or so, I had the opportunity to learn the language and decided to converse with Lieh in Chinese. However, it was not much of a conversation as I was already out of practice for a couple of years. In the end, we needed a translator and then had a remarkable conversation.

After the event in Saudi that was organized by Vega Entertainment and overseen by the World Cosplay Summit, I came back with fond memories and made lots of good friends in the process. Most recently I had this idea of featuring all the cosplayers I met during that huge event. Acting on that I have already featured – Alejo Diaz, Lotuss Cosplay, AC Hernandez, and Baka Sakura. Now, it is time to feature the Titular Taiwanese Cosplayer ‘Lieh Shen’. He is definitely one of the most talented cosplayers I have ever come across and it has been a real pleasure to sit with him for this interview.

Lieh Shen hails from the very beautiful port city of Kaohsiung which is a special municipality in southern Taiwan. He runs a company and also is the founder of a cosplay group called ‘Wolf of Tears’. Lieh doesn’t belong to any particular Taiwanese pop-culture community but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most recognized cosplayers in the country, even venturing into the International Scene representing Taiwan on the global stage.

Lieh Shen Performance

Journey Of Lieh Shen

Lieh Shen has been cosplaying for 20 years now and what a journey it has been. From the love of anime to wanting to become like the characters and finally becoming a cosplayer portraying them is truly a saga worthy of his high caliber. Let’s hear from him directly, “I started cosplaying because I love anime and I hope I can be a part of that world, even if it’s just for a few seconds.”, he continued on, “I like FATE/ZERO the most. And cosplayed my favorite character, Archer Iskandar. My first cosplay work was from ‘Flame of Recca’ and my first cosplay was ‘Hong Li’.”

Naturally, Lieh Shen has participated in many cosplay competitions – local, regional, and international. “WCS Saudi Arabia 2 times, WCS 1 time, ACM Singapore 1 time. There are too many domestic competitions that I lost count.”, he shrugged. “What about the awards you won?”, I enquired. “I don’t really care about awards or accolades. Going to conventions in my cosplay and meeting other amazing cosplayers is a true joy for me.”, Lieh insisted. “Tell me about your next cosplay project then!”, I exclaimed. “Not telling!”, he chuckled and then clarified, “I’m preparing something for WCS 2024 and it’s a secret!”  

Lieh Shen - Visual 1 - Deshi Geek
Lieh Shen – Visual 1 – Deshi Geek

Cosplaying Essence

“What cosplay means to you?”, I probed. “COSPLAY is my life. To me, it’s like breathing. If there is no COSPLAY, I think I will suffocate!”, Lieh Shen declared with conviction. “What about tailoring and crafting?”, I probed further. “You can be like the magician in fairy tales. Make what you want in different ways. I love it so much. I prefer to use large pieces of foam or EVA foam to make armor or weapons. Coloring becomes a difficult problem at this stage Because you want to have a realistic paint job.”, he explained.

“What about wig-styling and makeup then?”, I asked. To this, Lieh Shen replied, “Makeup and wigs are the soul of the character and they are worth spending time and effort to complete.” “Okay, so is it important to be in character while cosplaying?”, I laid out the most debated inquiry. “Very important, as long as you want to become the character itself. We cosplay to portray our beloved characters, do we not?!! So, acting and moving like those characters while cosplaying is a must!”, he declared with confidence.

“That is amazing!”, I remarked and then asked the next question, “Tell me about your first cosplay. How did it feel?”. “Very happy, very surprised! I liked it very much!”, he gave an honest reply with simplicity. “Tell me about a funny experience then!”, I changed the topic. “I was participating in a competition and realized that I didn’t bring some of the props. Finally, I went to Carrefour to find materials to make again.”, Lieh replied and I was like, “That should have been a stressful experience!”. Lieh Shen just smiled at my reaction and said, “Do you know what the most important trait of a cosplayer is? It’s IMAGINATION!”

Lieh Shen – Promo – Deshi Geek

International Experience

At this stage of the interview, I asked Lieh Shen to describe his experience of International Competitions. “The most international competitions I have participated in are WCS events. The WCS event is the most difficult one I have participated in so far. It requires you to provide a lot of information about your cosplay before the competition. Also, you have to provide the necessary lighting, stage location, and props location.”, Lieh explained.

“When these are confirmed, you will start to put on your own cosplay costume for review. When everything is over, you can finally stand on the stage and compete. What appeals to me the most is the thought that my preparation is never perfect as there will always be more countries showing off unimaginable performances. Although everyone will fight for the competition, cosplayers will help each other and learn from each other. Praising each other like family. I like it very much.”

Lieh Shen - Visual 2 - Deshi Geek
Lieh Shen – Visual 2 – Deshi Geek


During the closing stages of the interview, I was simply conversing with Lieh Shen and it was more like the hangout part rather than a formal question session. “I want to continue cosplaying until the day I disappear.”, he said. “My family and friends are always supportive of my cosplaying career.” “What advice would you like to give aspiring cosplayers?”, I interjected. “Move forward. Try your best to do everything well. Don’t let your passion disappear!”, he advised.

“What’s your impression of the Bangladeshi Cosplay Scene?”, I asked. “Full of potential!”, he replied. “Say a few words about Deshi Geek!”, I encouraged. “I thank the platform for featuring me from the bottom of my heart. I hope to meet the Deshi Geek someday!”, Lieh Shen exclaimed with joy. And, we from Deshi Geek wish him the best in all his endeavors!   



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