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John Wick is arguably the most hyped title at present and rightly so. The franchise has entertained audiences from around the world for many years. Keanu Reeves has made this character a cult classic over the years and continues to awe the fans with each new entry. After the release of the most recent entry people have crowded the theaters in droves to enjoy another breathtaking experience and they have not been disappointed.

Banking on the popularity of John Wick, Peacock has announced a mini-series named The Continental based on the John Wick World. The series is slated to premiere on September 22, 2023, to be streamed for the global audience. This must be a pleasant surprise for the fans as they get to watch a TV adaptation directly linked to the original in the same year the film has been released.

What Is John Wick TV Series About?

It is going to be a three-part series. The story will explore the iconic hotel ‘The Continental’. It is a safe haven for the underworld operatives and the centerpiece of the John Wick Universe. The series will depict real-world events including the American Mafia’s rise to economic power and the Winter of Discontent.

We will see the spectacular events unfold through the eyes of Winston Scott. Winston came to become the proprietor of The Continental in the 1970s and slowly but surely establishes the hotel as the go-to place for the members of the Mafia. Scott oversees the rise of the criminal activities done by the people of the underworld but no business is allowed to be done inside the hotel premises whatsoever.

John Wick - The Continental

Cast & Crew

The John Wick TV Series stars Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, Ben Robson, Jessica Allain, Jeremy Bobb, Peter Greene, Mishel Prada, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Nhung Kate, and Ayomide Adegun. This is a cast of heavyweight actors and so expectations are rightly sky-high.

The teaser trailer has given us a sneak peak of all the stars already with some coming to the front door and some staying at the bar. It has also been confirmed that Katie McGrath, Ray McKinnon, Mark Musashi, and Marina Mazepa will guest in the series.

The series is based on John Wick by Derek Kolstad. It is being developed by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward, and Shawn Simmons while the script was written by the three as well with an addition of Ken Kristensen in the panel. The Continental is directed by Albert Hughes and Charlotte Brändström. Meanwhile, Raffertie has been announced as the music composer.

There are quite a few production companies involved in the project. Lionsgate Television, Thunder Road Pictures, and Summit Television together worked on the production of the John Wick TV series. And, Peacock is the original network.

John Wick – The Continental Trailer

Character Chronicles

Lance Reddick’s character, Continental concierge Charon, will appear in the series as a youthful man played by Adegun. Woodell plays Winston. preliminarily blazoned as the lead of the 1975- set show. Also, given away the New York Continental’s portion in John Wick 4, suckers will be happy to know it in its initial glory.

The Continental is probing into the youthful Winston and how it came to be that he and his platoon of confederates set up their expressway into this hotel. The story is about a worsening New York in the 1970 and how the American Mafia gains pace in their endeavor of economic domination.

Katie McGrath plays an arbitrator, like Asia Kate Dillon in John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Peter Greene dons the fedora of Uncle Charlie. Ben Robson plays Frankie, Hubert Point-Du Jour portrays Miles, Jessica Allain is Lou, Mishel Prada is KD, and Nhung Kate plays Yen.

My Expectations

With all the popularity of the John Wick Franchise and the recent success of Chapter 4, my expectations for The Continental are absolutely going through the roof. But then again, it is a spin-off to be precise so I should keep my enthusiasm in check. Nonetheless, I would undoubtedly recommend this upcoming series to Deshi Geek readers! 



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