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The long-awaited wait is now over! Rockstar has finally released a trailer for GTA 6 aka Grand Theft Auto 6 a day earlier on December 4, 2023, because of unwanted leaks. The 1-minute and 30-second extended trailer reveals a release date in 2025. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, this new addition to the GTA family will be launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S skipping the PC launch at the beginning. It joins the elite list of confirmed upcoming high-profile games including – Rise of the Ronin and Black Myth Wukong.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has become an integral part of the gaming industry, with its immersive gameplay and unparalleled attention to detail. The fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating the release of the latest addition, GTA 6. Rockstar finally released a trailer, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The trailer caught the attention of the fans instantly, and within a week of its release, it became the most-viewed trailer with a staggering 142 million views. The excitement in the gaming community is at an all-time high, and it’s safe to say that the wait was worth it.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

Why GTA 6 Will Take A Long Time For PC Launch?

Although fans are delighted to see the new GTA 6 trailer, but the fandom is still upset because the launch will focus on platforms like PlayStation and Xbox, skipping PC. Because of this PC users have to wait a long time even after the 2025 release.

As PlayStation was a massive selling medium for GTA, it is getting the priority this time too. Former Rockstar animator Mike York says on his YouTube channel, “Most of the time, especially in the past, PlayStation was the big seller. PlayStation was the console to have; it sold more copies than any other console for the most part; everybody is playing PlayStation.”

In general, PC versions of games have better upgrades and features. This means that game developers often take a long time to add or remove things from the game to improve it. As GTA 6 is expected to be a large-scale project, its PC release will be crucial. If it is not done well, the game will receive significant criticism from gamers. Therefore, the developers are being cautious and taking their time to ensure that the PC release meets player’s expectations.

 York added, “When it comes to a PC, every single person has a different PC, they’re running it differently, they have different hardware, different kinds of CPUs, and GPUs,” he says. “The memory usage and different things the game is doing in the background can sometimes hit an error and mess up during different configurations. That’s what it boils down to. They need to test the game more on a PC than they would on an Xbox or a PlayStation. You already have to test the game a ton to get it to work, so a PC version is even harder.”

GTA 6 - Jason & Lucia - Deshi Geek
GTA 6 – Jason & Lucia – Deshi Geek

Vice City Returns In GTA 6

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will be delighted to learn that the much-loved Vice City location is set to make a comeback in the upcoming GTA 6 game. Two whole decades have passed since the release of the original GTA Vice City, and the inclusion of this iconic location in the new game is sure to stir up feelings of nostalgia and excitement for players.

 The return of Vice City promises to be a true blast from the past and a memorable experience for fans of the series. However, everyone has to wait for first-hand experience of playing in the iconic city in GTA 6 until 2025, but the wait will surely be worth it.

GTA 6 Story

GTA is getting its first-ever playable female character, Lucia. It was already known news to all of us because of the leaks that GTA 6 will have two protagonists, and Lucia will be one of them. The male counterpart or partner of Lucia is Jason, and he will be the other playable character. Now, choosing to play with one certain character will have distinct and different consequences in the story arc is to be seen.

The game’s plot centers on Lucia and Jason, two deeply entangled souls caught in a web of criminal activity. Their love story is akin to that of Bonnie and Clyde, with all the passion, danger, and heartbreak that entails. As players navigate the game’s world, they will follow Lucia and Jason’s journey, experiencing firsthand the myriad of emotions that come with their illicit and tumultuous relationship.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Song “Love Is A Long Road” GTA 6 Trailer Song

Astonishing In-game Visuals

Gamers have been left stunned by the incredible graphics of the latest game trailer. What’s even better is that the gameplay and cutscenes will feature the same seamless transitions and stunning graphics. The first trailer has already received a staggering 94 million views within just 24 hours of its release, which speaks volumes about the amount of effort and attention to detail that has gone into the game development.

The GTA 6 trailer showcases a girl on a terrace and beach and also introduces new social media features. The game also includes more animals, such as birds, and the scene featuring a crocodile entering only adds to the excitement of what the game has to offer. It’s clear that the developers are putting in their best efforts to deliver a game that will meet the expectations of gamers, and the results so far are already proving that they’re on the right track.

GTA 6 - Poster - Deshi Geek
GTA 6 – Poster – Deshi Geek

Tom Petty’s Song Climbs Ranks On Spotify!

The hype and excitement surrounding GTA 6 show no signs of slowing down. The featured song in the trailer, Tom Petty’s ‘Love is a Long Road’, is now climbing the Spotify streaming charts. According to IGN, the song has seen a 36.979% increase in streaming since the trailer’s release. The impact of the trailer has already been felt across the web, and now it’s making waves on Spotify as well. What the future holds for the game is anyone’s guess.

Fans are eagerly waiting for more news and teasers about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. Rumors suggest the game might even be released earlier than expected, possibly towards the end of 2024 or early 2025, but this is yet to be confirmed. Regardless, Rockstar deserves applause for their dedication to this highly anticipated game. For more updates on GTA 6, keep following Deshi Geek for the latest news and information.


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  • simiriti, December 28, 2023 @ 1:08 pm Reply

    🎮🌆 The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as Rockstar Games dropped the long-awaited trailer for GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto 6), featuring the return of the iconic Vice City. Set for a 2025 release, the trailer, which has already amassed over 142 million views, showcases breathtaking in-game visuals and introduces the first female protagonist, Lucia, alongside Jason. Fans are particularly intrigued by the potential storyline and the impact of choosing between the two characters. While PC gamers will have to wait longer for the release, the anticipation is at an all-time high. The featured song in the trailer, Tom Petty’s “Love is a Long Road,” is climbing the Spotify charts, adding to the hype. Keep following for more GTA 6 updates! 🌟🚘 #GTA6 #GamingNews #RockstarGames

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