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Another Halloween creeps from the shadows of October and with it comes the second instalment of last year’s inaugural Spooky Halloween Night at Dhaka for the event’s first ever anniversary. However, a more real horror haunts this season of spooks, having been lurking in the murk since midsummer, growing increasingly dangerous as the months pass by – dengue.

“The well-being of our visitors is always our greatest concern,” says organizer Oly Shahriar Hasan, “and, considering the vector of the dengue virus, we had to make the tough call and prevent any exposure of the audience to bites from Aedes mosquitoes, forcing us, unlike in 2022, to host the event indoors.” And, that is the main reason behind the venue shift of Spooky Halloween Night.

Indeed, the dengue outbreak in Bangladesh has been worsening with time, and pleas for blood donations are still rampant. As of just the month prior, 170,768 active cases have been reported from hospitals throughout the nation which has gone up at a rate of approximately 2,643 daily to 206,288 total in the previous week when the death toll witnessed a rise past the thousandth mark – 1,006.

Deshi Geek sends its sincerest condolences to all victims, friends, and families.

Spooky Halloween Night – Promo – Deshi Geek

Spooky Halloween Night Organizers’ Reasoning

“I understand many are displeased by our decision,” adds co-founder of the brand Shuvo Rahman, “and we certainly faced our own share of difficulties before reaching it. The outdoor venue was, without a doubt, the most unique feature of Spooky Halloween Night at Chef’s Table Courtside where we wished to return to in 2023 as well, but the circumstances demanded against it.”

“We were hoping to set up a haunted maze on the grounds,” he elaborates. “However, a project is already underway there. The construction poses a multitude of hazards for everyone involved from the risk of injury caused by unsupervised tools, raw material and stray debris to stagnant rain puddles accumulating in borrow pits close to the zone allowing the breeding and hatching of mosquito eggs. Therefore, the choice was eventually made to switch the venue to Tokyo Square Convention Center in Japan Garden City, Mohammadpur.”

“Does the site not come with problems of its own though?” I inquire, referring to some of the issues that plagued AnimeCon Dhaka: Sakura – check out my scoop on those here!

“Yes, I am personally aware of the complaints,” replies Oly Shahriar, “as I was present at the scene of the fiasco you are asking about which happened in the hall a floor above the one, we have booked for Spooky Halloween Night and we have ensured the air-conditioning is functional within this. We have taken further precautions to restrict the turnout and allay worries regarding overcapacity.”

“Only a thousand tickets are on sale with five hundred available for purchase online via our partner Tickify and the remainder five hundred to be dispensed on-spot by our volunteers at the gate. These measures reduce prospects of congestion that led to poor ventilation at AnimeCon.”

Spooky Halloween Night - Visual - Deshi Geek
Spooky Halloween Night – Visual – Deshi Geek

Spooky Halloween Night Attractions

“The lights in the room shall be dimmed,” explains Shuvo Rahman, “to foster ambience with the implementation of decorations such as a customized scarecrow and thematic stage backdrops alongside interactive attractions like face art and witchy fortune-telling booths. Then there will be the usual offerings – pop merchandise stalls, fancy dress routines and a DJ party to close the show.”

“Would be a shame to miss if people cannot get their hands on the limited entry,” I remark. “Well, I think you might know of a certain alternate method of admission,” Oly Shahriar jokes. I chuckle. “Of course, the creator contests. Here, I must request you, my dearest readers, to indulge me a little and wind back the clock twelve months from now.

On the heels of a distressful rut provoked by severe mental breakdowns following COVID as a result of a toxic relationship, my friend Fancy encouraged me to participate in Spooky Halloween Night 2022’s writing competition which, despite my expectations to the contrary, I somehow managed to win, securing first place. Perhaps that could be you this upcoming October 13th, so why not throw your hat in the ring?

Besides the literary arts, Spooky Halloween Night is conducting bouts for illustrators and memers too with free access reserved for the champions, the latter meaning you can literally shitpost your way to join the festivities!

Spooky Halloween Night Reel

Pleasant Rumor And Caution Words

“Anything else we are forgetting to mention?” I probe. “Rumors have come to the surface about a special performance by members of the Kohai Krew from Band Of Rouse, House 5 of the Bangladesh Association of Cosplayers,” relates Oly Shahriar.

As of me writing this article at the moment, my podcast episode featuring the party in question concluded merely an hour ago and they were vehemently inviting listeners to attend the event for a big surprise – could that be a strong hint confirming the gossip is true? I guess we will only find out at Spooky Halloween Night 2023!

Nonetheless, guests, in their excitement, should not forget the subject of health and safety raised by the organizers. It does bear repeating that the ongoing dengue epidemic is, undoubtedly, a threat of serious proportions. Thus, we of Deshi Geek would like to join our voice with theirs in urging for the practice of both individual and collective responsibility.

Keep an eye out for symptoms – sudden, high fever with a myriad of extremely painful sensations felt behind the eyes, in the muscles and joints, stomach and head; nausea is also prevalent and the subsequent vomiting may prompt swift dehydration. Carry salinated beverages, paracetamol and commit the number of the medical hotline to memory – 16263.

Dengue, sadly, has no known cure beyond surviving until the virus has run the full length of its course. Internal bleeding is common, requiring vast amounts of transfusions to treat haemorrhaging vessels. Try your best to do your part in lessening and hopefully soon completely eradicating the countrywide tragedy of the situation by contacting your nearest local blood bank for what could potentially be a life-saving act of charity.

Our existence in this world is fragile yet precious, so let us enjoy it together purposefully, embodying the spirit of fun, positivity and camaraderie! Thank you.



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