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Before we talk about the new and exciting ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’, let’s look back at 2023. With modern classics like ‘Barry’ coming to an end with a bang, ‘Succession’ bringing us to the edge with its shocking season, and ‘The Bear’ continuing its run with more quality and intensity, it was a remarkable year. Who can forget ‘The Last of Us,’ the new great video-game adaptation that blew our minds? But my favorite show of the year was undoubtedly ‘Loki,’ a beautiful finale to a well-realized character. It single-handedly carried the Disney+ catalog last year. To say the least, 2023 was stacked, but 2024 looks even greater!

A lot of big names are coming this year, especially in the superhero genre. ‘Invincible’ will be back with more episodes. COVID-19 caused delays in the production, requiring them to rebuild and restart the “factory” of the show. We’ll also see the return of ‘The Boys’ with season 4. ‘Gen V’ also came out last year, showing us the perspective of The Boys’ world from the opposite side. Let’s also not forget the beginning of James Gunn’s DCU. You have already been treated to quite a few top 5 lists in Deshi Geek featuring anime, k-drama, webtoon, and films. Now it’s time for the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ list.

We have so much to be excited about in other genres as well. More games, webtoons, manga, and books are getting adapted and remade into series. Since you have already been treated to the feature of the 5 best upcoming K-Dramas of 2024, I won’t be adding any K-Dramas here. Disney+ is finally giving the Percy Jackson book series a worthwhile adaptation. ‘Harry Potter’ is also getting remade into a series to better showcase the books. There are talks about another ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff in the works too. So, let me not overwhelm you anymore and get straight to the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’!

5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024 - Poster - Deshi Geek
5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024 – Poster – Deshi Geek

5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024

5. The Boys Season 4 (Amazon Prime): The highly anticipated fourth season of the superhero drama series ‘The Boys’ is coming back this year to Prime Video. Bad news: There’s no official release date for The Boys season 4 yet. Good news: The Boys has a 2024 release window. After the action-packed and game-changing season 3 of The Boys, where we were left off with big cliffhangers.

Homelander is now completely free of the repercussions of his actions, with Henry being influenced more and more by him. We still are unaware of how the events of ‘Gen V’ will affect the world. With more at stake than ever, and Butcher at death’s door, the climax of this story is drawing near. We’ll see how all of it will unfold this season in the fifth entry of ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’.

The Boys – Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

4. Fallout (Amazon Prime): Another huge gaming franchise is getting a live-action adaptation: The Fallout Series. Our favorite post-apocalyptic steampunk world will come alive on April 12, 2024, on Amazon Prime. This entry deserves a spot in the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ list.

For those unfamiliar, Fallout is the story of the unfortunate struggling to survive in a world with barely anything left. The gentle denizens of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the incredibly complex, gleefully weird, and highly violent universe waiting for them 200 years after the apocalypse. See how this wacky premise comes to life for the first time in live-action.

Fallout – Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

3. House of Dragons Season 2 (HBO): After the disappointing and divisive end to Game of Thrones, people had lost all hope for the world of Westeros being portrayed again. But in 2022, we finally got J.R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood books getting their first adaptation as ‘House of Dragons.’ Suffice it to say, it revived the whole GOT fan base. And, Season 2 is on my list of ‘ 5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’.

The battle between the Targaryens of Westeros rages on. Season 1 laid the seeds of war and politics, now we’ll all see how their blood feud sets the stage for the future events of The Game of Thrones world as a whole. War, romance, betrayals, and dragons will be center stage as the Greens and Blacks go at it for the throne. It has been reported that the show will be released in August 2024 on HBO.

House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Teaser | Max

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix): Our favorite childhood animated show is getting a full Netflix live-action series. While the idea may seem scary at first, with Avatar being made into a live-action movie before as a horrible adaptation, worry not. This adaptation looks both promising and exciting, with a cast that seems picture-perfect, so I added it to the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ list.

Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the journey of Aang, the youthful Avatar, as he reawakens to the world after a century, to restore balance to the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) and halt the domination of the Fire Nation. In his journeys, Aang will team up with Water Tribe siblings Katara and Sokka, and come across confrontations and friends along the way. The series will adapt the first book: Water.

Avatar: The Last Airbender | Official Teaser | Netflix

1. Arcane Season 2 (Netflix): After blowing everyone away in 2021 with its stunning animation and incredible storytelling, ‘Arcane’ is set to return in November 2024. Based on the League of Legends universe, no one ever expected such a compelling story to come out from this property. The people and their conflicts in Piltover and Zaun, especially the sisters Vi and Jinx, blew everyone away (in more ways than one).

The production team of this animated series went above and beyond to elevate this world to something amazing. After the actions of Jinx, the story left us with huge cliffhangers. How will the story continue? The political repercussions, innovative and cool action set pieces, the aftermath of destruction, and the characters being put into more crossroads along the way. What new characters from the game will be added is also a mystery and will be revealed in this first entry of the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ list.

Arcane: Season 2 | First Look | Netflix

5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024 Selection Reasons

I’ve been hooked on The Boys since the first sequence. The dark humor and satirical look into not just superheroes but also media personalities, in general, is entrancing. Every season has built upon the last, surpassing the original creator, Garth Ennis’s comics, with its more mature outlook and plot points. Because of these changes, none of us truly know how the story will end. Let’s see what the fifth entry of the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ has in store for us.

The Fallout series has been one of my favorite gaming franchises to look forward to, always bringing new elements to its unique post-apocalyptic world. The world is very wacky and cool while still being filled with danger. I’m excited to see how they’ll depict this world in live-action and included it in the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ list.

As a long-term GoT fan who was scarred by the final season of the series, I was skeptical of everything GoT-related. But House of the Dragon exceeded all my expectations, grabbed me, and brought me back with its larger-than-life characters and drama. I’m fully invested in the war between the Greens and Blacks. Let’s see how the third entry of the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’ will fare.

Growing up, there wasn’t a single animation lover who didn’t watch Avatar. A cultural staple of great storytelling and character development in not just animation but fiction in general, it was infuriating when we were shafted by that horrible M. Night Shyamalan live-action adaptation of the series. But now we can finally have redemption as the new series looks promising. I can’t wait to re-experience the adventures of Aang and the gang once more in the second entry of the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’.

In 2021, many series and anime impacted me in one way or another, but none awestruck me like Arcane. I had no expectations for a show based on League of Legends of all things to leave me speechless. But Arcane did just that and went beyond. The balls-to-the-wall amazing animation, an amazing reimagining of the game characters, and the detailed world-building left me amazed. There’s far more to say about this show and its characters. Season 2 is primed to continue this hype. Everybody’s got to tune in.

5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024 - Visual - Deshi Geek
5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024 – Visual – Deshi Geek


2024 is looking a jam-packed year for web series. With countless choices to pick from these choices of the ‘5 Best Upcoming Web Series 2024’, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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