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Arpita Sangma is a most talented cosplayer from Chattogram. She is the grand champion of AnimeCon Chattogram 2023 Sakura’s Cosplay Competition. A student by profession the Chattogram Cosplayer has a flair and aura to her cosplays that is definitively visible to the onlookers. Her sister is also a cosplayer and together they are known as the ‘Sangma Sisters’ in the community.

Arpita Sangma is an active member of the Bangladesh Association of Cosplayers (BAC) and belongs to House 2 also known as the Chittagong Cosplayers. Well, the House System of BAC should be nothing new to you folks if you’re at all familiar with the Bangladeshi Cosplay Scene. Nonetheless, let me explain one more time. Co-founder of BAC Oly Shahriar Hasan started the system inspired by Harry Potter houses.

Now, you people may be curious about the title. Well, here’s the explanation. This year’s AnimeCon Chattogram saw the most devastating rainfall and was wrought with difficulties. The organizers were unable to execute many plans due to the heavy downpour and one crucial aspect was the forgone conclusion of Goldfish Scooping as they were unable to go look for goldfish. Another drawback was decorations. In this gloomy environment, Arpita Sangma was the true glitter with her eye-catching cosplay and fabulous performance.

Believe me, as I was present there. The sky was covered in gloomy clouds since morning and it was raining at regular intervals. It didn’t feel like an anime festival at all. I cosplayed as well, as the same old ‘Lord Aizen’, but was contracted with the gloomy mood. Then at the clock of midday, I saw ‘Athanasia De Alger Obelia’ from ‘Who Made Me A Princess’ and was awe-struck. It felt like the beautiful princess from anime has come to earth to bless us and peeps I’m not kidding as the cosplay was that amazing.

Arpita Sangma Cosplays

Arpita Sangma’s Journey Of Cosplay

As I have already featured many cosplayers in Deshi Geek, I have had similar answers to the question, “What made you want to be a Cosplayer?”. The answers were mostly, “I wanted to play my favorite fictional character!”. However, in the case of Arpita Sangma, it is very different. “Just my sis wanted to cosplay and asked me if I also wanted to cosplay… I agreed because I have to follow in my sister’s footsteps XD!!!”, she answered with a delightful chuckle.

As for her inspiration, Arpita Sangma mentioned the Malaysian Cosplayer Hakken. The Sarawak-born cosplayer is one of the most recognized cosplayers of Asia with a huge fan following. The feature in Tatler Asia depicts how cosplaying can change lives in a positive way in regard to the rise of Hakken. As for our charming cosplayer from Chattogram Arpita, her inspiration being Hakken is a massive positive. “Hakken is my inspiration. They take cosplay to the next level…”, she exclaimed with much enthusiasm.

I’m currently into manhwa’s and I have a long list of the characters I want to cosplay. Finally, I was able to cosplay one of my favorite characters Athanasia De Alger Obelia from ‘Who Made Me A Princess’ in ACC23.”, Arpita Sangma conveyed her delight in cosplaying one of her favorite anime characters. “I first cosplayed in 2017 and my character was Sakura from Kaichou wa maid-sama.”, she reminisced with a look of nostalgia in her eyes. With half a decade gone since her first cosplay, Arpita can be considered a veteran cosplayer of the community.

Arpita Sangma has cosplayed nine times so far and she has attended two conventions as a competitive cosplayer. ComiCon 2019 and AnimeCon Chattogram 2023 are the two instances. She was a finalist in ComiCon 2019 and finally, in 2023 she became the grand champion in the ACC23 cosplay competition. The quantity in this journey is very little compared to other established cosplayers but, there is no denying the quality.

“I have to say AnimeCon is my favorite cause the place they choose is perfect… I mean the hall is spacious and you have access to both indoor and outdoor locations for taking pictures.”, thus Arpita Sangma chose her most favorite convention. As for her upcoming cosplays, she was being very secretive and mischievous and answered coyly, “What are my upcoming cosplay projects?? Ahem, I enjoy keeping my projects secret… But I’ll give a little spoiler and it’s related to strawberry.”

Arpita Sangma - Cosplays 1 - Deshi Geek
Arpita Sangma – Cosplays 1 – Deshi Geek

Essence Of Cosplay

“To me, cosplay is a way to show my love for the character and just another way to show my creativity.”, Arpita Sangma described her meaning of cosplay. Well, this is how cosplay is to most of us as we cosplay.

“Tailoring and crafting your own costume is fun like you get to flex in front of people.  Also, you get to learn and experience new things. It’s also best for you if you make your own costume. As only you will know the accuracy of the costume…”, that is Arpita’s view on costume making.

“I always try to look for a cheaper way to make my costumes. So, I always start from what I have at home. I redo the costume again if I’m not satisfied with it…”, she continued, “And the challenging part is I don’t have a sewing machine so redoing it again and again with hand stitch is really tiring and annoying.” That is it peeps, sewing by hand and that is what she did with her Athanasia cosplay. Remarkable execution and passion if you ask me.

“In my opinion wig styling and make-up is equally as important as the costume. Since every character has a unique style, even a small detail can help make your character stand out.”, Arpita shared her insight regarding wig styling and make-up.

Now, to the ever-debated question of being in character while cosplaying. Many cosplayers have debated over this crucial aspect of cosplay and to Arpita Sangma it is about having fun, “To be in character while cosplaying is important or not? I’m not sure, but it’s fun to be in character… You have the costume on, make-up on, and if you’re also in character that would make your cosplay the ‘Perfect Cosplay’ we say.”

Arpita described her first-ever cosplaying experience as something unforgettable and a memory of utmost delight. “The experience of my first cosplay was unforgettable. I was delighted to meet the other cosplayers and it was also my first time at an anime-related event. So, everything about that day was memorable.”, she reiterated her joy.

As cosplayers, we sometimes face indecent and awkward situations. The crowd of pop culture cons in Bangladesh can be nasty sometimes, but not all though. Some bad experiences even cause cosplayers life-long trauma. Arpita Sangma has been lucky enough so far to not have experienced such instances as she clarified, “I’m fortunate enough that I didn’t face anything bad till now and I feel lucky for that.” Also, on the question of the most important trait of a cosplayer Arpita answered, “The most important trait a cosplayer should have is dedication. If you don’t have the dedication required to complete something you started, you won’t be able to finish it.”

Arpita Sangma Performance

Arpita Sangma’s Experience Of ACC23

“When I got the news of AnimeCon Chattogram 2023 Sakura, honestly, I wasn’t happy because I thought I won’t be able to cosplay this year too. Because last year I couldn’t finish making my costume in time. That resulted in me not being able to cosplay. But I’m happy I was able to this year.”, Arpita Sangma clarified. “Actually yes, I had the determination to win the contest… It’s because I wanted to surprise my parents by winning and also because I worked really hard for 2 weeks.”, she continued.

“The overall experience of the convention was good… The main attraction of conventions is cosplay and the cosplay performances of ACC23 were DOPE… I seriously got goosebumps.”, she exclaimed. “At first, I was nervous in front of the judges, then slowly started to feel comfortable as the judges were really nice. But I was completely at ease after the performance. It was an amazing experience no matter what.”, she continued with her accounts of the event.

“The audience helps boost your confidence, also the screams are quite pleasing to the ears (•⁠ᴗ⁠•)”, she shared her joy on audience cheers. “When the result was announced I was confused the whole time because I literally couldn’t hear anything. I was unaware of the fact that I won the first prize. I was like at least I’m one of the winners.”

“All the other cosplayers present there were really amazing. You can see their dedication through their performance. Every single one of them rocked the stage.”, she gave her verdict on the other cosplayers present at the event.

Arpita Sangma - Cosplays 2 - Deshi Geek
Arpita Sangma – Cosplays 2 – Deshi Geek


“I didn’t really think much about the future. But as a veteran Cosplayer, I want to help the newcomers. Like I could be someone they can look up to when they need help, ask for suggestions and stuff… It feels good to help others through their journey!”, Arpita Sangma disclosed her willingness to help up-and-coming cosplayers of the community.

“Friends are the number 1 supporters when it comes to cosplay…Their motivation would be the worst way possible to prevent you from losing hope in yourself XD!”, she explained the role of her friends in her journey as a cosplayer. “My parents were never that supportive. But I don’t know what happened, they actually didn’t say anything this time and my dad actually helped me cut the fabrics… They were really happy when they heard I won.”, she continued.

As for aspiring cosplayers Arpita Sangma had some carefully crafted choice words to make them motivated for cosplaying, “For aspiring cosplayers don’t be shy and be brave… Don’t get demotivated by others’ words…”

Finally, Arpita showered Deshi Geek with praises for its contributions to the Bangladeshi Pop Culture Scene. “And lastly Desi Geek is an amazing platform for all the pop culture enthusiasts in Bangladesh. I am glad and honored to be a part of it.”, she praised.

Folks, to find and appreciate Arpita Sangma’s cosplays follow her social media accounts,

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