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After nearly 4 years the wholesome Fairy Tail anime is to reappear with a trailer dropping, indicating the return of a mammoth. It’s set that on 5th January 2024, Fairy Tail will be dropping with the new tale of the 100 Years Quest. We did get quite a fantastic ending in the original story back in 2019 since all the characters had proper screen time and a lead to what they would be next doing. Now just like the fans wished Hiro Mashima had served us with a story that could be delivered in the next chapters. Not only do the characters grow insanely powerful but the ships also get closer.

The manga for Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest has been running since 2018 and is currently on its 15th volume in book format [Physical manga] with chapter 135 but up to chapter 141 online, meaning another volume is yet to be released. The best thing about it is that it won’t be ending anytime soon. We also find that A1- Pictures is actually busy with another project of Hiro that is Eden’s Zero and might not be able to handle the project of Fairy Tail. That would be disappointing if that’s the case ultimately because Eden’s Zero came close to our hearts because of the nostalgia Fairy Tail left us with but it will all be revealed later.

So far, the trailer is made of panels from the manga and we can expect a lot of fight scenes to enjoy. Some speculate it can also tease us like we were with the manga of anticipated fights being delayed and in 2023 this had been a case since Bungo Stray Dogs season 5 had also done just that. All left to do is just wait patiently for what’s coming and expect to be getting goosebumps with the all-time favorite tunes and songs with all of our loving characters stepping forward. The news of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest is making me really excited just like The Imaginary did.

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest | Official Trailer | HD

What 100 Years Quest Is All About

The plot of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest revolves around the job Natsu’s group take on. The task is to simply seal the Five Dragon Gods by any means necessary but little do they know it was never that easy. These five dragons are so powerful that each one of them has the potential to wreak havoc on a global scale and puts them all on the same level as Acnologia or even worse. of the previous series. As difficult as sealing these Dragon Gods sounds, they’re not the only challenge that Natsu’s friends must face because this story has endless antagonists.

As the group deals with the Dragon Gods one by one they find themselves not alone anymore since the whole guild seemed to have joined them but as their enemies. This incident took place due to the troublesome kid that goes by the name Touka. But wait, apparently, she is not who she seems and has a second personality. Actually, pun aside, turns out Touka is an exceed and the white mage is a kid who is apparently on the same level as Zeref.

She also manages to steal the Water Dragon God’s power and hypnotize the entire Fairy Tail guild to attack Natsu’s team. We get a similar vibe when we witness these fight scenes in season one of Fairy Tail. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, we also have the Dragon Gods interfering in the fights destroying all that is in their way and a new dark guild titled Diabolos meaning new characters with cool designs joining the scenes.

Fairy Tail - Dragon Cry - Deshi Geek
Fairy Tail – Dragon Cry – Deshi Geek

Five Dragon Gods

Although, not originally five but six Dragon Gods can be expected in the Fairy Tail series because the Five Dragon Gods elements originate from the days of “The Seven Luminaries”, which has meanings like Monday being “Moon Day”, Tuesday as “Fire Day”, Wednesday is “Water Day”, Thursday would be “Wood Day”, Friday is “Gold Day” and Saturday as “Earth Day” from the week in Japanese culture and all six Dragons actually have been revealed in by name or form.

The Dragon Gods are a group of dragons who survived the Dragon King Festival by fleeing to Guiltina to hide from Acnologia. They are each considered to have become as strong as Acnologia and are viewed as deities by Guiltina’s citizens. Several of the dragons have the ability to assume humanoid forms to prevent them from causing a potential catastrophe and although they seem nice the quest has to be carried out and they have to be sealed. Going by the chapters we have:

Ignia: The most shocking character was the son of the Fire Dragon King Igneel. Ignia claims he is the true son of Igneel while Natsu is just a fostered orphan child. Known as the “Fire Dragon God” for his intense fire, he says that he learned of Acnologia’s death at the hands of Natsu and other Dragon Slayers so he wishes to fight Natsu to the death to test his own strength.

Mercphobia: A large serpent-like Water Dragon who controls the Water Capital of Ermina and is worshipped as a protector god to its citizens. We also get to know that he comes across a human girl named Karameel whom he grew fond of and vice versa as she stayed as his assistant but only to later be revealed that she had let the white mage take his powers.

Aldoron: The largest of Dragon Gods is the Wood God who “commands life” possessing the ability to read the minds of others while projecting their feared opponent and absorbing the nutrients from the living. His size is unrivalled to the point that the largest city of Guiltina rests in the palms of his hands meaning he himself can be a whole continent if he pleased. His powers are connected to five orbs that are represented by five guardian deities known as God Seeds which seemed to be easily handled by Natsu and his friends.

Selene: The lone female among the other Dragon Gods is the “Moon Dragon God”. Her powers revolve around the stars, the moon and the power of transportation between worlds sort of like the narrator from Eden’s Zero. Wanting to destroy the other Dragon Gods before they came to kill her, she sought and forced Faris [Imposter white mage] into an ultimatum of destroying the other gods and the reduction of Magic Power in Earth Land or the claiming of Elentear for her own.

Dogramag: A powerful Dragon but the weakest member compared to the others who were similarly worshipped by humans as “gods” was the “Earth Dragon God”. He was a part of the original six members that were at the time coined the name the “Six Dragon Gods” but was murdered by Elefseria in X693 in exchange for devouring the Law Dragon’s heart. His remains became radiant and powerful as it combined with the land and created an everlasting underground maze known as the Great Labyrinth of Dogra, said to be searched by adventurers and Mages.


Catching Up With Everyone!

By everyone, I most certainly mean everyone! Not only do we get the whole Fairy Tail guild fighting together in the panels, but we see other characters who are also related crossing paths. We also get a visit to the Edolas! How long has it been? Probably the same length as our mages experienced because in these nine years, we see the Edo Natsu Lucy to be a couple. That too with a child?

Nasha, the child of Natsu and Lucy in the Edolas seem to step forward with how she was first revealed to look and not only that the Gruvia ship too had sailed and we see Greige as the result. The most iconic of them all was to see Edo Nightwalker Scarlet or Erza’s counterpart with Mystogan as all the couples get shy with all these revelations. If that wasn’t cheery on top, it would suddenly be the use of demon magic, Natsu and Wendy’s Dragon Force, Cana’s fairy Gliter and other amazing mixes of powers with characters like Erza and her mother Irene.

We find the Beta Heaven where we see Zeref and Mavis too. We get to see Aquarius too as she shows her motherly love yet again to Lucy. We also get a new world to discover with the news about Elentir the transcendental magical world where the magic seems to be 10x times greater than the original state and Touka is an exceed from that world.

We also have chapter 68 being a full-on parody of the DBZ since Selene being bored of the world caused chaos just the antagonist there and Vegeta getting shot by the death beam is something Faris goes through not to mention as their world is about to get destroyed the Fairy Tail mages arrive to Elentir finally but on a cloud?!

We had hints of Jujutsu Kaisen in the character design of the seeds during the fight with Wood God with one looking like a cursed spirit that showed up during the first season. We have visuals of Yokais [demons] looking epic alongside the information about them in Japanese folklore. Then the members becoming Yokai themselves? Demon Slayer vibe, maybe, but very old school.

Apart from these we also have diabolos to worry about. Diabolos is a guild of “fifth-generation” Dragon Slayers who gain their abilities by consuming dragons led by Georg Reizen. The guild’s strongest force is a team of four Dragon Eaters who were given the powers of dragons by their master. It consists of Suzaku, a swordsman. Misaki, with the telekinetic ability to tear objects. Haku who manipulates yarn and transforms others into plush dolls, very cute power I might add. Kirin the man who controls air and carries a coffin on his back!

Another turn of events is the old man Elefseria, legibly the first person to hold the title of Guild Master, and the founder of guild Magia Dragon. In the year X633, Elefseria had to witness countless Mages get killed by those who believed Magic to be an evil power, similar to witch hunts of our world. He then tearfully declared that Mages would need to be protected and united, thus forming Magia Dragon, the first Guild in the history of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail - Power Gang - Deshi Geek
Fairy Tail – Power Gang – Deshi Geek

Fairy Tail Rivalling The Big 3?

Although it does sound like we are getting ahead of ourselves because previously it did miss the spotlight Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest might just make it in for a few reasons. As we are aware, Bleach made an epic comeback by keeping its original aesthetics but a strong beautiful upgraded visual and story adaptation. Making us trust that Fairy Tail will have the same approach. Not only this but since there are new characters and different types of magic to explore, it will probably catch the eyes of the newer audience.

The previous issue that it faced was the rush unclear story arc it went by plus the changes in the animation due to shifting producers but if they stick to one studio this will not be the case for what is coming up. It also contains all the characters people adore, revisits down memory lane, a solid support of the future ships to exist and that friendly warm atmosphere. Nothing new to shock you other than their powers but also while tributing the old ones which Naruto missed.

And yet again exciting because of the addition of new cool characters within the progress of the new story with tons of references from other anime. Additionally having a contest once again where Fairy Tail goes against Diabolos. 100 Years Quest anime adaptation has a similar potential to grab the hearts of the viewers as the original once the theme song just hits with the scenes we expect to see. It may side by side be more successful enough to surpass the original just with a little care during production.

What To Expect?

The art style had a fine tuning by Atsuo Ueda and it did upgrade the attack motions drastically. Fairy Tail is more of a nostalgia show where people should expect the expected, something we have known for a long time now and because of the same emotions it will project back to us for that alone this manga deserves an anime adaptation. Fairy Tail was one of the series we had a hard time saying our goodbyes to. The farewell was sweet but left with an empty feeling of missing those voices and funny but quirky scenes.

The fillers itself had an enjoyment of its own. Although the 100 Year Quest is going to be more on the serious side, the casual old comedies slide in just in the right amount. Now, a noteworthy issue is the power of friendship. As of now the plot armor remained the same. It still makes any character more powerful than the opponent but that is a trademark of Fairy Tail and if we can deal with that being a case, not taking it so seriously but rather watch it to just enjoy.


A newbie in town, self-proclaimed mysterious writer who writes a series of continuous stories along with old and modern poems. Can you find yourself in one of her writing segment? Do you get the same sense of nostalgia?

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