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The ‘Top 5’ mania continues and this time it’s the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’. Deshi Geek has served many such features in Anime and now it’s time for the much-marginalized genre to take center stage. We have seen 5 best articles on – Anime, Isekai Anime, Romance Anime, and 90s Anime. These features had quite a few amazing names on them and mine is boasting some heavyweights as well.   

Sports and Anime were regarded as two different sources of entertainment until 1928. One of the most prominent Anime directors Yasuji Murata combined two sources into one by directing the first sports anime “Animal Olympic Games“. However, it was just the beginning of a new type of genre in the Anime industry. And, that unique genre is my motivation for writing this ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ feature.

The improvement of technologies and as well as the interest of the viewers made this genre one of the most fabulous, inspirational, and enjoyable genres in the Anime Industry. Today we are here to talk about the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ that have seen millions of viewers from a wide range of demographics. These titles are so iconic that they will weather the test of time.

5 Best Sports Anime of All Time - Poster - Deshi Geek
5 Best Sports Anime of All Time – Poster – Deshi Geek

What To Expect From Sports Anime?

Before diving into the world of sports anime let’s discuss some points first. Sports anime mainly focuses on vibrant storylines with creative storytelling techniques. A main character is highlighted throughout the whole show. The journey of that character develops slowly from zero to its final peak depending on the creator.

In every sports anime, the creator tries his best to illustrate the journey of the main character in such a way that the viewers merge into the real emotions of that character. The main character wins after many attempts or loses without any hope, these things create a curiosity among the audience until the final whistle is blown.

5 Best Sports Anime of All Time - Visual - Deshi Geek
5 Best Sports Anime of All Time – Visual – Deshi Geek

5 Best Sports Anime Of All Time That You Must Watch

1. Haikyu!!: No wonder this anime series is the leading one on my ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list. Appearing on screen in 2014, this series left a permanent impression among the fans. Even after 4 seasons containing 85 episodes, creator Haruichi Furudate developed an enduring thirst, a craze for another season to be created.

Haikyu!!” thrives on its character development, with the Karasuno High School volleyball team showcasing a range of personalities and skills that make it a captivating ensemble. Whether it’s Hinata’s infectious energy or Kageyama’s talent, each character experiences substantial growth in the series, making them easy to cheer for both during games and in their journeys.

The unique aspect of “Haikyuu!!” lies in its depiction of teamwork and companionship. Audiences are engrossed in thrilling matches featuring intense rallies, clever strategies, and suspenseful moments. Another impressive feature is its exceptional soundtrack. When paired with skilled animation and coordinated volleyball scenes, the show offers a captivating audiovisual experience that engrosses the audience.

Haikyu!! – Official Trailer

2. Slam Dunk: Ever tried to impress your crush in high school by doing something beyond your experience? Then “Slam Dunk” is highly recommended to bring back those sweet memories again in your life. The anime remains a classic work of art that enchants viewers with its thrilling mix of sports, humor, and emotion. It takes second place on my ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list.

Crafted by Takehiko Inoue, the manga and the subsequent anime series have made a lasting impression on sports anime entertainment ever since its first release in 1990. With 101 episodes divided into 2 seasons, this show is a perfect example of a great combination of sports intensity and light comedy that ensures zero boredom for the viewers.

“Slam Dunk” goes beyond just basketball, delving into the personal challenges and connections of its characters. Whether it’s Hanamichi’s love interest or the rivalries among teammates and opponents, the series delves into themes of companionship, faithfulness, and second chances with complexity and subtlety. Every character is developed with their own goals and dreams, making it simple for viewers to connect with their emotional experiences.

Slam Dunk Anime OP 1 4K Remaster

3. Ace of Diamond: At number three on the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list, we got “Ace of Diamond” celebrated as a compelling sports anime that immerses viewers in the competitive realm of high school baseball. Based on Yuji Terajima’s manga, this series has garnered international acclaim since its premiere in 2013, praised for its exciting matches, well-developed characters, and engaging narrative.

The series excels in its diverse ensemble host of characters, with each character having their own distinct goals, abilities, and imperfections. “Ace of Diamond” delves into the complex relationships and personal development that arise from the competitive and supportive dynamics within a team, showcasing both the triumphs and challenges of the sport.

In addition to exploring the world of baseball, “Ace of Diamond” also examines the importance of determination, companionship, and the quest for greatness. By following Eijun’s experiences and the challenges encountered by his fellow players, the show highlights the commitment and enthusiasm that motivate athletes to strive for success and achieve their goals.

AMV Ace of Diamond Trailer

4. Hajime No Ippo: At number 4 on the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list, we have “Hajime no Ippo” a revered sports anime known for its engaging storyline, vibrant characters, and intense boxing matches. Created by George Morikawa in 1989, this series has garnered widespread praise and cemented its place as a beloved classic in the sports genre.

The heart of “Hajime no Ippo” follows the transformation of Ippo Makunouchi, a shy high schooler who develops a passion for boxing thanks to a fortuitous meeting with professional boxer Mamoru Takamura. Determined to overcome his doubts, Ippo commits to rigorous training with Coach Kamogawa, aspiring to achieve greatness as a boxing champion.

Apart from the intense action sequences, “Hajime no Ippo” delves into themes of camaraderie, competition, and personal development as Ippo bonds with his peers in boxing and tackles his fears and obstacles. It showcases the resilient human spirit and the importance of perseverance, motivating readers to pursue their aspirations and persevere through challenges.

Hajime no Ippo – Trailer/AMV – The Boxing Program [HD]

5. Blue Lock: At number 5 on the list of ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’, we have “Blue Lock” a thrilling anime that revolutionizes the sports genre. Created by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, this series revitalizes the soccer narrative with its competitive spirit, tactical approach, and intricately developed characters.

In a world where Japan’s soccer team faces a devastating loss, “Blue Lock” unveils the innovative Blue Lock initiative. This program aims to discover and nurture the top strikers in the country by assembling a squad of talented young athletes with the singular aim of creating a striker who can propel Japan to success in international competitions.

A key highlight of the series is its detailed depiction of soccer strategy and tactics. “Blue Lock” delves into the mental aspects of the game, analyzing the intricacies of position, movement, and decision-making during matches. Each game is portrayed as a strategic battle, resembling a tense chess match where players continuously adjust their approaches to outsmart their rivals and achieve goals.

BLUE LOCK – Trailer

5 Best Sports Anime Of All Time Selection Criteria

“Haikyuu!!” is a recommended anime for both sports fans and those looking for engaging entertainment. It excels with its interesting characters, exciting games, and touching plots, making it a standout in its genre. Whether you love volleyball or appreciate a good story, “Haikyuu!!” will capture your attention throughout its entirety and that’s the reason it got top spot on the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list.

“Slam Dunk” is a beloved classic that has stood the test of time, appealing to fans of all generations. Its engaging characters, beautiful illustrations, and captivating narrative have kept viewers enamored with this anime for years since its first release. “Slam Dunk” is a must-watch as it takes the second spot on the list of ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’.

“Ace of Diamond” stands out as a top-tier sports anime that excels in character development, exciting sports action, and touching storytelling. Whether you love baseball or just enjoy a good story, this series takes viewers on a memorable exploration of the challenges and victories in high school sports. Its passion and perseverance make it worthy of the third spot on the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list.

“Hajime no Ippo” is a phenomenal work that enchants audiences with its engaging characters, exciting boxing bouts, and heartfelt narrative. Whether you enjoy sports anime or glorified stories about underdogs, this series offers a memorable journey that leaves a lasting impact. No wonder it took fourth place on the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list.

“Blue Lock” is a must-watch for fans of sports anime and soccer enthusiasts alike. With its thrilling matches, complex characters, and thought-provoking exploration of talent and ambition, this series offers a fresh and compelling take on the beautiful game. It delivers an unforgettable experience with only 24 episodes and deserves its spot on the ‘5 Best Sports Anime of All Time’ list.


My desire as a writer is to immerse the readers to a distinct universe where they can experience a wide range of emotions,suspense and entertainment. Stay tuned for more!!!

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