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It is finally time for the ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’. Since you’re already on the bandwagon of Deshi Geek’s ‘5 Best’ features, you must have already read the articles on Anime and Isekai Anime. There have also been such features on K-Dramas, Romance K-Dramas, Webtoon, Horror Films, Thriller Films, Web Series, Fantasy Series, and RPGs. Surely more will follow suit. However, it is time for the romance anime one.

Lucky for us, most of the anticipated Anime of this year are already here and whatever is remaining sure will take us by storm. But what about the Romance or Shojo Genre? Are they coming up with good releases as well? Well yes, a few raised quite a hype. If you aren’t caught up, however, here are 5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024 that you can look forward to.

5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024 - Poster - Deshi Geek
5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024 – Poster – Deshi Geek

5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024

A Sign of Affection: It would be a crime if this Anime wasn’t mentioned in the list of ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’. This anime took on our socials by a landslide with all the AMVs, Shorts, Cute clips etc. Even if you hadn’t known the name you would’ve at least seen this duo by now. The story follows a young girl Yuki who has hearing loss but she manages to communicate through text and lip reading. Like most cases, she also grew up staying in a bubble due to these disabilities and it seems her world became very small without her knowledge.

She then comes across this foreigner on the train who simply wants to ask for directions. Yuki being this shy introverted girl with little knowledge of English was neither able to help nor communicate. This is where our male lead steps up to help. Itsuomi Nagi seems to be in the same university as Yuki but his world is vast, so big that in comparison Yuki’s world would appear tiny. Despite being polar opposites their encounter had not stopped at the station as luckily for Yuki, Nagi was in the same club as her friend Rin-rin.

A Sign of Affection | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Kimi ni Todoke: Although it seemed like they had a good ending, to our surprise it was announced in September 2023 that a new season of Kimi ni Todoke anime will emerge and that announcement is enough for it to be in the ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list. It will be again based on Karuho Shiina’s manga chapters and we will find some more of the returning voice cast members who will be bringing the characters to life once again.

It is being directed by Kenichi Matsuzawa who also directed the anime Noblesse adapted from the famous Webtoon alongside the previous director of the anime Tomoko Konparu. I am genuinely a fan of this anime and our Ghost lead Sadako and since I already wrote in detail about the anime, I’ll be just giving the link here.

From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke Season 3 | Series Highlights | Netflix

Urusei Yatsura: There’s a lot to cover in the case of this retro anime, mainly because it is from this very old yet absolutely hilarious and enjoyable manga. This popular manga much to our happiness is now an anime after decades and consequently in the ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list.

The plot tells us about Ataru Moroboshi and the beautiful alien Lum, who believes she is married to Ataru, who accidentally proposes to her. Although reading this might seem similar to Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride story, we have to remember how old this show actually is. The series also makes heavy use of Japanese mythology, culture, and puns as onis [demons] and goddesses are incorporated with the modern take.

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 – Official Trailer

The Demon Prince of Momochi House: If you are a fan of Kamisama Hajimemashita or Kamisama Kiss, your first thoughts will be oh so this is exactly like that. I am not entirely denying it but rather saying if you enjoyed that, chances are you will love this as well. The story revolves around a girl named Himari Momochi who receives a letter stating she has inherited a mansion titled the Momochi House. Having been raised in an orphanage, this mansion is the only thing left of her real family so she pays no mind to the rumors that it may be haunted.

Yes, it is exactly like Kamisama, I know too! Upon entering it, she meets Aoi Nanamori and his companions, Ise and Yukari, who all seem to be squatting in her new home. Although they warn her to leave the house, Himari vows to be the one to make them leave instead. She is now attacked by a youkai. She also finds out that the house sits in the space between the world of the living and the spirit realm. This romance anime with an Isekai touch is on my list of ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House | OFFICIAL TRAILER 3

Loop 7-Kaime no Akuyaku Reijou wa, Moto Tekikoku de Jiyuu Kimama na Hanayome Seikatsu wo Mankitsu Suru: Chances are like me you are also confused at the long snake-like title asking what is this? Well, it’s this year’s romance anime that is rated 7.9 out of 10 in MAL. This anime is quite unique and very interesting which makes people drawn to it and made its way to the list of ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’. You might ask now what is this story about? To that, I would say it’s exactly as the title suggests: 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

It’s about this girl Rishe being reborn multiple times and it is on her seventh time around that she realizes that it will take six-plus lifetimes of experience and skills to break the time loop and make her extravagant dreams come true in a final form. Because although she has had all kinds of excitement in her previous lives, from peddling goods as a merchant to locking blades as a knight, she is now determined to savor the high life! As she first makes a move to marry the handsome prince, it turns out the prince is the same person who happens to be her murderer! Isn’t it thrilling?

7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy! | OFFICIAL TRAILER

5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024 Selection Reasons

A Sign of Affection is a romance anime so we will keep observing their slow romantic developments. Now, that may sound boring to some and wholesome to others, but one thing is for sure the visuals are breathtaking and it is pleasing to watch. Despite the slight similarity in the hair color of Yuki and Shouko of ‘A Silent Voice’, we can safely say it won’t be a copy of the story. Another special take is that Yuki is a university student which itself is a new development in this genre and so deserves the top spot in the ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list.

Even the ones who are just getting into it will definitely enjoy this sweet story of Sadako and Kazehaya. Despite the turbulence among the characters in understanding one another, the story will pull through the whole message of “From Me to You!” and if you want it in a song format, well the opening theme music was that as well. The release date isn’t out yet but the year has been confirmed it will be out this year thus taking the second spot in my list of ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’.

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 is already out and it is a must-watch. Since the story is vast, it will be fun for self-exploration, it’s not a typical love story but rather all of the characters have a good build-up and strong ground to stand. Being such old manga, spoilers of the anime are found easily but if you have time to spare, giving it to this anime will be definitely worth it as it took the third spot on my ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list.

I know you might not be convinced to watch The Demon Prince of Momochi House but the theme of great power came with an awful price and the fact that Aoi’s existence in the human world has been erased makes for a great plot to be explored. Himari promises to help Aoi break the curse as she begins living under the same roof as him in the most Disnyesque romantic saga. The twists and turns that unfold in the wake of her decision forced me to choose this title for the fourth spot on the ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list.

The 7th Loop anime makes the romance genre turn into a detective story while keeping all of its charm intact. It is adapted from a Japanese light novel written by Touko Amekawa and no, it is not a manhwa. It also has 5 episodes already and it is coming every week so one can easily catch up to the story. The unusual romantic mystery anime rightly took the fifth spot in my ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list.

5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024 - Visual - Deshi Geek
5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024 – Visual – Deshi Geek


Even though this year is short on romance anime we have a few to really enjoy enough to count them as the best ones from this year looking at the statistics. Hopefully, you will find all the titles of my ‘5 Best Upcoming Romance Anime 2024’ list worthwhile.


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