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Wit Studio has broken the internet with their ‘One Piece Remake’ announcement on the eve of 2024. Well not exactly on the eve to be precise but close enough. It is no understatement to say that this news has caused unprecedented uproar in the anime community dividing the One Piece fandom apart in two halves with one portion straight out despising the idea and the other couldn’t be more excited. The announcement sent shockwaves through the global anime community. People directly involved with the anime have made their opinions known mostly expressing dissatisfaction with this new venture.

The sudden news of One Piece Remake has raised concerns among the fandom. The director of ‘One Piece Red’ Ishigami Hiromi recently posted on ‘X’, “It makes me feel a little sad that the value of the anime we have built up until now seems to be diminishing.”, hinting at the possible devaluing of the original anime series. After fans voiced their love for the original he followed up with another post, “I’m very happy that so many people from other countries have told me that my narrow-minded views are not like that! It’s a warm world here, where everyone takes care of both the work and the staff members.

The shocking news of ‘One Piece Remake’ officially titled ‘The One Piece’ broke out a week ago stating that none other than the streaming giant Netflix is set to produce the show and it is to be animated by Wit Studio. The studio is known for popular anime like Attack on Titan and Spy X Family. It was announced during Jump Festa 2024 and then Netflix delivered a teaser. The short, just shy of 90 seconds, includes an illustrator drawing what seemed to be a promo poster.

THE ONE PIECE | Special Announcement | Netflix

What We Know So Far

2023 was a monstrous year for One Piece, because of the generally inconceivable anime and manga series and, simultaneously, a very successful visually stunning live-action adaptation to add to all that. Naturally, fans are extremely excited about their favorite series heading into 2024, and Oda-sensei certainly raised expectations significantly at this year’s Jump Festa. Recently, a lot of interesting information about One Piece was made public, and the most important news was the one a confirmed One Piece remake series to be produced by Netflix and animated by the famous Wit Studio.

Intercut pictures scantily reveal the incorporation of manga panels from the East Blue Adventure, with an emphasis on the Romance Dawn Arc, the main curve of both the manga and the 1999 anime series. The formation of the core crew by Luffy, encounters with Buggy the Clown, Luffy’s journey to Loguetown through the Arlong Park Arc, and the crew’s first entry into the Grand Line are all important events in the East Blue Saga. With these fairly vivid hints we can expect that One Piece remake series will not deviate from the manga at all. And that is something of a relief to be honest.

One Piece Remake, as of now is prodding significant changes for the series. Not much is presently known yet, however in view of the mystery teaser, the series will essentially adjust all the East Blue adventure, and assuming it ends up finding success, it will undoubtedly keep adjusting considerably more story curves of the manga. Something different that is vital is that there’s now a commitment to significant changes to the story. Wit Studio and the group engaged with The One Piece said that it is now set in stone to outline new directions for the series and are anticipating introducing Luffy’s undertakings in a “new and nostalgic way”.

One Piece Remake - Poster - Deshi Geek
One Piece Remake – Poster – Deshi Geek

Is One Piece Remake Necessary?

Well, the question itself is a double edged sword. On one hand it might seem absolutely unnecessary to remake a series that is still ongoing and recently delivered the most popular arc of the story. On the other hand One Piece Remake feels imperative. The show definitely lives up to everyone’s expectations when looking at early episodes. It has very much an appeal to it and, it is enlivened delightfully, with inconceivable character designs and, simultaneously, ideal pacing too. Nonetheless, the equivalent can’t be said for the story pushing ahead. Given that the manga was only a short distance ahead, the story’s pacing suffered significantly as One Piece progressed.

The most ideal result for the One Piece Remake is putting its own twist on the story. The possibility that it can assist with smoothing out of the original series is a delightful thought. While the East Blue adventure is in no way, shape or form awful, it remains in conflict with the bends that follow it for its near absence of worldbuilding and certain irregularities with the legend. This is obviously typical for a series that has been around for a very long time, yet it implies that The One Piece gets an opportunity to make the early pieces of the story more steady with what One Piece would do in later bends.

From a more specialized viewpoint, One Piece Remake can likewise smooth out the story by changing the anime’s pacing. Quite possibly of the greatest grievance about the One Piece anime is how much cushioning there is, with numerous episodes lately just adjusting each section in turn. This was inspired by a need to hang tight for the arrival of new sections of the manga yet since The One Piece doesn’t need to stress over that it can adjust the story with practically no of the cushioning and filler of the first anime. Taking into account all these variables, I think it is a rather good idea to remake the anime but they have to get it absolutely right.

One Piece AMV – We Are! For The New World

The World Divided

Decidedly, there is a common excitement among one portion of fans for a decrease in filler episodes and an expanded spotlight on manga sanctioned content. The expectation is that the One Piece Remake wouldn’t just keep up with the first story yet in addition make One Piece more interesting to potential new watchers who might be reluctant because of its apparent length. Addressing a common criticism that the series is excessively long, the desire to skip fillers and the mention of ‘great pacing’ suggests a preference for a narrative that is more tightly knit.

A prominent part of the fanbase isn’t satisfied with the possibility of One Piece Remake. Many remarks feature the worry that neither the manga nor the first anime is finished, recommending that beginning another anime transformation rashly probably won’t be the best game plan. The first One Piece has kept up with a similarly capable cast beginning around 1999, and various fans have grown attached to these voice actors. The possibility of presenting new voice entertainers for the characters is met with opposition, as fans are reluctant to see a change in the voices they have come to connect with the dearest characters.

The shock declaration of One Piece Remake made many remember Shueisha’s scandalous ‘Bustercall Project’. The Bustercall undertaking promoted unofficial fan art and projects under the guise of unaffiliated accounts to expand One Piece’s creative potential. On outstanding events, Shueisha even took aim at Toei Animation, Bandai Namco and Fuji television in a meeting with KAI-YOU for creating the ‘bad quality’ One Piece anime and merchandise, keeping fans from spreading the establishment’s impact through subordinate One Piece content. They considered anything that wasn’t the One Piece manga to be derivative.

One Piece Remake - Visual - Deshi Geek
One Piece Remake – Visual – Deshi Geek

One Piece Remake On A Tightrope

The declaration of the One Piece Remake has mixed a tornado of responses inside the energetic One Piece community. While certain fans enthusiastically expect a new take with diminished filler and high-level animation, others express worry about the planning of the variation and are careful about likely changes, especially in the voice cast and soundtrack. The division among fans mirrors the profound close-to-home association many have created with the manga and anime, making any change a subject of serious skepticism.

Taking into account how famous and beloved One Piece is, Wit Studio will be walking on a tightrope. From one perspective, doing an exact reanimation of the first anime will be viewed as inconsequential. On the other, presenting a large number of changes will most likely outrage idealists. Unquestionably, Eiichiro Oda will have outright command over the end result, so any progressions should be supported by him, which ought to console fans. In any case, the studio’s notice of ‘new directions’ for its change is entrancing, and it implies that the One Piece Remake will basically attempt to isolate itself from the first.



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