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You have been living under a rock if by now you haven’t heard about Ninja Kamui anime. Even before it aired, it was creating all the hype when the first trailer was released about a month ago. They kept no secrets in the trailer and delivered everything as promised but what’s more addictive about this anime is the smooth delivery of the many jaw-dropping twists.

We can give the production house ‘Sola Entertainment’ and the animators of E&H Production all the appreciation of such a fabulous execution we are witnessing in Ninja Kamui anime, however, I believe it is the fact that people from different nationalities came forth to make this masterpiece is what makes it appealing to all.

I have reviewed some big-name anime in the past – Horimiya, Blue Lock, Bungo Stray Dogs, Black Clover, and Pokémon Concierge to name a few. I have also written a feature on the ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ quite recently. However, I was never this excited to write so much and it is Ninja Kamui that is making me feel this way.  

Ninja Kamui | Official Trailer | Adult Swim UK

Where To Watch Ninja Kamui, Ninja Kamui Cast & Crew

The anime was written by Shigeru Murakoshi, and directed by Sunghoo Park. Joseph Chou did its production and the animation was done by E&H Production. They understand what will keep us hooked and hence provide us with just that with fast-paced storytelling. Interestingly enough we can watch Ninja Kamui through Adult Swim. So, they released a trailer for Toonami, certainly a nostalgia for us who grew up with ‘Cartoon Network’.

You’ll also love to learn that Kenjiro Tsuda is voicing the main lead of Ninja Kamui. Yes! The Kenjiro Tsuda, the person voicing Kento Nanami! He was applauded for acting out the final moment of this character with so much love and respect. That’s not all, he has voiced in so many anime at this point that you might find him everywhere – Jigen from Boruto, Hannes from AOT and the brilliant detective himself from the anime ID: INVADED.

This is not all, we have on board Yuichi Nakamura as the supposedly main antagonist Zai at the moment and you cannot tell me you don’t know who this voice actor is because Gojo Satoru, Dazai Osama, Gray Fullbuster, Tomoya Okazaki, Hawks, Kuro and so many will come to haunt you! Getting him on the opposite side of our hero is certainly thrilling as we will also find him acting like a villain now.

Ninja Kamui 2024 - Poster - Deshi Geek
Ninja Kamui 2024 – Poster – Deshi Geek

A Topnotch Ninja-Verse Alongside Marvelous Music

The first Ninja Kamui episode was released on 10th February 2024 in Japan. Up till now, we have 6 episodes in total all having their own epic revelations as the story progresses and the fight scenes are incredible. The top-notch combat is praised because of how fast yet unique the individual moves are. They just don’t stay on one ground and throw fistfights but have cool equipment that makes them appear undefeatable.

What’s even more surprising is that you can never guess who actually has the upper hand because to ninjas everything can be an effective tool for fighting and every part of one’s body can either be a target or a weapon. That’s how edgy and breathtaking the Ninja Kamui anime is. You won’t understand with just words as you will have to watch to experience it.

Next, let’s talk about the unrevealed song. I appreciate that the opening theme song of Ninja Kamui wasn’t revealed in the trailer before because it will hit you at the very right moment! It will give both meaning and purpose to the anime and I highly recommend you listen to the complete track after watching the first episode. The song title is Vengeance and it’s by the Japanese rock band Coldrain.

Another awesome fact is that despite the band being a Japanese rock, all of the lyrics of the complete song are entirely in English. This gives us a vibe of Bleach, having English or just a different language rock song in the background of epic action sequences.

Ninja Kamui Open | Adult Swim

Ninja Kamui Spoiler Zone

Ninja Kamui 2024 is one of those anime that will drag you in on the very first episode with its perfect placement of the story’s progression. It showed all that’s necessary. In the beginning, we have this character named Logan going about his peaceful days with his loving wife Mary and his energetic cute son. We witness him live a simple life on the outskirts of the country, farming and preparing for his son’s coming birthday.

Everything seems fine as we see them go about their day, we learn about the son’s obsession with various masks, especially a demon one. We have enough details for us to get to know these characters and seeing them interact is what makes us soften over their bond. But we should know, this is Adult Swim and something will occur, something edgy, something that calls violence as the suspense starts to spike.

As the day of his son’s birthday draws in, Logan and his wife prepare all that they can. Little did he know that was the last time they were ever going to sing together as deep in the night these ninjas swept in to kill them. But why? That is for you to find out because when you see this loving family dead on the ground, you too will sing “Rain, rain come wash away the pain. With demons in my head. Vengeance is the only way! I’ll make you pay!”

As the theme song hits your emotions, we find out who Logan truly is and why his son would adore the Onis. While watching Ninja Kamui, you have to remember that things are not what they seem. There is a mention of how it is heavily inspired by The Wolverine and John Wick. It does seem that way because of some scenes and the name itself but this doesn’t continue through all the episodes, hence, the anime has yet new sides to it.

Ninja Kamui 2024 - Still - Deshi Geek
Ninja Kamui 2024 – Still – Deshi Geek

Grand Offering

We love or hate Oshi no Ko, however, we all loved the execution of the narrative style we found in its first episode which was in fact an hour long. Don’t worry, Ninja Kamui’s Episode 1 isn’t that long but you will find the narration to hold an equal level of significance and it will give you a feeling that you know the characters while again being puzzled about how much they have yet to reveal being a Ninja.

Ninja Kamui 2024 holds a very Post-Modern theme as it is based on the problem of the clash between tradition and modern life, real-life tools versus AI and lastly between the ones who respect the old tranquil lifestyle while the others expect to be closer to what futuristic life has to offer. All in all, a must-watch among the new releases. And, possibly be the star of the year.

This anime can teach us a lot. Ninja Kamui portrays the greedy side of people and educates them with knowledge and wisdom. Now, is that all? No, you will also find special powers among the ninjas and not just hand combat combos but actual monstrous powers including invincible high-tech weapons. Since the story also continues rapidly, I too suggest don’t delay and we all can watch this together!


A newbie in town, self-proclaimed mysterious writer who writes a series of continuous stories along with old and modern poems. Can you find yourself in one of her writing segment? Do you get the same sense of nostalgia?

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