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Bleach, regarded as one of the Big 3 of the Japanese anime/manga industry returned this year with the final arc known as the ‘Thousand Year Blood War’. The return of this epic had the fans buzzing for quite a long time and when the first part of TYBW was released it was an instant hit even garnering new-generation admirers.

After the much successful first season of the arc, the second instalment is coming this summer. Tite Kubo’s masterpiece is returning to the TV screen and viewers will be able to watch it on Hulu, Disney+, and possibly Netflix. The release date is slated to be sometime in July.

The Cast of Bleach TYBW aka Bleach: The Blood Warfare Part 2 will be the same as the first instalment. Well, there was no doubt that it would be otherwise though. Following that, the production crew also remains the same. So, the recipe and cooking are done; now the wait is for the delicacy to be served.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2
Bleach TYBW Cour 2

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War  

Bleach, an anime where the old watchers and the young meet together. It is still the anime that knows its hype and carries it throughout the series. It is an anime that is enjoyed by both only because the elements that were pure to Bleach like the hipster opening, the dramatic fights, the serious mockery and the character’s energy all were delivered properly despite the sequels being made now.

The Bleach manga was completed long ago but the new sequel Bleach: Thousand Years Blood Warfare/Sennen Kenssen Hen is equally good and worth watching. The fans of Bleach truly found the same joy and thrill as they are re-living them after a decade now. The manga readers got closure, but now so can the anime watchers. The sequel is set to have 4 seasons or cours [recent popular term] where we already got the taste of how good it is going to be judging from the Bleach: Thousand Year Blood Warfare release.

13 episodes might not seem much given the previous season releases that we are used to, however, the fast-paced storytelling did cover all important notes of the manga. The special treat was the ending as it recapped for the watchers who needed it. For the old watchers, it was a great tribute and nostalgia as they are walking through memory lane in a sense. People waiting for the release of the anime altogether is the very engagement a legend like Bleach can pull up.

Bleach TYBW Cour 2 Trailer

Bleach: The Separation

The second season will advance with the title “The Separation” which gives us an insight into how it might be around some losses or getting to know more of their true self. The story itself is no secret but we all can speculate how emotional this cour can be and just hold on to see its remarkable execution.

The second season might also have 13 episodes at least that’s what the officials are considering because, with this rapid narration of the story, we can easily say not much is left. Bleach getting a full-on closure will be very emotional however any fan will appreciate how it is pulled off after 10 years and not dead like shows of Maid Sama or Psycho Pass.

Another awesome fact about this part 2 and the whole Bleach sequel in general is how the voice actors remained the same like Masakazu Morita as Ichigo Kurosaki despite being in three individual production houses, Noriyuki Abe, the director did a wonderful job. The same cannot be said for all anime like Fairy Tail because fans can quickly notice the difference to the point where it bothered them so it is indeed a big deal to the watchers.

Talking about the creator himself Tite Kubo is a person who has added his own unique style to his creation as he once said in an interview that in Bleach he incorporated Western style more. Although we see it slightly in the characters but most noticeable ones are in the hip-hop-inspired opening one, which, who doesn’t love? It continues in the fight scenes and adds the body horror in anime form, a sub-genre now for horror and he did a splendid work much before the Westerns produced it with Hotel Transylvania in animation form.

Why Watch Bleach?!!

Now, why should one watch it? My dear Deshi Geek readers, the simple answer is why should you not? Because if we see the released teaser trailer it already proves how grand it will be. People got genuinely hyped for the animation Chainsaw Man no matter how much justice Mappa did, so for Bleach it definitely is Justice done.

In the trailer we see the purity in the animation exceeding to a point where it looks real, the metal in the blades and badge looks so vivid yet it’s just an animation and that itself can be the sole reason for one to watch.

Other than indulging in the animation and observing its beauty there are multiple reasons to watch Bleach too. It has a good story, great arcs, awesome character buildup and amazing surprises or twists that will leave you in awe.


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