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After the ‘Top 5’ RPG and Strategy titles it is time for the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’. Whether it’s your buddy who has all the time in the world to enslave bootleg Pokémon, dive into a hellscape to spread democracy, engage in weaponized chaos or just dish out monsters together, these 5 are enough to spend a heck of a time on playing with other gamers online for hours and hours covering various genres.

Most AAA video games haven’t exactly gotten the reach that these have now. And it’s saying that we want games that aren’t made to exploit using the highly loathed live service practices, as well as the buggy ones being commercial flops, but do the people who spend so much money learn? I have this list feature on the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ to make them learn!

The selected titles on the list of ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ have garnered a lot of activity on Steam, so my choices will be based on player activity, fun factors, and longevity for the future. It’s a great time to start the first quarter of 2024 with these. All of them are multiplayer-based, so if you’re looking for single-player-only titles, this one isn’t it. Some of them need to be purchased, but one is totally free for you to play without the locked content hassle.

5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam - Poster - Deshi Geek
5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam – Poster – Deshi Geek

5 Best Multiplayer Games On Steam

Palworld: Imagine ARK, but with cute little animals you capture and make them work for your base and join your army to conquer the land. Also, you get to teach them how to use guns and equip them with rocket launchers. The kind of imagination that it takes to make these things up as they go along. Just the imaginative aspect is enough for it to be on the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list but there’s more.

The games studio is previously known for taking familiar concepts, and just implementing them in a rather derivative manner. It looks like the case here, but for some reason, there are so many elements working well together. Harvesting resources, building bases, finding rare Pals, exploring areas and uncovering conspiracies, and best of all, riding like the Valkyrie alongside other players as well.

Palworld – Official Trailer

Helldivers 2: How do you make a sequel that switches the genre entirely? Going from isometric twin-stick to third-person shooter? These guys, that’s for sure. Think Killzone meets Starship Troopers, then go on to fight for democracy against giant bugs, robots with fiery swords, small mechas, etc.  Helldivers 2 is unique to its core and that is an understatement. I had to put it on my ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list.

Helldivers 2 – “The Fight for Freedom Begins ” Launch Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

Battlebit Remastered: If the Battlefield 2042 sting persists, why not look elsewhere? Heck, who says you need graphics to carry your game? What happened to playing one for the sake of FPSs everywhere? Yes, this looks like a Roblox mode, but it’s not. In fact, compared to BF2042, it is leagues better in almost every aspect and found its place on the list of ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’.

BattleBit Remastered – Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

Counter Strike 2: What more needs to be said? It’s a return to the classics, the best FPS game that excels in being close to reality, as well as the sheer market presence. It is an obvious choice for the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list; it is way more popular than any FPSs out there. But who can resist the precision, technical proficiency, and most fine-tuned gameplay?

A new version has arrived with newer visual features as well as a new physics system that is also well-implemented for the gameplay. It’s a much smoother experience than its prior iterations before. And it runs well, even on weaker hardware, having various options for a better playing experience. Counter Strike will never get old, this game ages like wine. Especially for 20 years.

Counter Strike 2 – Official Launch Trailer

Granblue Fantasy Relink: If JRPGs are not a thing for you, I am sorry but you’re missing out big time. Especially in the past couple of years where a majority of the Japanese games are showing the Western market just how it is done. And then there’s this one. You can move past its story, its character backgrounds, and the glazed cell-shaded visuals that are super fired up with all kinds of on-screen shenanigans going on.

This game is a Monster Hunter title in disguise, the combat is frantic, fun, and crazier the longer you play. It counts how you invest your time in the late game, past story mode. All the hours spent there for a robust selection of characters with various melee and ranged weapon types and abilities. The game screams excellence and I had to pick it for my ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list.

Granblue Fantasy Relink – Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Undeniable Reasons To Select The Titles For The 5 Best Multiplayer Games On Steam List

The co-op of Palworld is the best part of the game, there’s no PvP yet. And considering its early access now, there’s more content that is on the way. It might have lost a big portion of its player base now, but the game is still going hot. Developers are delivering on their promises even. Its cheap price is also enticing. So, it’s no wonder Palworld is on my list of ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’.

Helldivers 2 has an insanely crazy premise that is insanely fun to get lost in. Gameplay is super fun, gunplay is well-tuned, and with an amazing progression system. I honestly feel like I am playing Earth Defense Force with Metal Gear Solid gameplay. Solid time, especially when playing with friends. The co-op part of the game goes a long way, with a lot of players active on the map. So, you can definitely see why it’s in my ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list.

The best part of Battlebit Remastered is that it took what made the original BF games great and somehow enhanced them, as well as some quality-of-life features that most AAA games have avoided implementing. A tiny studio is all it took to make a massively popular shooter that outdoes its mainstream contemporary and it deserves its spot on the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list.

Counter Strike 2 is notorious for the live service aspect, despite being a F2P. It created the standards for the Steam marketplace, where people engage in predatory behaviors. But if you’re smart enough, you can overlook that, plus this is better than Valorant can ever get. Seriously, who still plays that? There should be no doubts over its selection on the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’ list.

All you must do to enjoy Granblue Fantasy Relink is to matchmake, select your quest, join up, play and farm with one specific character, and watch them grow to become unstoppable killing machines. The series is based on a popular Japanese gacha game, and the best part here, there’s no live service, all the upcoming DLCs are free, and it has online co-op. This factors into its replayability even more and hence got a spot on the list of ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’.

5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam - Visual - Deshi Geek
5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam – Visual – Deshi Geek

Play & Enjoy

These are my top 5 selections of games you should check out on Steam now. Hopefully, they make your time in 2024 well spent. Spend hours playing alongside and competing with other game freaks online. That is the beauty and craze of multiplayer games if you ask me. And, to make your choices easier I have this recommendation of the ‘5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam’. So, Play & Enjoy!!!


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