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A Shop for Killers is an upcoming K-Drama of 2024 slated for release on Disney+ and Hulu on 17th January. It is also one of the most anticipated K-Drama of this year. Korea is kicking off the New Year with a bang, introducing thrilling new additions to its Korean drama lineup. As we bid farewell to some of the December 2023 releases – Gyeongseong Creature being the most notable one, let’s dive into what January has in store for K-Drama enthusiasts. And for the reminder, I have already written about the 5 best upcoming K-Dramas of the year.

A Shop for Killers is a thriller-based drama that revolves around a young woman who discovers secrets behind her uncle’s shopping mall after his death.  And the uncle is one of the main reasons why you should tune in to the show. It’s none other than Lee Dong Wook, who is by no means a stranger to Korean drama enthusiasts. The K-Drama will have a short run with eight episodes in total. 8 episodes will allow the storyline to pan out well, without overstretching and dramatizing it for no reason.

A Shop For Killers | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

The Anticipation-Raising Trailer & Poster

The bombastic trailer of A Shop for Killers has put us in a place where we have a myriad of questions that need answering. Will Jeong Jin-Man’s secrets cause a threat to Ji-An? Or will Ji-An take it upon herself to continue to run the shopping mall even after learning the truth? In a flash, Ji-An finds herself in a flurry of gunfire and violence and is forced to remember the training she received at a young age.

The official poster of A Shop for Killers has a tagline that reads, “The dangerous inheritance uncle left. Will you continue to run the shopping mall?” So, what do you think?  Will Jung Ji-An take ownership? When it comes to its release schedule, there are no clear details if Disney+ will run the K-drama with weekly episode releases or all at once. As a fan of thrillers, I’m already seated for this one.

A Shop For Killers - Poster - Deshi Geek
A Shop For Killers – Poster – Deshi Geek

A Shop For Killers Storyline

The thrill-inducing series A Shop for Killers will be unfolding with Jung Ji-An, a college student who learns the truth about her uncle. Jung Ji-An’s father had killed Jung Ji-An’s mother and had committed suicide when she was little. Then her uncle who is a shopping mall owner comes in the frame. He starts raising her. When Ji-An gets into college, she moves out.

Then suddenly one day she gets the news that her uncle has taken his own life, but Ji-An knows her uncle better than anyone having been raised by him and finds the circumstances rather suspicious. Jung Ji-An uncovers the dark and perplexing truth behind her uncle’s shopping mall when she returns home to settle her dead uncle’s affairs. 

킬러들의 쇼핑몰 | 메인 예고편 | 디즈니+

Cast & Crew

Lee Dong-Wook will be playing Jeong Jin-man the uncle character, a man who secretly runs an unusual shopping mall and takes care of her niece, Ji-An. Kim Hye-Joon will be playing Jeong Ji-An the niece’s character, a young girl who grew up under his unusual uncle after losing her parents due to tragic events. They are the two main characters. It just so happens that both Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye-Jun have played killer roles in their previous dramas (Hell is Other People and Inspector Koo).

Park Ji Bin will depict Bae Jung Min, Ji-An’s peer with extraordinary hacking abilities. He stated, “There will be scenes where Jung Min reveals his unique colors as the story progresses.” Every scene in the show feels like a feature.” Geum Hae-Na will portray Min Hye, a mysterious S-Class assassin who is great with guns, blades, and numerous different kinds of weapons. Kim Min will depict Pasin, Ji-An’s Muay Thai instructor, while Lee Tae-Young will portray a mysterious part-timer who furtively deals with the mall.

A Shop for Killers is based on the acclaimed novel ‘The Killers Shopping Mall’ written by Kim Ji-Young. Lee Kwon and No Kyu-Yeob are helming the project as joint directors. Lee Kwon is also the script-writer of the show along with Ji Ho-Jin. Not one of them has been part of any blockbuster project before and will face the challenge of delivering for the occasion. However, this project may just be the one to shoot them to success.

A Shop For Killers - Scene - Deshi Geek
A Shop For Killers – Scene – Deshi Geek

A Shop For Killers Expectations

A Shop for Killers promises an extraordinary thriller that will keep us on the edge of our seats throughout its run. The thrilling trailer and the mysterious poster have already hooked me and many others I presume. Stay tuned for this captivating K-drama on Disney+, ensuring your 2024 is filled with riveting stories, unforgettable characters, and, of course, the magic of fabulous Korean dramas.

As we embrace the new, let’s not forget the returning favorites making their way back to Netflix in January 2024. Meanwhile, the K-drama Industry continues to serve up fresh content with weekly releases, catering to fans who can’t get enough of their coveted genre. This is the inextinguishable charm of the Hallyu Wave that continues to mesmerize audiences on a global scale.


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