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“12th Fail” is an inspiring tale of perseverance and resilience in the face of failure. This story shows that even when we experience setbacks, we have the power to learn from them and come back stronger than ever. Don’t let failure define you – let it motivate you to keep pushing forward.

In the tale of the 12th Fail, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film serves as a compelling reminder: every failure paves the way for success if one refuses to surrender. This cinematic gem, akin to Chopra’s legendary works, unfolds as, setbacks are stepping stones to victory, not conclusions. Failures are preludes to a triumphant journey.

The Zee Studios distribution 12th Fail has come up as a hidden gem and sleeper hit in the big-name battle of Bollywood in 2023. A year which saw SRKs’ comeback in blockbusters – Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki, Pravaas rocking the screen with Salaar and Ranbir creating clamor with Animal – 12th Fail has stolen our hearts with a most fascinating showing.

12th Fail – Official Trailer | Vidhu Vinod Chopra

12th Fail Features A Triumph Of Tenacity

In the gripping narrative inspired by the true-life odyssey of Manojn Kumar Sharma, penned masterfully by Ashok Pathak, spoilers remain tightly guarded to preserve the essence of an extraordinary journey of 12th Fail. Tracing Manoj’s path from the untamed landscapes of Chambal to the hallowed halls of the UPSC building in the heart of the capital, the distance covered might seem short, but the chasm between these worlds is vast.

In contemplating the tale of a ‘Hindi medium’ youth emerging from the humblest of backgrounds, navigating an educational realm where success is often a whispered promise, one can’t help but marvel at the genius of 12th Fail. The stark contrast between Mohan’s meager resources, limited worldly awareness, and the formidable challenge of scaling educational heights raises profound questions about our societal structures.

The mere thought of a student, armed with minimal funds and devoid of worldly sophistication, triumphing against the odds is enough to elicit a blink of disbelief. How did this courageous soul traverse the treacherous terrain of an education system often criticized for its inequalities and biases? The narrative, undoubtedly, unveils layers of courage, resilience, and determination that force us to confront the controversial facets of our educational paradigm.

12th Fail - Poster - Deshi Geek
12th Fail – Poster – Deshi Geek

Divulging The 12th Fail Charms

In the realm of cinematic excellence, 12th Fail stands out as an impeccable creation. Even under the scrutiny of a magnifying glass, discerning faults becomes a challenging endeavor, attesting to its flawless craftsmanship. In the cinematic landscape, we’ve often witnessed the surge of films propelled by the star power of industry giants, occasionally lacking a substantive plot. There’s also the phenomenon of movies garnering disproportionate attention merely due to the inclusion of star kids, as exemplified by “The Archies.”

However, nestled amidst these trends are cinematic gems like 12th Fail, featuring actors of significant prowess, navigating an industry landscape with renowned godfathers, yet without the crutch of pre-existing fame. Their ascent is a testament to pure acting skills, proving that authentic talent can shine regardless of lineage.

While certain films enjoy positive responses, those that resonate universally with the masses are a rarity. The emotional tapestry woven by the exceptional acting skills of these emerging talents is not just a personal experience but a collective sentiment shared by viewers. It’s akin to finding a needle in a haystack, where this movie stands as a beacon of relatability and connection.

Engaging with the narrative of 12th Fail felt like stepping into a vivid moment in time, where the actors’ prowess conveyed emotions with such resonance that I, like many others, felt transported into Manoj’s world. It’s a shared experience that transcends individual perspectives, making this film a valuable addition to the cinematic canon—a rare diamond in the rough.

In the cinematic sonnet of 12th Fail, the characters of Manoj and his now-wife Shraddha unfold in a melodic dance. Manoj’s rural roots resonate through the dulcet tones of classical Indian instruments— flute, harmonium, sarod, and resonant sitar—painting a serene village backdrop. Conversely, Shraddha’s modern essence is scored by the sophisticated piano, echoing the vibrant rhythm of her contemporary life.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s artistry crescendos as he intertwines these divergent worlds, a poetic dance of past and present. The infusion of a sarod in the modern musical tapestry of ‘Bolo Na’ becomes a lyrical masterpiece, where strings of tradition gracefully waltz with beats of modernity, enhancing the narrative’s enchanting cadence demonstrating the couple’s unity and commitment in the face of adversity.

A delightful surprise in 12th Fail is the restrained use of songs, with Shraddha’s on-the-spot creation standing as a shining example. Chopra’s foresight in planning this is commendable, and the result is a movie devoid of unnecessary musical extravagance. This deliberate choice enhances the narrative, a refreshing departure from the trend of excessive songs, earning my sincere admiration.

12th Fail – New Trailer | A Tale Of Triumph | Vidhu Vinod Chopra 

The Profound Narrator

In Manoj’s triumphant journey, Pandey, from whose perspective this tale is narrated, emerges as a silent architect, offering unwavering support from his own vantage point. While Shraddha’s encouragement is celebrated, Pandey’s pivotal role cannot be overlooked—he orchestrated Manoj’s journey, providing guidance, essentials, and unyielding friendship. From unraveling exam intricacies to offering life’s basics, Pandey epitomizes the essence of friendship—supporting someone when they are a stranger, devoid of money, knowledge, and worldly experience.

Pandey’s journey in 12th Fail imparts a profound lesson. Despite initial setbacks in civil service exams, his trajectory transforms when Shraddha suggests journalism—a unique path he embraces and excels in. It underscores the liberating truth that success isn’t confined to standardized exams but blossoms when aligned with one’s true passion.

Success isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey; what proves effective for others may not necessarily resonate with our individual paths. Merely conquering the toughest exams doesn’t guarantee possessing the right knowledge; sometimes, true wisdom lies in aligning with our passions. It’s a poignant reminder that people often excel in their preferred fields of work, showcasing the profound impact passion has on performance and fulfilment.

12th Fail - Visual - Deshi Geek
12th Fail – Visual – Deshi Geek

Dreams Beyond Despair

Every facet of 12th Fail breathes excellence. The portrayal of ‘Gauri Bhaiya’s’ unwavering optimism, even in the face of losing his fourth UPSC chance, is a beacon of inspiration for students who may have surrendered to the shadows of despair. In the poignant finale, as he bestows his cherished uniform upon Manoj, it becomes a poignant tableau—his student’s ascension to an IPS Officer akin to Gauri Bhaiya’s dreams materializing. This poignant gesture beautifully imparts the wisdom of dreaming through others’ eyes.

In its entirety, this film serves as a profound source of inspiration. It eloquently underscores that regardless of the adversities one faces — be it the cruel hand of luck or financial instability — pure dedication and unwavering hard work possess the transformative power to propel us beyond the boundaries of imagination. It’s a cinematic testament to the adage that dedication knows no defeat and hard work is the compass that steers us to destinations beyond our wildest dreams.

In the grand tapestry of cinema, where trends often obscure substance, this movie emerges as a timeless piece, resonating with audiences far beyond the glitz of stardom. It’s a cinematic triumph that not only tugs at the heartstrings but also leaves an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of its viewers.


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  • Abir, January 9, 2024 @ 1:22 pm Reply

    Truly a gem of a film!!!

  • Abir Hasan, January 9, 2024 @ 1:24 pm Reply

    Enjoyed every scene!!!

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