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5 radiant reasons to visit Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest! Yes, you saw it right. The increasingly popular pop culture event is just around the corner and I am here to discuss the 5 reasons why you absolutely should visit. The event itself is quite new with only two editions taking place before this one, Volume 3. Founded by none other than Oly Shahriar Hasan (Co-Founder of AnimeCon) and Shamim Rahman (Acclaimed Bangladeshi Cosplayer), this fun fest offers visitors an abundance of entertainment outlets.

The very first edition of Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest took place back in 2022 at Tokyo Square Convention Center. The second entry in 2023 at Jamuna Future Park. And now, Volume 3 is going to be held at the Mirpur Convention Center on the 17th of February. This is a set of very diverse locations and we asked Oly about it and he replied, “Well, Tokyo Square has become the go-to place for every event and Jamuna has not been a lucky one for me. So, decided to go for Mirpur this time.”

Dhaka POP & Cosplay Fest 2024-Vol 3 event promo

Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest has the potential to rival giants like – AnimeCon Dhaka and Dhaka ComiCon. However, it has to set itself apart to attract people and we posed this question to Shamim Rahman to which he replied, “We are trying to give the visitors the best entertainment possible. Yes, there are common segments of Cosplay and K-pop, but we brought in the coveted Gold Fish Scooping this time along with our signature Dalgona Cutting segment. There are also other attractions like gaming and of course the Beyblade Contest.”

Both the organizers have high hopes and promises for the upcoming Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest Volume 3 and they are confident to satisfy the visitors. Pop culture events have become so common in the past few years that people have become quite bored of them. Hopefully, the upcoming fest will be a different one making people interested once again to join such events in droves. On that note, let’s take a look at what are the 5 reasons to visit Dhaka Pop & Cosplay Fest Volume 3.

Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest - Poster - Deshi Geek
Dhaka Pop & Cosplay Fest – Poster – Deshi Geek

Dhaka Pop And Cosplay Fest Attractions

Cosplay: As we all know there are several cosplay-related events in Bangladesh but what’s so special about Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest? Well, here is your answer, it is the only event where cosplayers get very high priority and hence up to 100 cosplayers can join the event for free. This is the reason why Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest can always bring a lot of cosplayers compared to the other events. As per the recent information, we can expect more than 60 cosplayers in the upcoming event.

K-Pop Dance Competition: It’s not in every event where we can see K-Pop dance covers and cosplay segments together. Apart from cosplay performances, K-Pop dance performances are also one of the main attractions of Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest where many young talents in Bangladesh get a chance to showcase their skills and abilities of covering mesmerizing dance choreographies of famous K-Pop songs.

Goldfish Scooping: Goldfish scooping is a very popular recreational game in Japan. In Japan, many festivals have this segment. In Bangladesh, the organizers of AnimeCon Dhaka first introduced this phenomenon at their event. This is the only event where we can see the arrangement of this game. Well, not anymore since the coveted attraction is coming to Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest. It was adopted by the organizers as a reference to the ‘Summer Matsuri’ attraction famous in Japan and also highlighted in many anime.

Dhaka POP & Cosplay Fest

Dalgona Cutting Challenge: Squid Game is a very popular Korean web series where several participants play different types of games for a huge amount of money as a reward. Among these games, there is a very interesting game called Dalgona Cutting Challenge where a participant has to cut a Dalgona shape within a given time period.

From last year’s event of Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest 2023, this game was arranged to give the audience a fun experience of the Dalgona cutting challenge where the winner would win a poster if the participant can cut the shape properly within a given period of time and guess what, this year the organizers have kept this signature game this time around as well.

Beyblade Contest: In most of the pop culture events in Bangladesh we barely see any Beyblade tournament. This year a tournament has been arranged for all those Beyblade enthusiasts who love to throw their Beyblades in the ring to compete with others in a thrilling contest. The anime itself was a cult-classic prompting many adaptations and numerous merchandises. And of course, fans committed to real-life contests and the hype gave birth to many official and unofficial Beyblade tournaments with one such happening in Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest.

Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest - Visual - Deshi Geek
Dhaka Pop & Cosplay Fest – Visual – Deshi Geek

Dhaka Pop And Cosplay Fest Volume 3

So, peeps, Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest promises to be one hell of an event with people gathering from different walks of life under one roof to celebrate a single phenomenon we all know as pop culture. With Cosplay, K-Pop Performances, Goldfish Scooping, Dalgona Cutting Challenge, and Beyblade Tournament at the center along with many other attractions this fest will definitely be worth it.

Then there will be merchandise and food stalls to cater to the visitors. Also, live music band performances and DJs will make us twirl to the beats. What more do you need other than a day filled with joyous gatherings, celebrations, and entertainment! And did I forget to mention?! Deshi Geek is the magazine partner of Dhaka Pop and Cosplay Fest Volume 3. See you all on the 17th of February.



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