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Vinland Saga Season 2 is ongoing now and what a season it has been so far. Many mainstream anime when they get a second season cannot replicate the success of the first season because of not being on par with the original hype. However, the second entry of Vinland Saga is among the few elites that have successfully broken through this curse. It is even far superior to the first season, to be honest. I guess that is the reason the anime is getting so much attention lately and the hype is on the rise.

As someone who has read the manga and watched the first season, I was quite skeptical before the release of Vinland Saga Season 2. I was reluctant to watch it at first as the fear of disappointment made me quite timid. Finally, I got myself together and started watching thinking to myself, “It is what it is!”. After watching the first few moments of episode 1 I was fairly convinced that Vinland Saga Season 2 is not going to disappoint!

Vinland Saga Season 2 Knowhow

First of all, let’s touch on some areas that most of us know already. The anime series is adapted from the manga Vinland Saga by Makoto Yukimura. The manga series is published by Kodansha and serialized by manga magazine Monthly Afternoon. It is a historical epic adventure story that takes us on a ride of the legendary Viking Era.

Vinland Saga Season 2 is produced by MAPPA. The studio has changed since season 1 but the main production staff has fortunately been retained. Shuhei Yabuta directed the series with the series composition done by Hiroshi Seko. Takahiko Abiru designed the characters and music composition done by Yutaka Yamada. The season premiered on Tokyo MX, BS11, and GBS. It is also streaming on Netflix.

The second season is slated to run for 24 episodes with 16 episodes already released. River by Anonymouz is the opening theme and Without Love by LMYK is the ending for the first half. The second half of the season is adorned with Paradox by Survive Said the Prophet as the opening and Ember by haju: harmonics as the ending.

Vinland Saga Season 2
Vinland Saga Season 2

Season 2 Synopsys

Vinland Saga Season 2 starts with the perspective of Einer, an English farmer whose lands were raided by the marauding Vikings and his family slaughtered right before his eyes. The Danes then take him back to their territory and sell him as a slave to Ketil, a kind slave owner. Devastated by the loss of his dear family, Einer resigns to his fate clinging only to his mother’s final words to survive.

After arriving at Ketil’s farm he is partnered up with Thorfinn, a timid yet hard-working slave. Ketil tells them that they can earn their freedom by working on the farm and repaying the debt fully. Einer is thrilled with this proposition and encourages Thorfinn to give his best as well. However, Thorfinn has no motivation as he lives like a walking corpse. Nonetheless, they work together with the same goal of raising crops.

Character Complexities

Character development and timely character introduction are the base of any good storyline. Vinland Saga Season 2 is a masterstroke in this regard as it is closely following the original manga story. Each character in the manga has their own stories to tell no matter how long or how short and the same has been adapted into the anime series which is a blessing.

Thorfinn the MC is seen having a drastic change in personality from season one which can make many viewers find faults and ask questions. It is natural to be like this after seeing such changes but let me tell you it is the same in the manga and it is not that big of a deal.

Just think about it, watching his sworn enemy getting murdered in front of him when he vowed to end the life of his father’s killer himself made him mad with rage and grief. Then when Thorfinn regained his senses, he has already lost his purpose in life and was sold as a slave with nowhere to return to. This turn of events absolutely warrants the changes in season 2.

The character of Einer is the most critical edition in the series as he guides Throfinn towards a normal life by becoming his trusted friend. His interactions with the MC and the other characters around make the story most engaging. Then there are the characters of Ketil, Snake, and Arnheid are welcome editions who affect the story with their unique personalities. The recurring character of Canute as a King is something most entertaining.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Trailer

Animation, Voice Acting & Music

The animation of Vinland Saga Season 2 is by far the most alluring aspect of the anime. The art style is so beautiful that it makes one gasp in awe. Coloring cannot be more realistic as it truly defines the level of modern anime. The blend of character animation and background art animation is bound to amaze you.

Voice acting is right on point. The casting has been great and as a result, the voices of each character feel like the perfect resonance. The emotions put by the voice actors in each dialogue are praiseworthy.

The music of Vinland Saga 2 is not that good but not bad either. Apart from the openings and endings the BGM is quite subpar, to be honest. Let’s face it, not every aspect of something can be likeable to everyone. In that context, music is the only disappointing factor.

My Recommendation

Well, my recommendation to the readers of Deshi Geek is, “Watch Vinland Saga Season 2!”. Even if you are not into the historical genre this anime will not disappoint you but rather seduce you to its’ charms of sublime storyline, cohesive character development, and amazing animation work. So do not delay any longer and start watching Vinland Saga Season 2. However, if you still haven’t watched the first season then start with it. Just enjoy the anime, that is all!    



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