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Black Clover really hit the jackpot with the release of ‘Sword of the Wizard King’. The feature-length anime film was released on Netflix on June 16th and it has gained 6.4 million views so far. It was the second most-watched non-English movie on the platform in a week. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie got 86% fresh ratings. The Studio Pierrot action-fantasy title is arguably the most successful of all the adaptations. Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King is well deserving of all the hype it has garnered.   

Even if the movie isn’t watched by all, no one missed the viral voice acting of the handsome Fumiya Takahashi playing the role of Jester.  It is all over Reels, TikTok and YouTube shorts. People didn’t know who Jester was but all came to know about this heartthrob actor who actually was famous for being the “Kamen Rider 01”, surely every kid’s idol. But Jester too is an interesting character and we should not forget that so to learn more about the actual story please keep reading like you did for Bungo Stray Dogs and Horimiya before.

Black Clover fans all over the planet, at last, had something to anticipate with the arrival of the Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King. Although the anime debuted in 2017 and ran until 2021 with a sum of 170 episodes, the creation of the anime reached a sudden conclusion and left fans pondering when Asta would return. Netflix had the option to bring back the whimsical legend and his band of dark bulls to the screen, finished off with astounding movement and a convincing storyline.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King | Official Trailer

Black Clover SOTWK Premise

The movie starts with a battle of the past where we see Wizard King Julius but with the twist that he wasn’t the original Wizard King. In fact, Conrad Leto was one to take the position. It was then revealed why Julius had to take it from him by force. The people of the Clover Kingdom once respected Conrad Leto. However, he went berserk due to a mob attacking and killing the love of his life turning him against the kingdom and was then sealed away by Julius himself.

Now, Conrad has resurfaced and wields the “Imperial Sword” and seeks to destroy the Clover Kingdom and bring forth a new era where equality prevails by destroying all and reviving only those he considers deserving of a place in his envisioned society. Which results in killing maximum of the people, mostly royal blood and turning evil himself.

The climax in this movie is from the very start as the past battle is accompanied by the new battle as Asta and Yuno go head-to-head in hopes of securing greater positions to ultimately climb to the title of Wizard King. The entry of Asta was also spectacular as he arrived in disguise for, he was actually banned from taking part in the arranged competition. We watchers and the audience all could feel the level and intensity of the new energy that is rare in a movie. Often, we see the movie shows a journey of development but this movie already started claiming that these two are the boss of the show.

Black Clover - Sword of the Wizard King - Asta - Deshi Geek
Black Clover – Sword of the Wizard King – Asta – Deshi Geek

Unforgettable Antagonist

Movies of long-running anime series generally highlight forgettable antiheroes. The antagonists in these films often emerge from left field and are totally irrelevant to the fundamental plot of the story, in spite of the fact that they typically establish areas of strength for a compromising connection during their concise stretch. In any case, Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King works effectively to keep away from this snare by utilizing its miscreant to grow the series’ legend and world.

Basically, the film’s villain, Conrad Leto, reflects the dim potential inside Asta. While they vary enormously as far as enchanted capacities, Conrad has the capacity to use any sorcery while Asta comes up short on mystical power their definitive driving objective continues as before. Both have seen the bad form intrinsic in the realm’s class framework and plan to make an existence where correspondence, paying little mind to birth, riches, or otherworldly fitness, rules. This is the very justification for why Asta aspires to be the Wizard King.

The captivating turn lies in the way that even with his mind-boggling supernatural ability particularly in the wake of climbing to the place of Wizard King, Conrad couldn’t achieve significant change in the realm. Furthermore, he isn’t the only one in this undertaking. The other three revived Wizard Lords – Princia, Buffoon, and Edward all endeavored to change the framework yet were met with disappointment. Thus, they accept the last expectation lies in starting all over again and beginning once more wiping out everybody in the realm.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King | Official Teaser

Why Watch Black Clover SOTWK?

The movie took place between Elf Reincarnation Arc and The Heart Kingdom Arc but anyone who almost knows the characters and has the idea of the squads can actually see the movie. The viewers won’t be spoiled by any stories they might encounter in the future but the movie will act as a pure source of entertainment.

The film consists of mostly action and slice of life level motivation. Not going to lie it does have plot armor but with the twist as the villains too have a righteous cause for their actions. Now whose side do we pick? Each newly introduced Wizard king has their own unique aura like Jester having a joking personality to mock others and a prideful aura like Gojo Satoru.

We get the hint that Asta has the blessings to become the next Wizard King, Princia being equal to Mereoleona in the extreme craziness in battle with a personality a bit like Saber. In this adaptation, both teams are overpowered hence the fight scenes were something to not miss. We get to see all wizards working as one in a case where every single member of the squad is united. Not to mention we see Captain Yami as a teen from the past as well. All in all, Black Clover SOTWK is worth the watch.  


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