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The Nun 2 continues the side story of the Conjuring Universe with the main antagonist ‘Valak’ resurfacing once again to haunt and scare. However, how sacred we are after watching the sequel or prequel is up for debate. If you ask me, ‘The Nun 2’ has failed miserably to scare us much like its predecessor ‘The Nun’. Nonetheless, ‘The Nun’ made a significant mark in the global market and that cannot be denied. As for ‘The Nun 2’, the same cannot be said.

In 2018, a sleeper hit film known as ‘The Nun’ was unleashed upon the world as a continuation of the Conjuring Universe franchise. The poster showcased a formidable woman clad in holy garb, complete with demonic eyes and nefarious motives. This cinematic flick quickly took the world by storm. The newest addition to the “Conjuring” series follows the same pattern of horror mixed with religious mythology. However, ‘The Nun 2’ failed to scare the lot.

I have reviewed sub-par screenplays in Deshi Geek before but none have disappointed me more than ‘The Nun 2’. Let’s take The Witcher Season 3 for example. It had all the flaws in the world but the Warner Bros. horror flick takes the cake in that regard. Do not make the assumption of mistaking ‘The Nun 2’ as complete garbage as it is a quite potent cinematic experience. However, the horror factor that is supposed to scare us is not up to the mark.


The Nun 2 Tale

Once upon a time, there was a boarding school in France that was struck by a terrible curse. The notorious demon Valek had returned with a vengeance and was wreaking havoc among the children and staff. Even teacher Kate and Maurice, who had encountered Valek before, were not spared from her wrath.

The situation was so dire that the Catholic Church had to step in. Sister Irene, who had previously defeated Valek, was called upon to investigate reports of her return. Joining her on this perilous mission was Sister Debra, a newcomer to the scene. Together, the sisters set out to find evidence of Valek’s presence and to unravel the mystery of her return.

But their quest was far from easy. Answers were scarce, and Valek was back to her old ways, taking lives and searching for an ancient relic that could make her a permanent resident. As the sisters delved deeper into the mystery, they encountered many challenges and obstacles. But they remained steadfast in their resolve, determined to end Valek’s reign of terror once and for all.

 Will Sister Irene and Sister Debra succeed in their mission? Will they be able to vanquish the demon Valek and restore peace to the troubled boarding school? Only ‘The Nun 2’ can answer.

The Nun 2 - Poster - Deshi Geek
The Nun 2 – Poster – Deshi Geek

Fatal Flaws Of The Nun 2

Being a fan of horror movies, I often find myself at the cinema watching films that I expect to be less than stellar. The Nun 2 was one such movie that I didn’t have high hopes for, as I couldn’t recall much from its predecessor and didn’t particularly enjoy it. However, the movie began with a slow and uneventful pace, relying heavily on religious horror clichés which made it seem mundane. The director, Michael Chaves, took things a bit too seriously in my opinion. It’s such a shame when a film has great production value but falls short in other areas.

The plot was quite weak and predictable, making it one of the worst aspects of the experience. Once again, the ‘Conjuring’ universe has fallen short of expectations. It’s becoming increasingly evident that simply relying on ominous-looking antagonists is not sufficient to create a truly bone-chilling horror flick. Although ‘The Nun’ is undeniably a hair-raising character, the movies seem to struggle with leveraging her effectively. The screen time felt overly drawn out and didn’t offer anything new.

There’s a general absence of mindfulness in ‘The Nun 2’ in regard to scares and is passionately faithful to oversaturated figures of speech. The film obviously dismisses imagination and, thus, lacks the fear effect. With steady sluggish container and uproarious bangs, the film flags its watchers every step of the way, advising us to be frightened instead of motivating it naturally. It peruses more as a progression of vignettes following a severe standard on panics, with story skill low on the need list.

THE NUN 2 – Final Trailer

Positivity In Pixels

As we are aware, ‘The Nun 2’ is a component of the Conjuring Universe. If we start with the positive aspects of the movie, there are very few. This movie barely features expertly crafted jump scares with well-built tension. The acting was flawless, with every actor delivering their lines with precision and emotion. It was a joy to watch such a talented cast perform, including the child actors who played their roles perfectly.

The production value was so impressive that it’s easy to believe the movie had a high budget. The attention to detail in the set design was impressive, and the sound n music structure really added to the overall immersive experience. And don’t even get me started on the VFX – they were truly top-notch. All in all, the execution of these elements really helped elevate the movie somewhat and that is definitely a plus.

It has come to my attention that ‘The Nun 2’ contains a mid-credit scene that, while not impacting the storyline, does serve to introduce some beloved characters. Now, this is something truly out of the ordinary and can pave the way for similar executions in future films of the same genre creating a chain reaction of unique trends. If it will be successful o not can only be told by time.

The Nun 2 - Scene - Deshi Geek
The Nun 2 – Scene – Deshi Geek

Consider Before Watching

The movie is specifically tailored to provide an immersive experience in theaters. Every aspect of the ambience is meticulously crafted to complement the big screen display. Hence, if you intend to watch it on a smaller screen, such as a mobile phone, you may not fully appreciate the excitement that the movie has to offer.

If you’re a big fan of the Conjuring Universe, watching it in theatres is highly recommended. Additionally, if you appreciate technically well-crafted movies with excellent sound quality, impressive visual effects, and outstanding screenplays, you should definitely give it a watch. Although the movie had impressive technical aspects, the storyline itself lacks depth and substance.

Even though the technical aspects were commendable, the lack of a captivating storyline ultimately left me feeling underwhelmed. This particular horror film may not be intense enough to disrupt one’s sleep or it might, but the exceptional and compelling acting from Taissa Farmiga and the rest of the cast makes it a worthwhile viewing experience.


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