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Tanjida Mumu, a name that you must not have heard a lot in the cosplay community of Bangladesh. Well, it is no wonder since she is quite new to the trade. She is an up-and-coming cosplayer from Chattogram and has only participated in AnimeCon Chattogram 2023 Sakura as a competitive cosplayer but, boy oh boy, what a debut it was. Tanjida Mumu went on to win third place in the contest which saw many highly talented and veteran cosplayers participate. So, it is safe to say she is a rising star in the cosplay sphere.

The Chattogram born and raised cosplayer is an HSC candidate this year. Yes, Tanjid Mumu is very young. However, her young age doesn’t take away from the fact that she is a very talented and dedicated cosplayer. I mean look at her cosplays especially the Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) and Mei Mei (Jujutsu Kaisen) ones. You will be awe-struck at the accuracy and details of each portrayal. I even found them to be worthy of live-action adaptation characters. So, it is no wonder Tanjida Mumu got into the top 3 of the ACC23 contest with her Mei Mei cosplay.

Tanjida Mumu is quite active in the Chattogram cosplay and anime communities. She is an active member of the Bangladesh Association of Cosplayers (BAC) House 2 aka the Chattogram Cosplayers. Her affiliation with Chittagong Anime Bhokto is another indication of a broader anime community connection. When I saw Tanjida Mumu at AnimeCon Chattogram 2023, truth be told I saw Mei Mei from JJK brought to reality. Yes, that’s the feeling I got. Then I got the know about this amazing cosplayer and her journey. Now, it is time to share the details with yall.

Tanjida Mumu Cosplay Compilation 1

Short Yet Seemingly Fabulous Journey

Tanjida Mumu’s amazing cosplaying journey began in 2021. And of course, it was an anime or rather a character in particular that got her into the colorful world of cosplay. What better anime can there be other than Attack on Titan to lure youngsters into cosplaying? It is definitely the case for Tanjida Mumu. “So, what got you into cosplay?”, I asked. “My cosplaying journey started when I first watched Attack on Titan. I could really connect with the character named Eren Yeager. Also, I discovered that our features match and I have the outfit so I started cosplaying.”, was her plain and simple reply.

“Who’s your inspiration?”, I probed. “I didn’t even know that cosplay exists in Bangladesh. So, the starting was basically self-inspired.”, a rather curious reply as she started all by herself without any external influences. Meanwhile, the previous two feature subjects Arpita Sangma and Ero Senpai both had influential inspirations. “I did my first cosplay in 2021. It was Eren Yeager. My favorite fictional character is Madara Uchiha whom I haven’t cosplayed yet but I have cosplayed other characters such as Mikasa, Baji, Gaara, and Mei Mei.”, she continued.

“How many contests have you participated in and what awards have you won?”, it was high time I got into serious business. “I have cosplayed 2 characters in conventions. But at home, the number is seven. I usually cosplay about three characters in a year on average. I have only attended AnimeCon Chattogram 2023 Sakura as a competitive cosplayer. And, I won third place in Animecon Chattogram 2023 Sakura for my Mei Mei cosplay.”, Tanjida reiterated.

“So which one is your favorite convention?”, I had to ask out of curiosity. “My favorite convention was Anime Winter Fest 2023. I cosplayed Mikasa Ackerman there. And it was so much fun that I can’t even begin to explain.”, Mumu exclaimed with joy. Banking on the delightful mood I decided to probe further, “So, what are your future cosplay projects?” and she divulged the info quite easily, “My upcoming cosplay projects are Hela from Thor Ragnarok and Nozel Silva from Black Clover.”

Tanjida Mumu - Mei Mei - Deshi Geek
Tanjida Mumu – Mei Mei – Deshi Geek

Tanjida Mumu’s Take On Cosplay

“Cosplay is basically a hobby to me. Now, it has become a big source of happiness. I spend a lotta time planning my cosplay and finishing it. It’s so important to me that I prioritized cosplaying in the last convention having my board exam only 15 days away. I just want myself to be happy and not regret anything.”, Tanjida Mumu explained the role cosplay has in her life with a confident air of certainty.

“How do you find tailoring and crafting?”, I was compelled to ask as is the case with all cosplayer features. “Tailoring and crafting is the most amazing part of cosplaying. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy wearing something they made all by themselves?”, Tanjida replied with zeal. Then she continued, “Tailoring is pretty easy if you know how to cut clothes properly and sew them. But the hard part is the amount of time and patience needed for that. And, the crafting part only gets interesting. It is something I enjoy the most.”

“Okay, then what about makeup and wig styling? How crucial are they for cosplaying?”, I enquired further. “Wig styling and makeup are very important in cosplaying. I myself focus on imitating the slightest detail of the character so that I can feel like one.”, Mumu explained. Tanjida Mumu was quite particular about the question of the importance of being in character as she addressed, “I don’t cosplay any character if I’m not drawn into them. A lot comes from within when you can feel the character and of course, it brings perfection.”

“My experience of first cosplay was amazing. It’s very amusing how you can fully copy your favorite character and get recognized for that.”, Mumu reminisced about her first-ever cosplay with a look of nostalgia. “I feel like determination is the most important trait in cosplaying. You can’t even start or finish it properly if you aren’t determined.”, she stated the most important trait a cosplayer should have.

“Which of your cosplays do you like the most?”, I asked. “Well, it is difficult to pick out one. But, if I have to choose then must be the Mikasa Ackerman one.”, was her honest reply. “It was my first cosplay at a convention though I didn’t compete. But it was one amazing experience full of fun and delight.”, she continued. I was about to pull the curtain on this section but Tanjida Mumu interjected to clarify, “Btw, the sword of my Miakasa Ackerman cosplay was crafted by Alan Harder, another talented cosplayer from Chattogram.”

Tanjida Mumu Cosplay Compilation 2

Experience Of ACC23

“I was really looking forward to ACC23 Sakura. I’ve been planning costumes since February but ended up doing another character. It was Fubuki I had prepared fully, also I had started for Mei Mei. Then I thought why not just do Mei Mei? It sure was a good decision.”, Tanjida Mumu explained her character choice for ACC23.

“Did you think you would be placed third in the competition?”, I asked quite cheekily. “I was very determined to compete because of the effort I put into perfecting the character. I started preparing for the competition 2months prior. I was consistent in making the dress and the props and I really did finish soon.”, Mumu replied evasively.

“Were you nervous to face the judges or while on stage in front of a large crowd”, I probed changing the topic. “I was nervous as it was my first time competing against other talented cosplayers. I found the judges more friendly than I expected, making it easier for me. And during the performance, I felt like I had a burst of energy on stage and that was actually very suitable for the character I was cosplaying.”, she replied.

“The audience, the cheering literally drives us to do more, to give 100%. And you actually know that you are doing great when they cheer for you & that’s a big, big satisfaction.”, Tanjida continued. “To be honest I was pretty confident that I had made some impact and hearing my name called on the Third position was great. It’s a motivation to do better.”, she stated with much credence.

“What are your thoughts on other cosplayers present there?”, I enquired. “I was very proud of us cosplayers from Chattogram after seeing them at the convention. So, many amazing veteran cosplayers got to welcome new cosplayers.”, she replied. There is a strong bond among the cosplayers from Chattogram that makes them support each other to grow and this is a fact that is undeniable.

Tanjida Mumu - Miska & Eren - Deshi Geek
Tanjida Mumu – Miska & Eren – Deshi Geek


Tanjida Mumu is quite ambitious I have to admit. Well, let’s hear from herself about what she had to say about her future as a cosplayer, “I want to be one of the top cosplayers of Bangladesh and also inspire cosplaying in parts of the country where cosplay is an alien concept. I might say I was stunned watching the cosplays in this country. There’s not very much time left when we’ll get international recognition. I’m proud and very excited for the future.”

I had to inform her that Bangladeshi Cosplayers are already recognized internationally as we have made it to the global stage. World Cosplay Summit organized the Cosplay Cup in Saudi Arabia started last year as part of the Gamers 8 event. Two Bangladeshi Cosplayers were invited to the competition and I’m proud to be one of them. Although we didn’t win any prizes, we won the hearts of other international cosplayers and also made connections as we are the first WCS alumni from Bangladesh.

“Most of my friends are anime fans themselves. They look forward to my cosplays. And about my family, they support me in whatever I do to make myself happy. Also, they were ecstatic knowing that I won third place in the competition. That’s a win for me.”, Tanjida explained the role of her family and friends in her endeavor. “I suggest you focus on the character, feel it because that’s when you can ace the cosplay down to the slightest details. All the best for your futures!”, was her message to aspiring cosplayers.

Finally, Tanjida Mumu showered praises on Deshi Geek for its efforts to promote pop culture in Bangladesh and also, to promote Bangladeshi Cosplayers and artists. “I didn’t know that there’s a whole magazine based on anime news, cosplays and fiction. Deshi Geek is really doing a great job in promoting the talent of our country. I look forward to its bright future and I’m really happy to get featured.”, she exclaimed with much delight.

So, peeps that drops the curtain on this feature of the very talented and passionate Tanjida Mumu. Oh and, follow her Instagram to appreciate her cosplays. The link is given below.



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