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As you can deduce from the title Alejo Diaz is a master of Armor Cosplay. His crafting skills and understanding of armor making are top notch. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the World Cosplay Summit Saudi Exhibition Event 2022. The humongous cosplay segment was held in Riyadh with representatives from around 50 countries as part of the Gamers 8 event. The cosplay segment was organized by Vega Entertainment and overseen by World Cosplay Summit.

I met many talented and amazing cosplayers in Saudi during that event as I have featured a few already – Baka Sakura, AC Hernandez, and Lotuss Cosplay. Among the many eye-catching cosplays, Alejo Diaz stood out with his Zinogre character from Monster Hunter. I was awe-struck to see him in the armor costume. The amount of work and attention to detail that went into that cosplay is beyond my imagination and this is something I can confidently say because I experienced it first-hand.

Alejo Diaz hails from Bogota in Colombia and has made a radiant mark in the Colombian Cosplay Community with his cosplays and crafts. The dentist by trade runs a crafting workshop named ‘Armory Kingdom Cosplay & Props’ where he creates his cosplays and does commission work for clients as well. As a senior cosplayer, he definitely has clout and influence in the community. He also belongs to the ‘Comunidad de Cosplayers Colombianos’ which is the official cosplay community of Colombia.

Alejo Diaz – Promo – Deshi Geek

Journey Of Alejo Diaz

When I sat for the interview with Alejo Diaz, my first question was, “What made you want to cosplay?”. “Since I was little, I have been interested in everything related to art and pop culture. I enjoyed painting, sculpting, and creating things from recyclables, which eventually led me to become interested in making costumes and later getting into cosplay.”, Alejo replied. “I have admiration for several cosplayers like Kamui, Maul, Kinpatsu, among others.”, he announced his admiration for these well-known cosplayers.

“I hold a special fondness for each of the cosplays I’ve done, among them Yoshimitsu from Tekken, Karas, The Comedian, Ice King from Adventure Time, Rengar from League of Legends, but especially for Rost from Horizon Zero Dawn. I believe it embodies several characteristics with which I can fully identify, including commitment to my beliefs, loyalty, willingness to teach, perseverance, and a protective spirit.”, Alejo shared his love for the fictional characters and described the ones he cosplayed.

Alejo Diaz has been cosplaying since 2009 and usually does 2-3 cosplays a year. However, recently he has been focusing more on commission works and creating around 20 costumes a year for his clients. Alejo has attended numerous conventions over the years – CNC (National Cosplay Contest), Ultimein, and Bogotá Cosplay are a few of them. His favorite convention is SOFA, which takes place every year in Bogotá, Colombia, in the month of October. It’s the largest convention in South America. Being the talented cosplayer he is, it is evident that Alejo has won many awards but according to him, “I haven’t kept track of them.”

The memory of the first cosplay is still fresh to Alejo Diaz as he reminisced, “My first cosplay was Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy Advent Children in the year 2009. I crafted it using newspaper and white glue. I also used leather, some fabrics, and materials from my dental practice. It was quite a challenge because I didn’t know where the process would lead, but fortunately, everything turned out well, and I won second place at that event.” He announced four upcoming projects – Kaiman from Dorohedoro, Geralt from The Witcher, Marcus Fénix from GOW, and Eivor from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Alejo Diaz - Visual 1 - Deshi Geek
Alejo Diaz – Visual 1 – Deshi Geek

Cosplaying Essence Of Alejo Diaz

“What Cosplay means to you?”, I asked. “For me, cosplay is an opportunity to test my ability to create and portray a character. It’s also the means through which I channel my creativity and bring fictional characters to life. To me, it’s a form of art in its purest expression.” Alejo Diaz answered just like the passionate artist he is. He then continued, “I always see an opportunity to learn many things in every cosplay project I undertake, from planning to construction and the final result, because each costume has its unique challenges and is particularly special in its making. Being able to experiment with different techniques is truly wonderful.”

“The biggest challenge is always starting any project because you don’t yet know how you’re going to execute it. Once planned, the choice of materials and techniques, and finally, adapting the costume to the body, especially when I enjoy making armor, is the most difficult part.”, Alejo described. “Styling wigs and makeup will always be an important part of bringing certain characters to life. If the character demands it, that aspect is definitely a must.”, he continued, “The essence of cosplay is precisely to always embody the character. Cosplay falls short if you don’t have the character’s characterization.”.

“Tell me about a funny incident then!”, I lightened the conversation. “At an event, I was wearing a Warhammer armor, a Grey Knight, which was approximately 2.5 meters tall (I’m 1.68 meters). While I was going up a ramp, I fell on my back and couldn’t get up. I looked like a turtle on its shell, only able to move my arms and legs. It was truly a funny moment.”, he described the incident with a chuckle. “What is the most important trait of a cosplayer?”, I queried. “I believe the most important trait a cosplayer should have, is the willingness to learn new things and the humility to accept advice and constructive criticism.” Alejo remarked.

Alejo Diaz - Visual 2 - Deshi Geek
Alejo Diaz – Visual 2 – Deshi Geek

Deserved International Experience

Alejo Diaz represented Colombia in the World Cosplay Summit Saudi Exhibition Event 2022 and that is a great honor. It is also a testament to his talent to represent his country on the International Stage. “My greatest experience in an international competition was in 2022 when I had the opportunity to travel to Arabia as a representative of Colombia at WCS GAMERS 8. It was an unforgettable experience because I got to visit a place in the world, I never imagined I’d go to. I met wonderful people and fabulous cosplayers.”, he described his unforgettable experience.

“Despite not speaking English, I had the opportunity to share unforgettable moments with people from different countries and cultures. I didn’t let language be a barrier; with my basic English, I tried to talk to anyone in front of me. I made several friends with whom I still communicate, and this is the beauty of events like WCS, having the chance to meet and make friends from remote parts of the world.”, Alejo went on to make a declaration of future achievements.

La Clausura

“How far do you want to go as a cosplayer?”, I probed. “My personal challenge as a cosplayer has always been to learn more every day. I never saw competing or winning contests as my main goal, but having the opportunity to travel and meet people from different countries with great human qualities makes me want to participate and win the WCS.” Alejo Diaz announced and then included the role of his close ones in his journey, “My family and friends have always supported me. Fortunately, I am surrounded by people who admire the artistry behind it. They are always looking forward to my next project and support me in any way they can.”

“What is your impression of Bangladeshi Cosplay Scene?”, I enquired. “Since I live on a different continent, separated by a vast ocean, my knowledge of the cosplay scene in Bangladesh is very limited. My only references are cosplayers Oly Shahriar Hasan and Abir Hasan, who, in addition to being very talented, are two of the most wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I would love to see them again someday. Their warmth and kindness are truly admirable.”, Alejo replied and also praised me to my delight.

“Any advice for aspiring cosplayers?”, I asked. “To all the people who want to start on the cosplay journey, I advise you to be willing to learn, to accept advice and criticism, and above all, to have fun. Let cosplay not be a burden but an opportunity for enjoyment.”, Alejo Diaz replied with motivational words. “Say something about Deshi Geek!”, I hinted at the closure with this. “I send greetings to my friends at Deshi Geek. It’s great that they showcase cosplayers. I wish them success in all their projects and greetings to all their followers!”, he exclaimed and to return the favor we wish him and Armory Kingdom Cosplay & Props all the success!



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