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Fans of the Percy Jackson book series can finally rejoice! Hollywood has granted their wish for a series adaptation titled “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” after almost a decade of waiting. Disney+ has revealed some exciting details about its upcoming series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. The teaser trailer has not only announced the show’s premiere date but also given fans a glimpse into the incredible world that awaits them.

Adapted from Rick Riordan’s bestselling novels, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” promises to be an epic adventure that will transport viewers to a world of gods, monsters and myths. The show, set to premiere on December 20 on Disney+, will follow the journey of Percy Jackson, a teenage boy who discovers that he is the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Along with his friends, Annabeth and Grover, Percy will embark on a perilous quest to save the world from the wrath of the gods.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the first season of the series will be based on the first book in the series, The Lightning Thief. The season will have 8 episodes in total, with the first two episodes premiering together and subsequent episodes released weekly. With recent Disney controversies surrounding many titles – The Snow White, The Little Mermaid, and many more – it is imperative that the production house gets it right with Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians | Teaser | Disney+

Cast & Plot

Walker Scobell, who you might know from “The Adam Project” with Ryan Reynolds, is playing Percy. Leah Sava Jeffries is going to be Annabeth Chase – Percy’s smart BFF, and Athena’s daughter. Aryan Simhadri will play Grover Underwood, Percy’s satyr BFF, while Jason Mantzoukas is going to be Dionysus – the wine god who’s stuck running Camp Half-Blood.  You might have seen Mantzoukas before on “The Good Place” or “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” or heard him on “Big Mouth.”

Glynn Turman is going to be Chiron, the centaur who’s in charge of Camp Half-Blood. Virginia Kull will be playing Sally Jackson, Percy’s mom. Sadly, Lance Reddick who played Zeus – the god of the sky and Olympus, passed away in March at the age of 60. You might have seen him before in “The Wire” or “John Wick.” Adam Copeland is playing Ares, the god of war, and there are plenty of other big names in the cast too.

The story of Percy Jackson is one of resilience, bravery, and adventure. Despite facing numerous challenges from a young age, Percy never lost hope and continued to push through difficult times. Born with ADHD and dyslexia, Percy attended a school for special needs children and had to change schools frequently due to unexplainable incidents. His stepfather treated him and his mother poorly, but Percy persevered through it all. When he turned 12, Percy’s life took a drastic turn when he accidentally disintegrated his math teacher and was attacked by a Minotaur. However, he found solace in a special camp for demigods, where he discovered that he was the son of Poseidon, one of the Big Three Greek Gods.

Despite being a mistake, Percy accepted his identity and went on to face even greater challenges. He was accused of stealing Zeus’s Master Bolt and Hades’s Helm of Darkness, putting him at odds with the gods of heaven and the underworld. But Percy did not give up and embarked on an adventure with his friends, Grover and Annabeth Chase, to prove his innocence. Through their cross-country trip, Percy faced monsters and law enforcement, but he never lost sight of his goal. His determination and courage allowed him to prove his innocence not just to the gods but to the entire USA.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians - Poster - Deshi Geek
Percy Jackson & The Olympians – Poster – Deshi Geek

Disney’s Downfall

Disney, the legendary movie studio, seems to be struggling this year with its recent productions. The company has been facing numerous challenges as many of the changes they made to their movies have caused more controversy than they anticipated. The result is significant damage to their reputation, which is not easy to recover from.

Disney’s only successful movie this year was Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3, while everything else seems to have gone wrong for them. The once highly anticipated The Little Mermaid, which had a budget of $250 million, failed to meet expectations, making only $561 million. This box office failure was a significant blow to Disney, as the movie did not even reach the break-even point and ended up losing money.

The decision to make significant changes to the character, such as race, just to be “woke” has been heavily criticized by many fans. They felt that there was no need to change a character that had existed from the very beginning. Disney’s attempt to be more inclusive seems to have backfired, leading to a significant drop in revenue.

Disney’s upcoming ‘Snow White’ movie has caused controversy due to the casting choices. Rachel Zegler, who is not white, has been chosen to play Snow White, which has received criticism. The casting of Halle Bailey, a black actress, as Ariel in The Little Mermaid remake also caused a similar backlash. Additionally, people have criticized the decision to cast actors without dwarfism for the roles of the “Seven Dwarfs” in the movie. This has sparked a debate in Hollywood and has received criticism from the dwarfism community.

Although the trailer for Disney’s highly anticipated movie, Snow White, has not yet been released, there have been some concerns raised about the film. Recent productions from the studio have caused fans to question their decision-making. Still, we remain optimistic that Disney will be able to address these concerns and deliver a fantastic movie for all to enjoy upon its release on March 22, 2024.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians – Full Trailer (2023) Disney+

Will Percy Jackson Redeem Disney?

There is already some tension regarding the casting of the upcoming series. Some fans are upset about the decision to cast Jeffries as Annabeth, as the book descriptions portray the character as white and blonde. However, besides this issue, everything seemed fine to the fans. They are concerned that Disney might not do justice to the series, but if they manage it well, it could be a turning point for them this year.

The only thing they have to do is to make the series similar to the well-liked novels and that’s it! Fans are just eagerly awaiting to see some live action, but not anything political or just random changes in anything and everything. They just want the studio to keep the story and lore as it is.

Percy Jackson Series Expectations

It’s no secret that fans have high expectations for the upcoming Percy Jackson series. However, whether or not it lives up to those expectations remains to be seen. We can’t wait to see what this great adventure has in store, and Deshi Geek will be here to keep you updated every step of the way. Stay tuned!


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