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The Bangla web series “Sharey Showlo” has recently been released and has been receiving a lot of negative feedback. This is not surprising, considering that the series started off with a promising trailer and generated a lot of excitement among Afran Nisho’s fans. With the presence of many recent good Bangladeshi web series like Mohanagar and others rocking the stage, people were hopeful about the series.

I wrote a news on Sharey Showlo prior to the release explaining the hype and potential the show had. However, was the series able to uphold the hype it created? Let’s get directly into the review of the series without any delay. So, SPOILER WARNING for viewers who are yet to watch the series as there might be major and minor spoilers up ahead. But if I say in one sentence of the review of this series,

It felt like they focused more on lighting up cigarettes and using unnecessary curse words with low-grade acting instead of focusing more on the storyline and acting. That is my take on Sharey Showlo. And, in my opinion, Hoichoi has made a mess of it this time.

Sharey Showlo Trailer

Sharey Showlo Plot

Sharey Showlo was highly valued when the trailer was dropped and why won’t it be? As shown in the trailer the series kicked off with an incident of a building collapsing where 327 workers met their death and 700+ workers were injured. The company running the building blamed the developer company instead of compensating the hampered families and both of the companies were fighting a case.

The story definitely started off smoothly and Reza was an advocate in this case. The next day was the hearing day in court and Reza was in Violet Inn, a hotel where there’s a special floor named 16.5 where many people come for privacy. Reza also went there with a girl named Natasha to hook up but he didn’t imagine where the story would move from here.

Later in the story, it could be seen that Natasha was ‘murdered’ and some characters who had personal grudge against Reza named Rini, Altaf, and Rakib. From here Sharey Showlo starts unfolding the happenings from the perspectives of every character involved. Sounds interesting right? But the disaster starts from here.

Sharey Showlo - Scene - Deshi Geek
Sharey Showlo – Scene – Deshi Geek

Sharey Showlo The Disastrous Disappointment

One thing that made me very disappointed about the series was that all of the buildup for the plot was such a massive waste, as in the end, it was for nothing. No linking of the twists, or suspicions with the story and nothing. The story was building up well, but they tried to bring new twists in the plot and make the story confusing for some moments but it ended up disappointing the audience.

They were just trying to bring unnecessary twists in the story which later on made no sense at all. They thought that if they brought more twists that would make the series more enjoyable but they focused on twists so much that they forgot they also had to deliver a well-fledged storyline.

“Sharey Showlo” is widely regarded as one of the most subpar streaming content offerings from Bangladesh. It fails to meet even the already low standards set by Bangla dramas that have been known to cause an uproar on television.

The script of the show is characterized by its immaturity and overall lack of coherence, while the acting performances are nothing short of a disaster. Despite being marketed as a fast-paced thriller, the show progresses at an excruciatingly slow pace, resulting in a sense of disappointment among its viewership.

The story was so slow, all they tried was to show the story from different perspectives of the characters. The script was super dull. The writing of the story seemed like that of a 15-year-old who just watched a Hollywood thriller and wrote a story for Sharey Showlo. Based on my observations, it seems that the director possesses a certain level of familiarity with Hollywood films.

However, their practical knowledge and experience seem to be lacking, as the series they have produced is rife with clichés and overused themes that have been exhaustively explored in the past. As a result, there is a distinct lack of creativity in the series, ultimately resulting in its failure. At a point the ending was very predictable and an average story.

Sharey Showlo Characters

Poor And Disappointing Acting From The Cast

The acting seemed weak and unnatural which ruined the series. It was such a disappointment that the series couldn’t light up despite having all these big names in their chest. The worst actress in the series was certainly Zakia Bari Mamo. Her acting was irritating and unnatural undoubtedly.

The fake tense situations, using cursed words so loose and unnecessary that was pointless. That certainly pointed out that the script was poorly written and they tried to be “COOOOL” with cursed words but failed miserably.

Zakia Bari Mamo said to UNB, “Sharey Showlo is a complex and beautiful story. The series is full of suspense. “I am thankful to the entire team of the series. Because when I read the script. I was even confused many times while shooting. But I had faith in the director and in the end, he proved his talent (munsiana).”

But no, I am thinking what was so confusing in the plot? Did she or the other actors really read the script before acting?

Afran Nisho was the same with his acting. The other actors were average. The character Rakib could do better but he also failed to deliver something better. The only good acting was from the boyfriend of Natasha who was Shafique.

Sharey Showlo - Afran Nisho - Deshi Geek
Sharey Showlo – Afran Nisho – Deshi Geek

Plot Holes And Unnecessary Buildups

*How come Rakib was able to open the door of a hotel room and find the dead body of Natasha? The whole series circled around the private hotel named Violett Inn and the room wasn’t locked. Funny!

*Though everyone wanted to accuse Reza of the murder for their personal grudges against him. But even so, Altaf seemed a good policeman. When Rakib called him and Rini and showed the dead body, why did he not suspect Rakib at first and instead go for Reza?

*Why did Altaf bring up Reza’s wife and tell him that his wife might also be involved in the case as she never calls Reza even though she feels severely ill? That buildup was for nothing in the end and had no impact on the story

* How come nobody in the hotel heard the misfire of the gun when Rini shot in the corridor in the fight with Rakib?

Sharey Showlo Reza


Cinematography: 7/10; did well for a Bangladeshi series. Promising team.

Story: 5/10

Casts: 3/10

BGM: 6.5/10


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