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Mission Impossible 7, officially known as Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 is the upcoming action spy film of the highly successful Mission Impossible Franchise. This is the seventh edition of the series and expectations are sky-high. The previous editions were Box Office blockbusters individually and people expect this one to be of similar caliber.

The seventh film of the franchise has been a long time coming. The last one is Mission Impossible: Fallout coming out back in 2018, before the Covid Pandemic. No other filmmaker faced a more gigantic obstacle than Christopher McQuarrie during the pandemic.

However, the writer-director is back with another Mission Impossible movie the seventh entry of the franchise. The film is being produced by Skydance Media and TC Productions, while the distribution rights are being held by Paramount Pictures. McQuarrie teased Ethan Hunts’ seventh adventure: “We lean into the Chaos!”

Mission Impossible 7 Scenes
Mission Impossible: Death Reckoning Part 1

Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7 aka Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 will be released in the US on July 14, 20223. The screenplay is written by Christopher McQuarrie and the film is directed by him as well. We will see Tom Cruise in his most familiar role of IMFs’ leader Ethan Hunt. It has been 5 long years since we last saw our favorite spy in action on the silver screen. The half-a-decade-long wait has definitely thrown expectations through the roof.

The reason for such a long wait is quite obvious as the world came to a halt in 2020 during the Covid breakout. As McQuarrie clarified, “We were in Venice, only two days away from the start of the shooting. Then suddenly it (Covid) happened. And, we were at ground zero!” Then in the subsequent years, Christopher along with Tom Cruise managed to film in different locations around the world albeit plagued with delays and complications.

There had to be a notable replacement because of the constant delays as Esai Morales took over the baddie part from Nicholas Hoult. Then there is Hayley Atwell who had to wait 100 days for her first dialogue sequence. You can tell just by that what a pain in the ass this project has been for the people involved. But the Titans have persevered as Mission Impossible 7 is coming to theaters this July.

Mission Impossible: Death Reckoning Part One Teaser Trailer

Cast & Crew

Tom Cruise returns with his most iconic role Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible 7. Well, it is impossible to imagine the franchise without him as the leader of the IMF team. However, there are some issues that are popping into my mind. Although Tom is known for his action stunts, he is quite old now. So, to present him as the same reckless agent who has constant near-death instances can be a turnoff, to be honest. Instead, Ethan Hunt can become a more mature and calculative operative in this entry where he dictates the pace of the mission.

The character of Grace, a destructive force of nature described by Christopher, is portrayed by Hayley Atwell. According to the actress, the loyalties of the character are quite ambiguous. This single hint begs for a lot of questions that will be answered in the movie hopefully.

Esai Morales plays the primary antagonist in Mission Impossible 7. He is an actor with a lot of experience and a high pedigree. It will be interesting to see how he portrays a villain of the Mission Impossible franchise.

Vanessa Kirby returns with her role of Alanna Mitsopolis aka The White Widow. She is an arms dealer in the black market and one of the most popular characters since Fallout. Alanna is supposedly the daughter of Max, the original arms dealer we saw in the first film.

The critical task of cinematography fell to Fraser Taggart and I hope he has done his absolute best job because a movie of this level needs flawless cinematography. It has been edited by British film editor Eddie Hamilton. Music composition was done by British composer Lorne Balfe.

Mission Impossible 7 Trailer

What To Expect

I do not think I have to explain what to expect from a Mission Impossible film. The pure thrill every previous entries have given us is proof of the sheer entertainment level of the franchise. Hopefully, Mission Impossible 7 will give us not only a similar but also a better experience.

As for the readers of Deshi Geek, that is all I can say about the movie so far. If you want to know more definitely watch the film when it hits the theaters. Also, stay tuned to our website for more news and reviews.     



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